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Re: WWF 1995: The New Generation

WWF Monday Night Raw | February 20 | 1995

The Raw video package plays and Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon welcome us to the show. Gorilla Monsoon is filling in for Jim Cornette tonight as Cornette's teams are in the battle royal tonight. They hype up the big tag team battle royal for tonight, aswell as Vince conducting an interview with the WWF Champion Bret Hart and The Royal Rumble winner Razor Ramon. Plus tonight, Vince will also interview Big Daddy Cool Diesel.

Match 1 | Bam Bam Bigelow vs Man Mountain Rock
Man Mountain Rock is making his first appearance on Raw. We've seen him in action on Superstars and Challenge and he's undefeated so far. He's in for his toughest competition so far as he takes on The Beast from the East, Bam Bam Bigelow. Both men are around the same size. Bam Bam made the challenge to The Undertaker at Saturday Night's Main Event and made a statement by assaulting the man from the darkside. The match begins with both men locking up with Bam Bam getting the advantage. Bigelow with some right hands, Man Mountain Rock reverses an irish whip and catches Bigelow with a reverse elbow and follows up with a slam on Bam Bam. You don't often see Bam Bam getting slammed around like that. Bam Bam then reversed a whip and hits a clothesline. Bigelow with a back suplex and gets a 2 count, awesome power there from Bam Bam. Bigelow backs Man Mountain Rock into the corner and delivers a few right hands. Bigelow with a slam and then misses a splash. Man Mountain Rock delivers a clothesline. Man Mountain Rock now building some momentum hitting Bam Bam with some right hands. Man Mountain Rock sends Bam Bam to the corner. Bam Bam avoids a charge as Man Mountain Rock goes face first into the turnbuckle, Bigelow with a clothesline. Bam Bam goes up top and the diving headbutt and gets the 3 count for the win as Man Mountain Rock. Quick match with Bigelow showing his dominance to hand Man Mountain Rock his first defeat.
Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

Following the match, Vince McMahon gets a word with Bam Bam. Vince asks Bigelow if he made the wise decision to pick a fight with The Undertaker. Does Bigelow know what he's gotten himself into? Bigelow takes exception to Vince's comment and tells Vince that everyone should know by now that Bam Bam is the toughest and the baddest man in the WWF. He sent a message to The Undertaker and now he knows when Undertaker returns he will be looking for Bam Bam Bigelow but if Undertaker's looking for that fight, Bam Bam's not going to back down. He's not intimidated of The Undertaker. He knows his game plan and he's going to show exactly why they call him the beast from the east. He's going to give Undertaker the biggest beating he's ever seen. He proved it by eliminating Undertaker at the Royal Rumble and then at Saturday Night's Main Event he manhandled The Undertaker. At WrestleMania, the Beast from the East will come out on top.

Saturday Night's Main Event Report with Todd Pettingill as Todd recaps the results from the show. Todd then runs down the card for WrestleMania.

Vince McMahon interviews Diesel
Diesel came out to a great ovation. Vince congratulates Diesel on his victory at Saturday Night's Main Event and now he goes on to WrestleMania to face Shawn Michaels. Last year Diesel did not wrestle at WrestleMania but he was in the corner of Michaels but this year it's Diesel's first WrestleMania. What a match up this is going to be between Diesel and Shawn Michaels. Diesel has the size but Shawn has the speed and Sycho Sid in his corner. Diesel can hardly wait till WrestleMania. He's been waiting for this since Survivor Series. Diesel talks about how he came here in the WWF. Two years ago he got a call from Shawn. Shawn was looking for a bodyguard. In Shawn's quest to get to the top he hired Big Daddy Cool as protection along the way. He had Shawn's back when so many guys wanted to beat Shawn up, Shawn always hid behind Big Daddy Cool. Diesel talks about how last year was one of the greatest yearís of his life. He won the Intercontinental title, tag team titles and later on went on to become the WWF Champion, all in one year. Him and Shawn used to be a dynamic duo but at the Survivor Series, it was the last straw. After that superkick from Shawn, Diesel made the decision that with friends like this who needs enemies. Now at WrestleMania heís going to get his hands on Shawn and will prove to him that heís better than him. Shawn Michaels and Sid came down the entranceway to interrupt. Shawn with a mic in his hand was very angry because Diesel ruined his chances of headlining WrestleMania. Shawn talks about how Diesel has been a thorn in his side. It burns a hole in him that Diesel became WWF Champion before him. Shawn : ďI got news for ya, Diesel, I'm gonna be the WWF champion at some point. One little slip up is not going to put The Heart Break Kid off his road to success.Ē Michaels made fun of Diesel's short lived era as champion. Diesel thought he'd be the leader of the new generation, I don't think so!

