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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Final Battle 2012

1) Roderick Strong vs Michael Elgin ~ *3/4

2) Jay Lethal vs Rhino ~ *

3) Prince Nana vs RD Evans ~ *1/2

4) New York City Street Fight
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) vs BJ Whitmer & Rhett Titus ~ **

5) Mike Bennett vs Jerry Lynn ~ **3/4

6) American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish ~ ***1/4

7) Adam Cole vs Matt Hardy ~ ***

8) ROH Tag Team Championship - Three Way Match
S.C.U.M.(c) (Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs) vs The Briscoe Brothers vs Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander ~ *1/2

9) ROH World Championship - Ladder War IV
Kevin Steen(c) vs El Generico ~ **3/4

~ Strong vs Elgin was a vanilla stiff-fest. I wasn't crazy about it. Did it's job to pump up the crowd with it's straightforward approach. Pretty ideal opener even if it wasn't the best match.

~ Lethal vs Rhino was beyond uninteresting. I was looking forward to this. Now I'm glad TNA never gave us this match during the time both were employed. Rhino does some workover segments that nobody cares about, Lethal hits his beautiful Lethal Injection finisher and that's all. Ok, moving on.

~ Evans vs Nana worked. Glad Evans got the win since I'm a huge fan of his. Unchained Melody is such a legit finisher. No complaints here.

~ Street Fight was decent. Which, I'll actually say is a win considering I expected CRAP thanks to WGTT being involved. Christmas tree bumps, some gnarly moments with a guard rail, PAYDIRT THROUGH THE TABLE (ruled), & the 10,000th death of BJ Whitmer happened in this one. Fair enough match for Shelton to leave the company on. It could have been so much worse.

~ Lynn vs Bennett was entertaining. I've always said Bennett is rocking that WWE type style and it was coming out in full force here. I liked the psychology of the match. Bennett's finisher is lame though. He must change it. Lynn gets revenge following the match. MURDERS MARIA WITH A DDT. Fitting ceremony follows for Lynn. Great booking, imo. Bennett gets the big win. Lynn has the last laugh and still goes out in perfect fashion. Good stuff.

~ holy shit was I shocked at how much fun I had watching the Wolves vs New Wolves tag. I really don't know what to say other than it was lots of fun to watch (I think I covered that, no?) and I'm glad as hell I didn't have to sit through a 20+ minute match with Davey & O'Reilly going at it. Bobby Fish as a heel is working for me. I like his work on the mic. Edwards is good. He helped keep this match from not going over the top.

~ Cole vs Hardy went at a million miles per hour. Fast paced contest. Hardy's ego gave the match a nice dynamic. His heat was sort of immense. Nothing like 2005 and NOTHING, not even close to where Jeff's was though. We all didn't expect that even with Hardy's "icon" gimmick. Good match overall. Isn't MOTYC level, but good. Hardy cheats his way to a win. He's sticking around. Cole will get the W eventually in 2013. I can see that win being used a springboard into the world championship picture. I'm down. Cole OWNS.

~ Tag Titles was meh. 7 minutes and a whole lot of random stuff going on. Didn't care for it. Briscoes win in the most underwhelming ROH title change I think I've ever seen. Pass.

~ Plain and simple the main event was solid. Only, there was something off. It didn't have the feel that ALL of their other matches had. From ROH or PWG. I'll always give these two tons and tons of credit for the brutality they inflict on each other. I couldn't help but feel this was such a flat way to end the program in the company. It really sucked the life out of me when they took a long time to set up spots. It relied too much on "do a spot" nothing "do a spot" nothing and so on. F-5 through the table was neat. I got a kick out of that. Generico dies in grand fashion. Steen retains. Once again, solid, but could have been so much more.

All in all the event was decent. Nothing was worth really going out of your way to see, but it's worth a watch if you interested. It blew away Final Battle 2011. Had no DUD's or matches that made you upset to be watching. Worst match was easily Lethal vs Rhino, but I'd credit the worst part of the show to the embarrassingly shitty Mike Mondo promo. BITCH STICKS? You're horrible. Go away. Decent show. Lets hope 2013 turns into a good year for ROH with Delirious running things now.

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