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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Impact Zone
Orlando, Florida

Tonight’s show begins with the traditional video recap of the previous week’s action. The recap begins by focusing on Kurt Angle and his feud with Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan, including his match last week against Scott Steiner. The recap then transitions to A.J. Styles. The video takes a look back at A.J.’s experiences in the past few weeks and how it appears to have started to take its toll on him, resulting in him snapping and attacking Jeff Hardy following his loss to Samoa Joe in the main event. Once the video has completed, the opening music video begins and the show kicks off.

Once the pyro has finished up, the cameras go straight to the middle of the ring where Paul London and Brian Kendrick are standing by with their bodyguard, Tommy Mercer.

Paul London: Just a few days away from Victory Road and Tommy boy here’s first ever match in Impact Wrestling, we realized that you all have yet to witness the awesome physical, wrestling machine specimen that is Tommy Mercer in action. Good news though, you’re going to get your opportunity tonight because tonight we are calling out anyone in the back that’s not a Motor City Machine Gun. So anyone in the back that wants to try their luck against this mountain of a man, feel free to come out here right now.

Once Paul finishes speaking, there is an awkward silence. Nobody answers their challenge, at least not yet.

Paul London: Ok, ok we understand. We don’t mind, we’ll give all of you plenty of time and whenever one of you feels man enough, we’ll be waiting.

Right as Paul stops talking, the music of the T.V. Champion Raven begins to play. Raven slowly makes his way out of the entrance tunnel with a microphone in hand.

I’m game.

Short but to the point, Raven answers London and Kendrick’s challenge. Raven throws the microphone down, his belt down as well and makes his way to the ring as fast as he can. Both London and Kendrick quickly exit the ring as Tommy Mercer braces himself for a fight.

Match #1: Raven vs. Tommy Mercer w/ London & Kendrick

Raven enters the ring and the two immediately start fighting. Tommy, being the one standing up, is in the better position in the early going. Tommy manages to keep Raven down for quite some time but eventually Raven manages to get to his feet and it becomes a fair fight for once. As expected, the younger and stronger Tommy Mercer dominates for most of the match using said young and strength wisely to his advantage. However, things are not all lost for Raven as he has something that Tommy doesn’t and that’s experience. Being the veteran, Raven knows that all he needs is one moment and he can win. Raven wisely does not exert himself too much, deciding to let Tommy wear himself out before moving in. The match soon moves to the outside and this is where things start to turn in Raven’s favor. Knowing that Tommy can’t do a good majority of his moves without the use of his shoulders, Raven begins slowly targeting them. Nothing too fancy, just move after move targeting the shoulder of Tommy Mercer. Soon Tommy starts showing the affects. He is not able to do many of the moves he did before and the moves he is able to just be as effective as they used to be. Raven continues targeting the shoulder, knowing that the end is near. The end comes when Tommy attempts to pick Raven up but is forced to drop him because the pain in his shoulder is too much for him. As Tommy turns around to nurse his ailing shoulder, Raven sets up for the kill. When Tommy turns around, Raven knees him in the gut and hits a perfect Raven Effect DDT which he follows up with a pin and the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Raven

Following the match, Raven is handed his T.V. title back as the referee raises his hand. Meanwhile Tommy Mercer has rolled himself out of the ring, catching hell from London and Kendrick for the loss in the process. The camera then cuts to a dual screen shot of the ring area and the backstage area where Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley were both watching the match on the monitor, laughing their heads off. Once everybody walks off camera, the camera cuts away.

Before going to commercial, we go backstage and see an odd sight. In a dark room we see Abyss talking to someone who the camera cannot see. We cannot see or hear what is going on other than the person Abyss is with is doing most of the talking. Once the mystery man has finished instructing Abyss, Abyss turns and walks away as the show goes to commercial.


