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Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment

Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, California
NWF Saturday Night Warzone

The Show opens to a pyro and introduction from Don West and Matt Striker. The set is also decked out in a Christmas look, As the show starts Jigsaw is in the ring, and Ace Steel walks out to a rather loud boo. He just cracks his neck and ignores all of them. Until someone taps his shoulder and he flinches at them and a security guard pulls him back and he goes to the ring.

Jigsaw Vs "Last Chance" Ace Steel
This bout is revolved around a back and forth contest as the crowd boos and cheers as the quick game changing match. Both gain the upperhand a number of times and Ace manages to gain control by drop kicking Jigsaw onto the metal barricade. He grabs his arm in pain and he Steel suicide dives onto him when he gets up. Ace then grabs Jigsaw and smacks his skull off the ring post and begins to kick him when he's down. Steel leans in and back out of the ring to stop the count. Jigsaw then chop blocks Steel down and rolls in the ring.

Steel gets in the ring and hits multiple slams on Jigsaw, weakening him badly. Steel climbs to the top rope and aims for the Steel Spike. He hits it and Jigsaw loses after the 1,2,3.

Your Winner: "Last Chance" Ace Steel

As that ends we go backstage to Colt Cabana's Christmas party. Several wrestlers in the back celebrate for a new year as Colt introduces us to the party.

Colt Cabana:
It's 12/22/12 we're all alive. As tonight I host my own talk show with Antonio Bank$ and Mr. Wrestling III. Speaking of me...I have the new official..."Hi, I'm not Colt Cabana" shirt. What else we got here...
Jeff Jarrett then stares at Colt awkwardly when he rummages through shirts in a box.

We got the Ace Steel "Last Chance" shirt, unfortunately i can't find his last title. We also War Machine, GORE!, Petey Williams, Carlito, Antionio, Slapnuts, fat boys, something about pissing people off. NWF Warzone, The official "I was at Colt's Christmas party" shirt.
Jeff Jarrett:
....Hey..slapnuts...the hell are you doing? You got tapped out by Scott Steiner last week, and you're the guy presenting t shirts?
Bob Backlund then stares at Jarrett over his shoulder. He continues ranting as Backlund taps him on the shoulder. Jeff turns and the two stare each other down as Colt grabs a mic.

World champion vs world champion...it's gonna be a good one! Who will...
They turn to him and he stops and says back to West and Striker.
The show continues as Johnny Devine enters the ring, and Jason Gory walks out to red smoke and spitting blood.

Johnny Devine vs Jason Gory

This bout becomes somewhat of a spot fest, incredible move was incredible move by both of these two. Jason then misses a frog splash and Johnny catches him with a heel kick to the face. Johnny then delivers several chops to his chest. He picks up Gory and hits a pile driver, then to the top rope as the crowd chants his name. He hits a shooting star press to a wild pop and wins with a one, two, three.

Your Winner: Johnny Devine

*commercial break*

We then cut back to Colt's party as Jay Bradley is introduced as a soon to debut star.

Colt Cabana:
"Lonesome" Jay Bradley, depression, wrestling and alcohol all in one. Soon to debut in 2013, all right guys! DRINKS ARE ON THE LEX LUGER!
Bob Holly then walks in and the wrestlers start yelling "Hardcore." Cliff Compton also walks in and the two stare at each other. Cliff shrugs him off and walks away. We then see Teddy Hart chugging egg nog as Shad Gaspard cheers him on. Cliff then smacks a chair over Holly's head as he leans in and says

There's a new bully now, Bob.
Compton is then chased off by several people.

Back to the ring as Picture Perfect enter, and Kidman gets a decent pop while Jack Evans dances. The Standard then walks out to Steiner yelling "fat boys and mama suckers"

The Standard Vs Picture Perfect

The Standard do NOT work like a team in this match. They miscommunicate and Steiner yells at Masters a lot in the match. Picture Perfect work together getting in double clotheslines, drop kicks, and elbow drops as they can't lift their opponents. Masters is on the mat as Evans goes for a knee trembler, he is caught in a surprise Master Lock.

