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Re: Mafia Awards 2012.

TV Mafia (Rush/Kenny)- town
Batman Mafia (Pezley)-town
Gossip Girl Mafia (sXe)-scum
Countries of the World Mafia (Alcoholic)-town
Breaking Bad Mafia (Lawls)-town?
Metal Gear Solid Mafia (Shepard)-town
Fifa 12 Mafia (SL)-SK(CP)
Game of Thrones Mafia (Faraday)-Scum
Marvel Movie Mafia (Pezley)-town
Simpsons Mafia (RIP BULK)-LOL
Wild West Mafia (CP)- Town
Dragonball Z Mafia (Magic)- SK(HOL)
Death Note Mafia (HoL)-Town
Bourne Mafia (big_man)-Scum
Stoner Mafia (Roy)-Scum
Movie Villain (sXe)-didn't finish
The Wire (Postage)- Indy or something(IMP)
Justified (CamillePunk)- town.
Misfits (FlashFlood)- town
WWE Jobbers (dan marino)- scum
80's Action Movies (TKOK)-scum
Hunger Games (Prons)-scum
Kenshin Mafia (Pez)- scum
Cartoon Network (Doc)-SK(leeroy)
Transformers (Striker)-didn't finish
WF Mafia: The Escape (Rush)-town
Public Enemies (LC)-this was a mini shep
Super Wildlife II (HoL)-SK(Rush)
Samurai Jack (KAEPERNICK)-scum
Clash of Kings (Faraday)-town
Sopranos (Scrilla)-cult
Dynasty Warriors (CP)-scum
Seinfeld (Kenny)-didn't finish
Jigsaw (Skyfall)-town
Avatar (TKOK)-town
Twilight (Titania)-town
Fallout New Vegas (Pez/DocBlue)-scum
WF Mafia (Magic)-scum
NFL Mafia (Mikey Damage)-scum

I was also scum in justified. We were on our way to winning that game too until scrilla fucked over our team somehow. it was pretty gay. I recall town doing nothing while scum killed each other.

and tbf to everyone, people haven't gotten better at being scum, it just seems like people are a lot worse at scumhunting/being town with the way this year started going.

Town won 15/34 games. yeah, I'm pretty much spot on that. that is really, really bad.

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