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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

1. Ryan Slater vs. Core


2. The Gulak Campaign (Mr. Tofiga & Alexander James) vs. Rory Mondo & Latin Dragon


3. Rich Swann vs. Shane Strickland

Swann returns to CZW after seven months of absence. Damn good match, clearly carried by Swann and his swag, but Strickland did fine as well. Very athletic stuff, and this was only the chapter one of their feud. Strickland is a boy with potential, and wrestling Swann benefits him.


4. Greg Excellent vs. Drew Gulak


5. CZW World Tag Team Championship: 4-Loco (Azrieal & Bandido Jr.) © vs. The Nation of Intoxication (Devon Moore & Lucky tHURTeen)


6. Sami Callihan vs. Ruckus


7. CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship: AR Fox © vs. Alex Colon

Excellent match. AR Fox being awesome should be an established fact by now, heís having a tremendous year all around, but boy, Alex Colon is one of the standouts every time I watch CZW. That guy can work, Iím telling you.


8. CZW World Heavyweight Championship: MASADA © vs. Joker

Holy mother of Moses! One of the stiffest matches of the year, two tough wrestlers going ballistic on each other. Sheeeeeit, there was a big load of devastating headbuts, forearms and strikes. But of course, that would be a stupid reason for declaring this match good. The match was good because of smart, nice wrestling, and the post-match stuff was just pure awesomeness. Damn!


9. TANGLED WEB DEATHMATCH: DJ Hyde vs. Matt Tremont

Well, this was something else, Iím telliní ya, a peculiar and horrifying mix of regular CZW Ultraviolence, and shock wrestling, with few legit HOLY SHIT, and one SAVE HIM JESUS moment. I had very low expectations going into this, because their match from Redemption was disappointing, DJ Hyde is really bad, and Tremont is just an average deathmatch guy, I reckon. But boy, I was beyond shocked here, Iím still amazed how the hell they pulled it off, this is a serious deathmatch MOTYC. They never lost a beat, the pace was really great, the crowd fucking HATED Hyde, the storytelling was awesome, and the last 10 minutes seriously rocked. Tremont earned my respect for continuing the match after THAT spot, sheeeeeit, that was nasty! The match felt big, definitely, something like a bloodbath spectacle. It helped a lot, I guess, and the booking was great too, the right guy won. Fuck, DJ Hyde in a four star match? Well, color me fucking surprised!


The best CZW show Iíve seen, with two outstanding matches. Fox/Colon and the main event are a must-see stuff.

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