Shawn said he plucked Diesel from obscurity, a place that no one wanted to be at and he brought him here to the WWF and made him a household name. No one knew who Diesel was. Shawn Michaels was the man who is responsible for directing Diesel's wrestling career. He was the man who made Diesel the Intercontinental and tag team champion and Shawn even claims that he even made Diesel the WWF Champion. The fans boo Shawn and Shawn insults the fans and tells them whether they admit it or not, he made Diesel. He made a champion out of him and what an ingrate Diesel turned out to be. I got news for ya big man, Shawn Michaels single handedly made Big Daddy Cool and at WrestleMania, Diesel's going to fail. He's going to find out that Shawn Michaels is the greatest superstar in the WWF. Diesel fires back and tells Shawn that he won the WWF Title without Shawn's help but Shawn got jealous of his success and popularity and that's why he cost him the title at the Royal Rumble. Diesel then had one goal and that was to get Shawn in a one on one match and he did it by ruIning Shawn's chances of headlining WrestleMania at Saturday Night's Main Event. He tells Shawn you want a war, he's got one. He looks at Sid and tells him he better not get involved in their match because if he does he's going to see a side of Diesel that he's never seen before. Sid got on the mic and tells Diesel heís messing with the wrong guys. Diesel says Infact why wait till WrestleMania lets do this right now. Michaels said he can just come down there and beat Diesel up but he's not going to do that. He's going to spare Diesel the beating tonight and he will show Diesel what Shawn Michaels is all about at WrestleMania. Diesel taunts them and Michaels and Sid then leave as they get booed by the fans.

A promo is aired for WrestleMania XI. It features some of the celebrities we will be seeing at WrestleMania. Salt n Pepa will be singing the national anthem at WrestleMania. We then hear comments from Salt n Pepa and they canít wait to be there at WrestleMania.

Match 2 | The British Bulldog vs Henry Godwinn
Two powerhouses locking up as The Bulldog takes on the undefeated Henry Godwinn. Bulldog with a sidehead lock and Godwinn with a back suplex surprising the Bulldog. Godwinn sends Bulldog to the ropes, Bulldog ducks a clothesline and knocks Godwinn down with a clothesline. Bulldog with a scoop slam and follows up with a clothesline sending Godwinn to the floor. Godwinn went back in and locks up again with The Bulldog, Godwinn with a rake of the eyes backs Bulldog to the corner. Godwinn now hammers away with right hands. He gets some shots to the back of The Bulldog and then stomps away on The Bulldog. During the match, we hear comments from Lex Luger shown in a split screen. Luger believes he has all momentum leading into WrestleMania. Luger thinks Bulldog has no chance against King Kong Bundy this week but Luger is so confident that he can slam Mable. Meanwhile Henry Godwinn chokes Bulldog in the ropes and then throws him through the bottom rope. Godwinn slams Bulldog on the apron. He sends Bulldog back in and gets a chinlock. The fans get behind The Bulldog and Bulldog powers out and whips Godwinn to the ropes and press slams Godwinn. What power from the Bulldog. Bulldog with a delayed vertical suplex and got a 2 count. Godwinn then catches Bulldog with a reverse elbow and slams The Bulldog. Godwinn off the ropes and drops an elbow and gets 2. Godwinn sets up for the slop drop, Bulldog counters with a backslide and gets a 2 count. Godwinn got back up and nails Bulldog with a clothesline. Godwinn went up top for but Bulldog got back up and catches Godwinn in mid air with a right hand. Bulldog scoops Godwinn up and drops him with the powerslam and gets the 3 count to win to hand Godwinn his first loss. Following the match Bulldog celebrates his win and he has a tough challenge this week when he faces King Kong Bundy.
Winner: The British Bulldog

