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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
I'm pretty sure if you had ever learned how to read properly you'd see that I was doing the complete OPPOSITE of "whining" and actually praising the WWE for doing the right thing.

So fucking what if he eats the pin just because he's over? He's not gonna be over for much longer if he keeps eating pins every week, that's fucking what if he eats the pin. You don't get over by losing all the time. Fans know if you win, we take you seriously, if you lose you're a geek.
you're praising their move of having cody eat a fall...which means if Sandow took the fall, you'd be shitting all over them yet again because one of the guys you mark for is being "buried".

Dont play the semantics game with me, you're not that good.

And if you think that if Sandow eating pins means he's going to stop being over. You know Punk has a shitty W-L record this year, and he's still over as fuck, right? It's about looking strong in your wins. You're the kind of guy who probably got all upset when DX shit on Sandow on Raw 1000, completely ignoring the fact that that was probably the biggest fucking rub of his career.

You are a deluded mark who cant see straight when his favorites lose.

Oh, and you're saying the WWE isnt high on sandow anymore? Why is he being pushed as the inevitable next tag team champs with cody? Yeah, you're right, he's not being pushed and the WWE thinks he's total and utter shit.

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