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CM Punk - From the Rock to Wrestlemania

Having a think about what will happen with CM Punk with his match against the Rock and where he will go from there. Wondered what others thought about it. Am sure would make some happy but would piss off many but is something I think may happen.

1) CM Punk vs The Rock at Royal Rumble.
The Rock can't win the title as there is no way he'll commit to defending the title on a regular basis and what is the point of a champion who doesn't do anything? This would make more sense than Rock putting over Cena because Cena was already bigger than the WWE title. This would cememnt Punk as a solid champion. I don't see it being a clean victory though - expecting someone to run in and help (shield/ lesnar/ knowing WWE probably fucking AJ)

2) The Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble.
The only people who would pose a reasonable threat to the Undertaker's streak would be Cena, Punk, Ryback, Lesnar or the Rock. 2 of these are part timers so can be ruled out. Ryback to me is too new in the business to be the one ending the streak. Cena would just be pointless. The undertaker winning the rumble would set up Punk vs The undertaker for the WWE title at Wrestlemania.

3) CM Punk vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.
CM Punk goes over the Undertaker here. The Undertaker is going to lose at some point and nobody has really been likely to so far. This match would make it seem the biggest chance possible for the Undertaker to lose and I think he will. This would become one of the most memorable moments in Wrestlemania history and if Punk is still heel at the time of the match would make him the most hated on the roster with the potential gloating about doing what nobody else could do before him.

Not saying this is what I would want to happen but is what I see happening. Thoughts?
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