Steiner then hits a steiner recliner on Kidman and Masters keeps the hold in, until the ref is breaking up Scott from punching out Billy Kidman. Jack has passed out by the ref isn't watching. Evans is tossed to the mat as he wakes up, he pulls out the super kick out of nowhere. Steiner rages and clotheslines Brian and the ref disqualifies him for refusing to leave the ring.

Your Winners: Picture Perfect

The Standard leaves separately and Scott is furious. Colt then mocks them backstage as DDP walks in and announces that Lex will be here soon to talk about the Television title. Colt then yells more free drinks. The rest all chant Luger and Page.

*commercial break*

We open back to our second tag team bout.

Sadistic Fame Vs The World's Greatest Tag Team

Sydistiko gets a lot of "Paul London" chants as the match starts. The bout is fairly matched of high flying vs technical ability. Kendrick then uses TWGTT's own style against them to get Shelton tired enough to tag out. Charlie then powerhouses Brian as the crowd cheers him on, he gorilla lifts Brian and tosses him onto the ramp. Sydistiko then springboards off the ropes and knocks down Haas. Shelton is attacking Kendrick outside as Sydistiko tosses Charlie out and hits the ropes. He suicide doves off into all of them.

A "Sadistic Fame" chants breaks out, followed by "NWF." The ref gets a five count until they start to get back into the ring. Charlie then toe drops Kendrick as Sydistiko goes to tackle Shelton and the two spill out and hit the barricade. Haas then locks in the "Haas of Pain" and Brian taps out.

Your Winners: The World's Greatest Tag Team

Back to Cabana's party as Lex Luger enters. He announces that there will be a choice between the two wrestlers with the most wins until Punishment will face each other for the Television title. Those in the Time Test challenge and Cruiserweight division are not eligible currently, but will be after Punishment. Austin Creed then mentions drinks on Luger and he turns as they all shush him.

Lex then walks out as they chant "Luger" and Page does a Diamond Cutter sign to the camera.

*commercial break*

Tyson Kidd and Isis The Amazon enter the ring to a boo. A recap of their attacks on the battle royale and we go on.
Jerry Lynn and Petey Williams come out separately and Williams shows his new Cruiserweight title.

Tyson Kidd and Isis The Amazon Vs Jerry Lynn and Cruiswerweight Champion Petey Williams

Tyson is mostly on the defense against Petey as he gets slammed and clotheslined back and forth. Tyson then gets in some good offense in the result of getting in some back kicks and a Dragon Sleeper. Petey gets out of it and tries to hit the Canadian Destroyer, but Isis big boots him. She lifts up Petey and Jackknifes him to the mat and Jerry Lynn spears her. Kidd avoids Jerry Lynn and Petey recovers from the powerbomb. He clothesline Isis from getting up and Jerry springboards onto Tyson, but Kidd moves out of the way. He rushes in and brainbusters Petey.

He locks in a sharp shooter and Isis rolls out of the ring. Williams grabs the ropes and Lynn gets headbutted by Isis, keeping him down. Petey then hits a hurricarana and lands the Canadian destroyer. Isis goes to stop the pin and succeeds. Jerry then moonsaults off the ropes onto Kidd and Isis knees him in the face. Petey clotheslines her over the top ropes after that. Jerry rolls out of the ring to an "Old man river" chant. Petey then lifts up Tyson to the turnbuckle and lands a superplex. He gets the 1,2 but not the three. Jerry is then tagged in and Tyson is hit by the TKO and Lynn picks up the victory.

Your Winners: Petey Williams and Jerry Lynn
*commercial break*

James Mitchell then appears on screen.

James Mitchell:
Now...This business me and my friends are in has been killed. People have destroyed what we once thrived in. Tonight, we start liberation. For you Marco Corleone, you represent the cowards of this business. You've hid from Lizmark for years, and now you face The Great Muta. YOUR OWN PERSONAL...HELL...
The Great Muta then walks out followed by Judas and Thorn. They all enter the ring and Marco walks out, nervously looking at them. He slides in and the Alliance goes to ring side, minus Muta.