Coming back from commercial Impact Wrestling goes right to the announce booth where Mike Tenay and Taz begin commenting on what happened with A.J. Styles last week, attacking Jeff Hardy and all. Mike Tenay says that in all his years of knowing A.J. he would have never thought that he would just snap like that. Taz chimes in by saying that he knows what it feels like to be under pressure and he can see where A.J. is coming from. Once they are done with that, A.J.’s music begins to hit and the phenomenal one begins making his way down to the ring. A.J., dressed in street clothes, does not look too happy and understandably so, he must have a lot on his mind. A.J. eventually makes his way to the ring where he is handed a microphone.

A.J. does not speak right away; rather he takes a few moments to gather himself before talking.

A.J. Styles: I wanted to take this moment and address a few things that have happened recently but before I do that I would appreciate it very much if Jeff Hardy would come out here so I can get a few things off my chest.

Almost instantly the champion’s music begins to play and the crowd erupts. Hardy emerges from the entrance tunnel and immediately locks eyes with A.J. He slowly makes his way down the ramp, not taking his eyes off of A.J. for one second.

A.J. Styles: I would like to start by apologizing for attacking you last week, I was upset, I was not in my right mind, and for that I am sorry.

Jeff doesn’t say anything; he just continues to stare at A.J.

A.J. Styles: I also want to make sure that you know that come Sunday, when we’re locked inside that steel cage, you're going to get my best and nothing else, my attention will be right where it should be.

Again, Jeff doesn’t say anything; he just stares blindly at A.J.

A.J. Styles: So are we cool now or what?

Once again, nothing from Jeff.

A.J. Styles: Yes, no, it would be nice to know either way.

Jeff then turns away like he’s about to walk out but instead he hands the world tittle to a member of security on the outside as they hand him a microphone.

Jeff Hardy: I don’t know where your focus is at or why you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing but as long as you promise to bring it 100% come Sunday, it’s all good.

Jeff extends his hand towards A.J. but before the two can shake hands, they are interrupted by the music of the New World Order. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash makes his way out of the tunnel and towards the ring.

Kevin Nash: If I can interrupt this little Oprah like love fest you two have got going on for a second…Jeff it shouldn’t matter whether or not A.J. brings his A game come Sunday because whichever one of you does win, you ain’t going to be champions for very long because when the N.W.O. wins their match, we’re coming right for that belt.

That seems to have fired A.J. up. He then gets right in to Nash’s face.

A.J. Styles: Is that so? Last time I checked you and your buddies were all broken down, gray haired has-beens!

Kevin Nash: We may have aged but we can still deliver, if you know what I mean.

A.J. then backs off in what looks like an attempt to try and cool his temper a little bit. A.J. then turns back around and charges right at Nash but before he can do anything he is stopped by Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy: Whoa whoa whoa, calm down and let me handle it ok?

Hardy then turns towards Nash and starts attacking him. A.J. then joins in and the two together start beating on Nash. Not more than a few seconds in to the beat down we see Scott Hall and X-Pac coming through the crowd. Hall and Pac enter the ring area and A.J. and Jeff quickly turn away from Nash to face them. Nash is now alone in the ring but not for long. As soon as Nash is able to stand, Samoa Joe comes running out of the entrance tunnel and charges right towards Nash. Nash quickly ducks out of the ring as Joe stands in the ring ready to fight. Meanwhile security have broken up A.J., X-Pac, Jeff Hardy, and Scott Hall and they are leading Pac and Hall out of the building. A.J. and Jeff are then left to try and catch their breath as the camera cuts away.

Cutting away from the action, the show transitions to yet another promo video of “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero training in MMA for his upcoming match against Bobby Lashley. This video is extremely similar to the one shown last week, the only difference in his video is the Pope mentions his plan to call someone out this week so he can show off his new found skills. Once the video finishes up, the show cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial Impact Wrestling goes right to the ring area where the music of “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero is beginning to play. The Pope slowly makes his way down the ramp, dressed in somewhat of an MMA outfit. Some members of the audience start laughing at him but this doesn’t bother him one bit, he just continues on. Once he makes it in to the ring he demands a microphone.

D’Angelo Dinero: As you just seen a few minutes ago, Pope has been training day and night in the world of mixed martial arts to better prepare himself to face the MMA fighter himself, the one and only, sir Bobby Lashley.

The crowd starts booing him.

