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Re: NXT divas could save the divas division

Originally Posted by x78 View Post
Sofia was released months ago.
Which was a horrible move and I hope she either gets another shot, or ends up in a good spot on TNA she was pretty excited to make her way to the main roster only to get shafted.

Originally Posted by izzie View Post
But hell, we had Kong, Beth, and Natalya in one division and that clearly didn't go anywhere.
This. It's amazing how horrible that turned out. They even had a great talent like Serena at one point as well. They have Del Rey to whip them in to shape so I hope she doesn't go to waste. She's also younger than Layla so I hope she can do some damage on the main roster as well, buuuuut knowing WWE they may ruin her rep and name like they did Tensai and Cara at one point.

Originally Posted by Mr. Ziggles View Post
Paige would certainly be an improvement, but she won't help that much. And also maybe the one with the amazing ass.

I say this because they already had divas that could wrestle and did absolutely nothing with them. Natalya, Beth Phoenix, and Tamina are all really good. I know beth is gone, but still, they had people who were good and did nothing with them.

What WILL help the divas's division is someone getting all the divas together in a room and telling them to stop fucking doing so many god damn rollup pins! It feels like 80% of all divas matches are a series of rollup pins. Just stopping that horrible nonsense will drastically improve the division.
Not sure on Paige and the age thing, but yeah, she seems to be the one that do a bit of damage in the division if given the ball and proper booking, I guess, she's developing a fan base down on NXT like AJ was doing. Audrey would be a good addition as well.

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