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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Final Battle 2012

Michael Elgin vs Roderick Strong
Elgin is approaching near Davey Richards level of bad if he keeps churning out performances like this. He does nothing that puts him over as a powerhouse outside of a few moves in his arsenal and just works the match like he was any skinny fuckhead in kickpads, complete with no flow or structure. The moment where he just completely no sells a brutally stiff knee like it was a slap during a strike exchange really irked me too.

Jay Lethal vs Rhino
Corino's commentary made this. Lethal does a nice job of getting offense in against Rhino and look believable while doing so, but what stops this from being a solid match was Rhino's inability to work an interesting control segment and the incredibly premature ending.

RD Evans vs Prince Nana
Nothing to say about this one. It was thankfully short and nothing stuck out as either decent or bad.

Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer vs Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team - New York Street Fight
This match suffers from some awkward pacing and didn't flow very well but it had some fun moments like Shelton working the crowd with a Christmas tree and BJ Whitmer dying in a spot that would make Hayabusa cringe. Overall, this was a pretty fun brawl that had it's share of flaws.

Mike Bennett vs Jerry Lynn
I really liked how old-school the opening matwork felt and it put over Lynn very nicely as the old lion trying to kept up with his younger opponent. Bennett also impressed me at how good he was. He was great at working up the crowd and keeping control segments interesting, something most ROH guys seem to struggle to do.

Kyle O'Riley & Bobby Fish vs The American Wolves
This was a mildly inoffensive back-and-forth tag match that was quite easy to sit through. The only moment that really annoyed me was the spot where The Wolves did dueling suplexes to the outside and it looked really retarded. Aside from that, this was pretty fun.

Matt Hardy vs Adam Cole
ROH needs more veterans like Hardy and Lynn to help out the younger guys with their psychology and all that jazz. This was a great little match that featured many 'veteran vs youngster' spots that were quite simply great. I also love Hardy gradually heeling it up more and more as the match goes on when he realizes he can't just put away Cole with a couple of Side Effects.

Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino (c) vs Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman vs The Briscoes - Sudden Death Match - ROH Tag Team Championships
Fun and short take on a match concept that I wouldn't of thought would work.

Kevin Steen (c) vs El Generico - Ladder War - ROH World Championship
I am a big fan of their PWG Ladder match so I had very high hopes coming into this and I must say that I feel a tad underwhelmed. Many of the spots were recycled from their PWG match and their was a lot awkward moments in between the big spots. I love the final Package Piledriver at the end but the setting up for it was abysmal. It felt like at times they would do one epic spot and then wait around before moving onto the next in quite a weak fashion. On a more positive note, Generico's selling was great and Steen was great at being a dick.
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