D’Angelo Dinero: It’s only been a few days but Pope has already become a master and he believes it’s time to show his congregation just how well versed he has become. Now, I could make it easy on myself and call out some scrawny, no-named punk to beat up but no, when Pope wants to make a statement, Pope makes a statement and tonight Pope makes a statement by calling out everyone’s favorite underwater creature…SHARK BOY!

The audience, as well as Mike Tenay and Taz, give a collective “WTF” reaction to D’Angelo Dinero calling out of all people, Shark Boy. Never the less, Shark Boy answers the call and starts making his way to the ring to face the Pope.

Match #2: D’Angelo Dinero vs. Shark Boy

Both men face off in the middle of the ring as the referee calls for the bell. They both initially stare at each other awkwardly before Pope makes the first. Pope tries lunging at Shark Boy’s leg in an attempt to take him down but Shark Boy is too quick, dodging out of the way just in time, causing Pope to fall comically to the ring apron. Pope tries again but once again he fails. He tries a third time and still nothing. At this point the crowd and everyone else are laughing and this starts to piss Pope off. After a few other tries, Pope starts getting desperate. He starts trying things that you can tell he hasn’t tried before. It was after one of these new failed attempts at moves by Pope that Shark Boy takes advantage. Pope attempts some sort of version of a headlock which Shark Boy is able to counter in to his version of the Stunner, the Chummer. Shark Boy then follows this up with a pin and the upset victory.

Winner: Shark Boy

Following the match, Shark Boy celebrates his victory by posing for the fans while the Pope is left to pick up his shattered ego. Once Shark Boy has finished, he exits the ring. Shortly after that, after gathering his emotions, he too begins to exit the ring. Once both men have left the camera cuts away.

Before going to commercial, the show cuts to a four way shot of each tag team that’s going to be participating in the tag team gauntlet match upcoming at Victory Road. Each team must pick one man to represent them and then that man will compete in a four man mini battle royal to determine the starting positions for the gauntlet match. All four teams continue arguing as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #3: Desmond Wolfe vs. Eric Young vs. Hernandez vs. Kazarian – Four Man Mini Battle Royal To Determine Gauntlet Positions

Returning from commercial, Impact Wrestling cuts right to the ring area where the third match of the evening is about to begin. Each team has apparently chosen their representative as each man begins to make their way to the ring, starting with Eric Young, then followed by Hernandez, Desmond Wolfe, and last but not least, the X Division Champion Kazarian. Each man enters the ring and the match begins.

Right off the bat everyone goes right for the big man Hernandez, trying to toss him over the top rope. Hernandez stands his ground and they are unable to budge him. Hernandez then powers his way out, knocking all three of his opponents to the ground. He then targets “Hollywood” Eric Young, in an attempt to toss him out while Desmond Wolfe and Kazarian both start to square off. Eric Young manages to hang on, at least for now, avoiding elimination. Hernandez grows tired of him and turns his attention to Desmond Wolfe who is still battling Kazarian. Kazarian and Hernandez then start to gang up on Desmond which is not good news for him. Luckily for Desmond, Kazarian and Hernandez begin to get in to an argument which turns their attention away from him. Desmond then tries to get away but he doesn’t go far, getting caught in Hernandez’s powerful grip once again. This time though, he’s not getting out. After a brief struggle, Hernandez picks Desmond up and with ease, tosses him out and over the top rope, eliminating him.

Eliminated: Desmond Wolfe

Desmond Wolfe and Christopher Daniels will now begin the match in the ring as a result of Desmond’s elimination. After an impressive elimination, one would think that you would want to stay as far away from Hernandez as possible but apparently Eric Young doesn’t think that. Braving it, “Hollywood” goes right at Hernandez which actually turns out to be quite well for him. Catching Hernandez off guard, Eric Young is able to get him off of his feet. He attempts to drag him to the ropes and over the top. He struggles and struggles and with the help of Kazarian he manages to get Hernandez up but not for long. Once again Hernandez powers out. Enraged, he targets Eric Young. Despite his earlier success against Hernandez, Eric has no chance now. Hernandez easily takes him up and over the rope.

