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Re: Has Anyone Noticed Something About Indy "breakouts" in recent years

Originally Posted by sXeMope View Post
I don't think we're lowering out standards or anything at all. It's creating new stars. Everyone you mentioned as the 'new breed' has evolved a lot since the older guys left. They worked hard, were given the ball when the older guys left, and they ran with it and made it successful. Kevin Steen is a great example. He is, and always was a good wrestler, but it's only since he turned on Generico that he started getting really over, and it came at a good time because ROH lost Danielson, McGuinness, and Tyler Black around the same time (year) that storyline was going on (If memory serves me well)..
my point is, would these guys have gotten over or gotten the spotlight if the indy stars of before were still sround and would be considered their equal

i mean Mark Henry got "over" recently but considering he's been around for like 20 years i wager that its because the crowds standards have finally been lowered to where Mark Henry can be considered "some kind of substance", this is the kind of progress one should expect from early 20th century wrestling territories

Originally Posted by sXeMope View Post
And while it's not indy, another good example is John Cena. I remember watching him debut against Kurt Angle in the opening match of Smackdown, now he's the guy.
ironically he was used better back then than recent years, lol

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