Backstage Owen Hart cuts a promo. He vows to bounce back from his defeat at Saturday Night's Main Event. Whenever he gets that opportunity for the WWF Title again, he will definetely succeed. He's still got the Intercontinental title and there's no one who's good enough to take that belt off him. Vince then asks Owen about the incident with Bob Backlund this past Saturday. Owen said Backlund is past it, he's not new generation, he has no business being here. He should be out of the WWF. He is not worthy of even being a champion. The old timer Backlund still thinks it's 1983. Heís trying to steal the spotlight but he needs to realise that it's the year 1995 and the real star of this year is me. Gorilla asks Owen he would like to see him going at it against Backlund. It would be a great match between the old generation star against the new generation star, so will we ever see this match at some point? Will Owen give Backlund a title shot? Owen said absolutely not, what has Bob Backlund done to deserve a title shot. Owen claims that he is the best of the new generation and not The 123 Kid. Backlund represents the old generation and Bob thinks The Kid is the best from the new generation, well Bob needs to get his head checked. Does The Kid hold the Intercontinental title? Has he won a King of the Ring, has he ever headlined a ppv? No. Vince asks Owen is he afraid of Backlund and Owen thinks thatís a ridiculous question. Why would he be afraid of Backlund. If this is the case of the new generation being pitted against the old generation then he can easily beat Backlund. Backlund needs to prove to him that heís worthy of a title shot. Gorilla thinks Owen is being disrespectful to a legend like Backlund. Owen thinks Backlund is not a legend, heís just a has been. Owen then vows to become the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time.

Match 3 | 10 Team Tag Team Battle Royal
Aldo Montoya and Bob Holly, Doink and Papa Shango, Bob Backlund and The 123 Kid, Jeff Jarrett and The Road Dogg, The Headshrinkers, Eli and Jacob Blu, Men on a Mission, Yokozuna and Hakushi, The Heavenly Bodies, King Kong Bundy and IRS are the 10 teams competing in this match. As soon as one member of the team is eliminated, the entire team is eliminated. Huge opportunity for all these teams and the winning team faces The Smoking Gunns for the tag team titles at WrestleMania. The bell rings and here we go, lots of brawling going on. King Kong Bundy throws Bob Holly out and this means Holly and Montoya are the first team to be eliminated. Action all over the ring here. IRS hammers away at the 123 Kid. IRS holds onto The 123 Kid as Bundy comes off the ropes, The Kid ducks and Bundy accidently eliminates IRS. Bundy and IRS are eliminated and IRS is furious with Bundy, they end up arguing outside and IRS walks off. The Blus Brothers are brawling in the ring with Men on a Mission, Eli misses a charge and Mable backdrops him over the top rope eliminating The Blu Brothers. A split screen shows The Smoking Gunns looking on backstage, who will they be facing at WrestleMania? Doink and Shango fight it out with The Headshrinkers. Doink has Fatu near the ropes, Fatu ducks a right hand and backdrops Doink to the floor. Doink and Shango are eliminated. Yokozuna avoids a charge from Mable and dumps Mable over the top rope and Men on a Mission are history. Hakushi almost went out but uses his athleticism to stay in. Jeff Jarrett throws The 123 Kid over the top but Kid hangs on. Jarrett thinks he's eliminated The Kid and Kid gets back in and throws Jarrett over the top rope to the floor. Jarrett and Road Dogg have been eliminated and Jarrett is furious. Jarrett tries getting back in but officials send him and Road Dogg to the back.

4 teams remaining now as The 123 Kid and Backlund fighting it out with The Heavenly Bodies as The Headshrinkers fight it out with Yokozuna and Hakushi. Bob Backlund was setting up for the crossface chickenwing on Jimmy Del Ray but Owen Hart ran down got on the apron and pulled Backlund over the top rope eliminating Backlund and The Kid. The fans boo Owen and Owen has a smirk on his face. Backlund snaps and ends up brawling with Owen on the outside while officials seperate both men. Three teams left and Cornette has a smile on his face and The Headshrinkers are now in trouble. The Headshrinkers get beat down by Hakushi and Yokozuna and The Heavenly Bodies. The Heavenly Bodies go for a high five by Hakushi and Yokozuna but Hakushi and Yokozuna turn on them and throw them over the top rope. The Heavenly Bodies are furious. They end up complaining to Cornette as Hakushi and Yokozuna turn their attention at The Heavenly Bodies. Look out The Headshrinkers attack Yoko and Hakushi from behind, The Heavenly Bodies get on the apron looking for revenge. Seone goes for an irish whip on Yoko, Yoko with a reversal sends Seone right into Tom Prichard knocking Prichard off the apron and Yoko throws Seone over the top rope. Hakushi and Yokozuna have won the battle royal. Cornette is celebrating and now Hakushi and Yokozuna will now go on to WrestleMania to face The Smoking Gunns.
Winners: Yokozuna and Hakushi

A vignette is aired of Savio Vega who is coming soon to the WWF. This was the same vignette that was aired on Wrestling Challenge.