Eliminated: Eric Young

The two starting teams are now set. Desmond Wolfe & Christopher Daniels will face off against The New Mega Powers to start the match. Who will be #3 and #4? Kazarian, having avoided most of the action so far in this match, must now try and eliminate the big man Hernandez all by himself. Unsure of what to do, he simply charges right at Hernandez, attacking him with a series of lefts and rights. This dazes Hernandez for a few seconds but eventually he regains his focus and starts attacking Kazarian right back. The two start going back and forth like this for quite some time, inching closer and closer to the ropes. You can see the steam building up inside of Hernandez. As the fight between him and Kazarian continues on, Hernandez gets stronger and stronger until he just explodes, unloading on Kazarian, all but knocking him out. With Kazarian nearly knocked out, with ease Hernandez picks him up and tosses him out of the ring, winning the match.

Eliminated: Kazarian

Winner: Hernandez

Hernandez wins the match, putting LAX in a very good spot with a very good chance of advancing to Bound for Glory and the King of the Mountain match. Kazarian is helped up and to the back by the medical staff as Hernandez looks on. Impact Wrestling then cuts to commercial.


Before Impact Wrestling resumes the in-ring action, a promo video is shown hyping up the pending debut of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Once the video is complete, the camera cuts back to the ring area.

Match #4: Brutus Magnus w/ Doug Williams vs. Robert Roode w/ James Storm

It is now time for match #4 of the evening between The British Invasion’s Brutus Magnus and Beer Money’s Robert Roode. This will obviously be the final confrontation between these two teams before their upcoming match at Victory Road. It is extremely important that Robert Roode puts on a good showing in this match as he and James have not been working well together as of late.

Initially the match is very even, both men seem to have each other very well scouted, countering each other’s moves perfectly. Soon they start going more back and forth with each man trading momentum. One moment Brutus Magnus has control and then the next Robert Roode is in control. This seems to go on nearly forever, with neither man slowing down one bit. The first man to start showing some form of weakness is Brutus Magnus. Roode’s slight strength advantage starts to pay off for him as he slowly but surely starts to wear down his opponent. Although Magnus starts to show signs of wearing down, Roode is unable to put him away despite giving it all he has. To Roode’s credit, he does not give up though. He tunes out all outside distractions and puts his focus right where it should be, on Brutus Magnus. With the lack of a definitive “knockout punch” by Roode, Magnus is able to start building himself back in to contention for the match. He starts fighting back until the match is once again even. This is where things start to turn in his favor. To what only can be credited as Brutus Magnus being the better wrestler tonight, he starts to pull away. Again, Roode does nothing wrong at all, Magnus is just better at the moment. Magnus’ momentum builds and builds until it reaches a crescendo, nailing his finisher on Roode and covering him for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Brutus Magnus

Although not a victory, Beer Money can at least take comfort in the fact that they at least worked well together, Brutus Magnus was just the better man. Following the match, The British Invasion celebrates while Robert Roode and James Storm are only able to shake their heads in frustration. Hopefully they’ll be able to regroup and put on a good match come Sunday. Once each team is up and walking towards the back, the show moves on.

Transitioning to the back, the show goes in to an interview segment with Mick Foley who is standing by with “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle.

Mick Foley: So Kurt, long time no see, how you been?

Kurt Angle: I’ve been better Mick, I’ve been better.

Mick Foley:
I understand. So your match last week against Scott Steiner ended the way nearly everyone expected, with Matt Morgan running in and causing a distraction which obviously resulted in you getting knocked out and losing the match. I have to assume that they’re going to try something like that this week, what are your plans in case that does happen?

Kurt Angle: I’ve just got to be more aware. I got mad at them for doing it once but I fell for it again and that’s nobody’s fault but mine. It’s time I start focusing.

Mick Foley: Of course they could very well do nothing, you never know.

Kurt Angle:
True, it’s hard to tell with those guys. If there’s one thing I do know about them, it’s that they may have the advantage when it comes to size and strength but they certainly aren’t smart enough to outsmart the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Kurt then shakes Mick’s hand the two part ways as the show cuts to commercial.


