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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Really difficult to predict anything at mania this time round. Complete opposite to last year.

They have to somehow fit The Rock, Taker, Cena and Lesnar on the card, all in big matches. I would think they will also be looking to feature Punk in a big match, given the way he has been featured this year. If they don't, then what a waste of a title run.

HHH may yet be added to that list. Sheamus has been pushed heavily and seems to be a guy that Vince and co. have selected to be a huge player going forward (whether the fans want it or not!). Even Austin may yet appear.

Realistically, there are 5 major spots up for grabs on a WM card these days. Taker's opponent, 2 spots for the WWE title, and 2 for the WHC.

In my opinion, Taker's opponent won't be Punk. Fair enough, he has had this title run, and calls himself the best in the world etc. So in theory it could make sense. Taker comes out and says "there's only one way to prove you really are the best in the world..." blah, blah, blah...But the fact is, he hasn't been booked as the best. He is yet to beat Cena and Ryback clean, so how could anybody possibly buy into Punk actually ending the streak.

I have got a sneaky feeling that we are going to see Taker vs Cena. Then next year, Taker vs The Rock in his last ever match.

I think we may get Rock vs Brock for the WWE title. If those 2 matches do happen, then Punk will have obviously been demoted to a possible WHC title match with maybe Sheamus, or some sort of grudge match vs whoever. I really don't know.

Ryback will have to be placed somewhere half decent on the card. Ziggler still has MITB and looks like he could be actually getting a push at the moment, so he will have to feature somewhere. Orton will obviously be in a match. Rey vs Sin Cara may happen. Team Hell No will be on the card somewhere. The Shield will probably be involved.

I really am looking forward to seeing what they will do with everyone this time round.

Cena is crap.

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