The Great Muta vs Marco Corleone

This bout leaves Marco often nervous as he slides in and out of the ring after being attacked. Muta is always about to capitalize but Corleone escapes. Muta turns to stare at the crowd and Marco hits a springboard clothesline. He then beats down Muta with a lot of swings as the crowd pops for his attack. He is then kicked off and clotheslined. Judas and Thorn circle Corleone outside by the ropes. Marco backs off and Muta hits the Shining Wizard and continues to punch him down. Marco is eventually bleeding from the eyebrow and lip as Muta locks on an armbar and Marco taps.

Your Winner: The Great Muta

Marco tries to get out as the ref attends to hit and Muta mist sprays the referee and does a throat slice to the crowd as Mitchell claps at the top of the stage.

The screen then cuts to Krimson.

Now, now. You carbon copies and imitations will meet your own hell. Everything you try to do, i can do even bloodier. Oh...and Jason don't worry. I'll get to you eventually. But for now, we mark our victims.
He then rubs red paint on the picture of M-Dogg 20.

Krimson....like the mask...
*commercial break*

Back to Colt's party as he walks out on the stage, followed by Bob Backlund. He takes a seat on the stage. He has a couch, a banner abd some Christmas presents. "Double J" Jeff Jarrett then takes a seat in a press box and watches on.

"The Savior Elijah Burke vs Carlito Colon Time Test Challenge. 5:25 is the time to beat.

Carlito makes his entrance and Elijah follows with a grin on his face. The bout starts and Elijah hits the STO to get an advantage. He locks in a guillotine choke hold and tries to get the submission early. Carlito pulls himself out and lands multiple knees to the head. Burke rolls out and gets back in to avoid a kick, and hits the 4-Up.

Colon stumbles and Elijah tosses him to the corner and lands the Elijah Express. Carlito kicks out of the 2 count pin and Burke looks for a desperation move with only minutes left to win. Carlito is then dropped by a double knee face breaker and only just barely escapes the count. Carlito surprises him with a drop kick, and then the figure four. He reverses the hold and gets out. A springboard back elbow then takes down Elijah as he stumbles back up to catch the backstabber.

Elijah is locked into a sleeper hold and almost passes out and he elbows Carlito and gets out. Colon kicks his knee out and hits the backstabber again and gets the figure four back on. Burke then taps from his hurt knee.

Your Winner: Carlito Colon as 4:56 Minutes

Carlito celebrates as he walks out.
*commercial break*

We come back to Antonio Bank$ on the stage as he takes a seat. He has managers and agents around him called "Team Bank$." Mr. Wrestling III is then introduced as Colt talks about the masked attacker taking down Antonio last week. Bank$ stares him down, hardly blinking. Antonio then says whatever problem they have, he'll settle on his own time. But the world title is his main priority. Mr. Wrestling III never speaks and only leans back in his chair.

The screen then flashes "Everyone is a target." as Mr. Wrestling III drop kicks Colt over the couch and Antonio stands and says,

That time...is now!
Jeff Jarrett then swings his guitar at Mr.Wrestling and misses as Rhyno charges across the stage and goes for a GORE! on Jarrett, he misses and hits Antonio. Bank$ has his team surround Rhyno as Antonio crashed through the Christmas tree. Jarrett then hits Colt on accident with the guitar, as Backlund attacks Jeff. Mr. Wrestling III. then takes a look around as they all fight, Bob is hit by the stroke. And Jeff Jarrett gets pushed off the stage into a table by Mr. Wrestling III. He then straightens his jacket and raises his fist in the air to the arena.

The show closes with the announcers freaking out as Team Bank$ is beating taken down by Rhyno and Mr. Wrestling III laughs. We get a final shot of Jarrett broken on the table.

Matt Cross Wanted Dead Not Alive.
National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Can NBC's new stake in wrestling survive?

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