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Re: CM Punk - From the Rock to Wrestlemania

I pray they do CM Punk vs Undertaker or John Cena vs Undertaker.this year.

Sure, Punk has had a feud with Undertaker before but hey, look at Triple H/Undertaker. They had a feud and match back in the Attitude Era days, and they did it last year and earlier this year. + Not many people remember the Punk/Taker feud anyway.

And as for Cena/Taker, they also had a feud back in the day at Vengeance 2003 but not many people remember that either, and that was when Cena was somewhat green and that was when Undertaker was still doing the Biker-American Badass gimmick, Cena's never faced the Deadman and Undertaker's never faced the current Cena, Undertaker's only faced the Rapper-D.O.T Cena.

Although I still wonder how they're gonna go from Cena doing an AJ/Ziggler feud to Undertaker, or how they're gonna go from Punk facing The Rock and losing the title to Undertaker. But then again, they've done it before. HBK went from doing that stupid JBL feud (I think it was? I don't remember, I stopped watching WWE around then) to Undertaker. BUT, get this, they could ALSO have CM Punk go out there and do a little promo the night after Rumble and brag about how he's faced everybody, He's faced John Cena, (maybe even Lawler before his heart attack to gain heat lulz), Randy Orton, etc and just brag about how he's faced one of the best in this industry today and how he's gonna take a few months off because he feels like he deserved it after holding the championship for over 400 days, and then the gong hits, Taker comes out, and just has a stare-down like HHH/Taker did, CM Punk walks away, Undertaker raises his hands up, fire pyro hits the stage, and Punk gets scared, then we get the WWE logo and RAW's over. That would be fucking awesome.

But I'm just rambling and ranting.

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