Vince McMahon interviews Bret Hart and Razor Ramon
The WWF Champion Bret Hart and The 1995 Royal Rumble winner Razor Ramon are in the ring. Both men came out to a huge ovation. Vince McMahon congratulates Bret on retaining the WWF title at Saturday Night's Main Event. Bretís submission match against Owen was one of the greatest matches ever. Vince then congratulates Razor winning his tag team match which sets up his match against Bret at WrestleMania. Both of these men have tremendous fan support. They had a great year in 1994. Vince talked about Bret losing the WWF Title and regaining it back at the Royal Rumble. He discussed Razor losing the Intercontinental title on the 2nd anniversary of Raw and then went on to win the Royal Rumble. Then they had to overcome major obstacles this past Saturday and all these fans can now look forward to this great WWF Title match at WrestleMania. Vince brings up the history between Bret and Razor, the last time these two men faced each other was two years ago with Bret winning on both occasions. The first time they met was Razor's only WWF Title match and since then Razor never had a title match on ppv but now Razor has that big opportunity at WrestleMania. Vince first asks the challenger on his thoughts on this huge match. Razor said he's been waiting for two years to get this opportunity. It was his dream to compete in the main event at WrestleMania and now he's finally got it. Razor makes one thing clear, he doesnít care about what Bret has done in the past against The Bad Guy, because he is concerned about today and the future. WrestleMania is a different story and according to The Bad Guy will have a different ending.

Bret then gives his thoughts. At the Royal Rumble, The Hitman got back on top by becoming the WWF Champion for a third time. He made a promise that he's going to take off right where he left off from before and that's to take on all challenges. They will all get their title shot at the WWF Title because he's a fighting champion and he takes on all comers. His match against Owen was one of the most toughest matches of his career and now his next challenge is against Razor Ramon. Bret thinks Razor is one of the top superstars in the WWF, he has a lot of respect for him. Razor earned that title shot and at WrestleMania theyíre going to have an incredible match. He admires the way how Razor worked his way to earn his title shot but Bret reminds Razor that he beat him at the Royal Rumble two years ago and also at the King of the Ring. Sure times have changed but that doesn't mean The Hitman has lost a step. Bret brings up WrestleMania 10 and how they were both successful that night and it started off an incredible year journey for both men but Bret said he doesn't have to beat Razor, Razor has to beat him. Razor responds back and tells Bret that The Bad Guy is on a major roll and right now chico, heís numero uno. Everyone knows that Razor Ramon looks the best in gold and after WrestleMania, heís going to have Bretís gold around his waist. Bret said until Razor doesn't beat him, he can't claim to be the #1 man because currently The Hitman holds the WWF Title. This title states that he is the best, the best there is, the best there was and at WrestleMania he's going to prove that he is the best there ever will be. Bret holds up the WWF Title as the WrestleMania theme plays. Both men shake hands as Raw goes off the air.

WWF Superstars | February 25 | 1995

Owen Hart defeated Duke the Dumpster Droese. After the match as Owen was celebrating, Bob Backlund came down and put the crossface chickenwing on him until officials came down and pulled Backlund off Owen.

Tatanka defeated a jobber

Papa Shango defeated Bob Holly. Following the match The Undertaker returned and attacked Shango. Shango retreats to the back and Undertaker does his cut throat motion warning Shango that heís coming to get his revenge against Shango, Doink and Bam Bam.

We hear comments backstage from The 123 Kid. The Kid then talks about Jarrettís singing performance which will be this coming Monday on Raw, Kid thinks Jarrett is going to bore the audience with a terrible singing performance. While Jarrett claims to be the worldís greatest singer and entertainer, the reality is that heís actually a con artist. The Kid offers Jarrett some advice and thatís to cancel his singing performance. That will save Jarrett the embarrassment of an atrocious performance.

We hear pre recorded comments from The Smoking Gunns. The Gunns said they are looking forward to stepping in the ring against Yokozuna and Hakushi at WrestleMania. Itís going to be a tough match, their toughest challenge to date but they are ready. They have the tag team experience advantage over Yokozuna and Hakushi. However their opponents are a very dangerous team and The Gunns are the underdogs. The Gunns vow to become the best tag team in WWF history and they are ready to beat Yokozuna and Hakushi at WrestleMania.