Match #5: Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan

It is now time for match #5 tonight, featuring “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle taking on “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan. Kurt demanded revenge for Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan costing him the Television Championship and this is step #2 in him getting revenge. First man out to the ring is “The Blueprint”, walking to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Next is Kurt Angle who gets the exact opposite reaction from the crowd.

Kurt begins the match by taking a very cautious approach, not wanting to overexpose himself, risking an attack from behind by Scott Steiner or someone else. Strangely Matt Morgan also takes a cautious, laid back approach to the match, not doing much to take advantage of Kurt being extra careful. It appears that Matt Morgan is simply waiting for something, more than likely that something being outside help from Scott Steiner. The match continues on, but still no Steiner. As the action moves on, Kurt slowly but surely gets braver and braver with his offense, feeling a little more comfortable about his chances. On the other hand, Matt Morgan, who planned the entire strategy in this match on an eventual outside attack from Scott Steiner, appears to be getting frustrated that Big Poppa Pump is nowhere to be seen. A little more than a minute goes by and still no sign of Steiner. In the meantime Kurt has taken firm control of the momentum in the match. Finally, just as things look hopelessly lost for Matt Morgan, Scott Steiner finally shows up, running to the ring as fast as he can. Matt has not been the only one that’s anticipated this however. As the referee turns his attention to Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan takes brass knuckles out of his boots and puts them on. As he goes to attack Kurt, Kurt ducks and Matt misses. Kurt counters that in to an Olympic Slam which he follows up with an Ankle Lock. At this time, all the commotion has gotten the attention of the referee who turns away from Steiner just in time to see Matt Morgan tapping out.

Winner via Submission: Kurt Angle

Kurt was ready for what Steiner and Morgan tried to throw at him and it resulted in him getting a victory. Steiner and Morgan on the other hand, cannot do anything but stare at each other and try to figure out where they went wrong. Kurt then quickly exits the ring, leaving Matt Morgan and Scott Steiner to argue with each other while the camera cuts away.

Before going to commercial, we get a shot of both Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash walking down the back hallway towards the ring. Their match, the main event, is up next.


Match #6: Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe

It’s now main event time. The confrontation that was teased earlier in the night is about to happen, in the ring this time, only a few days before each man will be competing in arguably the most important match of the event at Victory Road. Before each man makes it to the ring, Mike Tenay and Taz are joined at the commentator table by Jeff Jarrett who is here to watch the match very closely. Oddly there is no sign of Eric Bischoff who has been seen watching Samoa Joe very closely these past few weeks. Once Jeff has been seated at the booth, the entrances can begin. First man out to the ring represents the New World Order and that man is “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Nash makes his way slowly down the ramp, taunting the fans as they boo him. Once Nash makes it to the ring, the music of Samoa Joe hits and “The Samoan Submission Machine” makes a mad dash to the ring.

Joe slides in to the ring and the match is on. From the get go, the match momentum swings very much in favor of Samoa Joe. Joe, being the far younger and slightly stronger of the two, as well as being the one that’s most determined, easily dominates. Joe employs a quick strike type offense, designed to wear Nash down slowly, by tiring him out. To Nash’s credit however, he appears to be in very good shape, not succumbing to Joe’s offense, at least right now. Nash also is very much aware of what Joe is trying to do and he does everything he can to avoid/counter it but Joe is just too good tonight. Nash makes the decision to try and go in to complete defensive mode, turning Joe’s tiring out offense against him, making Joe work harder for it. But just like Nash is in very good shape tonight, so is Joe. The defensive mode that Nash tries doesn’t seem to work which means that it may only be a matter of time before Joe wins the match. Nash manages to hang on a little longer but not long enough. Joe, showing off his power and strength, gets Nash up and hits what looks like half of the muscle buster, mixed with a power slam. Whatever it was supposed to be it worked. Joe follows up the move with a pin attempt and the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe picks up an impressive victory against one of his Victory Road opponents. One has to wonder now if the N.W.O. even stands a chance against this guy. The show fades to black with a shot of Samoa Joe standing over the motionless Kevin Nash.

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