The Kingís Court: Special Guest: Jean Pierre Lefite
Jerry Lawler presents The King's Court this week on Superstars. Lawler's insulting the fans. Lawler states that he has a surprise guest tonight and he's making his return. We haven't seen him for a few months but he's back and he's going to ensure law and order in the WWF. He used to be known as Quebeccer Pierre but from now on heís known as Jean Pierre Lefite. Pierre made his return and heís sporting a beard and he now wears an eye patch. Pierre had a cattle prod in his hand. We haven't seen Pierre for quite some time. Jerry Lawler welcomes Pierre back. Lawler asks Pierre where he was all that time and Pierre said he was involved in an accident causing him to wear this eye patch. He is lucky to still be able to wrestle. He talks about his former partner Jacque who retired a few months ago and Pierre said he was always better than Jacque and now it is Pierreís time to shine as a singles star. He was supposed to be back next month but heís decided to return sooner because he doesnít want to miss a big event like WrestleMania. In the next few weeks everyone is going to find out how ruthless heís become. Pierre then raises the cattle prod in the air. Lawler thinks this is great. He can't wait to see Pierre use that on guys like Bret Hart, The 123 Kid, Bob Backlund, Diesel, Razor and many other superstars. Pierre warned many stars that anyone that crosses him will have to deal with him and you know what Jean Pierre always gets his man. Pierre zaps his cattle prod(shock stick) warning the superstars as Lawler laughs away.

Backstage Owen Hart was furious and he's going to teach Bob Backlund a lesson he's never going to forget. Owen calls Backlund a coward for attacking him from behind. Owen has now decided that he will give Backlund a match but Backlundís going to have to wait. He will get his match but Owen said he will decide when it will take place and it will happen under his terms and conditions. Owen vows to humiliate Backlund and very soon we wonít be seeing this has been in the WWF again.

Lex Luger defeated Mable in a bodyslam match. This was a quick match. Mable missed a splash and Luger was able to slam Mable and wins the bodyslam match. Following the match Ted Dibiase got on the mic and praised Luger. Dibiase said tomorrow night on Wrestling Challenge, The British Bulldog will fail against King Kong Bundy.
WWF Wrestling Challenge | February 26 | 1995

IRS defeated a jobber

Adam Bomb defeated Jacob Blu

The British Bulldog defeated King Kong Bundy in a bodyslam match. Bulldog avoids The Avalanche and managed to slam Bundy to win the match. Luger came down to watch the match. Following the match, Luger was angry. Dibiase wasn't pleased with Bundy at all. This coming Monday, The Bulldog and Luger compete in a super pose down.

We hear pre-recorded comments from Jeff Jarrett who blames The 123 Kid for costing him and Road Dogg the opportunity of getting a tag team title shot at WrestleMania. Jarrett promises to get back at The 123 Kid. He canít believe that punk Kid had the audacity to mock his singing abilities. Jarrett then vows to put on an amazing performance in his singing debut this coming Monday on Raw.

Jim Ross interviewed Bob Backlund. Ross brings up Backlund's issues with Owen Hart. Bob accepts that the new generation is not his society but he believes that he's as good as most of the top stars in the WWF. He's proved that he can match them in the ring. At the Royal Rumble 93 when he returned at the age of 43. He lasted over an hour and that's a Rumble record. At the age of 44 he won the WWF Title again and at that point, Owen Hart didn't even win a title. Backlund thinks he still can go. He can give many stars a run for their money. Backlund then goes on a crazy rant on how Owen Hart cost him the opportunity of getting a tag team title shot at WrestleMania. He's been the WWF Champion before, a tag team champion but he's never been the Intercontinental champion. Now that heís got Owenís attention, he didnít care about what terms and conditions are for their match. Heís going to become the Intercontinental champion soon. You name it, anytime, anywhere, any place. Backlund said he'll even fight Owen in the Hart Family Dungeon if he had to. Backlund demands to know an answer from Owen very soon.

The Headshrinkers defeated The Heavenly Bodies. Following the match, Cornette fires The Heavenly Bodies and tells them he only has one team now and they will become the tag team champions at WrestleMania. The Heavenly Bodies ended up grabbing Cornette but Yokozuna and Hakushi made the save and put a beating on The Heavenly Bodies.

April 2 | Hartford Connecticut

Current Card
WWF Title Match | Bret Hart (c) vs Razor Ramon
Diesel vs Shawn Michaels
The British Bulldog vs Lex Luger
The Undertaker vs Bam Bam Bigelow
Tag Team Title Match: The Smoking Gunns (c) vs Yokozuna and Hakushi

WWF News
It looks like the plan is for Owen Hart to defend his Intercontinental title against Bob Backlund at WrestleMania. Expect to see some stipulations for this match. Plus Jeff Jarrett is set to take on The 123 Kid at WrestleMania. Expect to see an official confirmation of these matches on the next episode of Raw.

The WWF will soon start to air vignettes on Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Diana Hart Smith is expected to be involved in the storyline between The British Bulldog and Lex Luger. Expect to see her on WWF television soon.

The final Wrestling Challenge show will be on March 26, a week before WrestleMania XI. From there on the WWF will start to put on more bigger matches on Superstars.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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