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Re: Mafia Awards 2012.

Best Overall Player- Magic
Best Town Player- Shep, Magic
Best Scum Player- Magic, CP
Best Inidivual Performance in a Game- Scrilla WF Mafia: The Escape (if he wins I won't feel bad about him beating me at the end)
Ethan619 award for Worst Individual Performance in a Game- Evo Stoners Mafia ("Let Magic Lead Town"). Scrilla in Stoners (Arrive. Scrill. Modkill. Leave.)
The Hiplop award for Best Host- Dan, Pez
The Breakfast Cereal award for Best Game- AKOK, WF Mafia, Jobbers
Best Mini Game- Any of Pez's
The BkB Hulk award for Worst Host- Striker
The Mike J Cab00se award for Worst Game- Transformers
The Magic award for Most Dedicated- I'm going with LC. She's in every game and always active. magic was gone for a little while
The AussieFan award for Best 'Bannee'- Rush (he was banned as a host I believe)
Biggest Sheep- Shepard or should I say Sheepard (Only so I could make this pun)
The Lawls award for future of mafia (best new player, had to have started after last years Christmas Mafia)- Doc Blue
Greatest Fake Claim- LC in Death Note (the unkillable person with like 5 other roles and when you lynch her someone else at random dies instead). Titanias fake claim of popular townie in Dynasty Warriors. Pez and his Slave PR in Justified Mafia
The sXe Maverick award for Worst Fake Claim- Skyfall in Avatar, Lawls in NFL Mafia. Scrilla's GOAT JOAT in Justified (could be wrong on the game).
The DREAM TEAM award for Best Scum Group- Stoners I guess
The Alcoholic award for Most Underrated Player- LAWLS
The IMPULSE Award for Biggest Troll-
The Faraday award for Mr. Activity- LC, Magic
Greatest Role- PR/JOAT in Sopranos (not just because I got it).
Best Role Usage in a Game- Whoever was the vote stealer in Dynasty Warrior Mafia (could have been me but I'm not sure)
Worst Role Usage in a Game- When I copped the miller in Monk Mafia
Best Manipulator- HoL, Faraday
Best Post Restriction- GOBBLE GOBBLE in Jobbers Mafia.
Biggest Tunneler- The Triad of CP, Pez, and Magic when playing together. LC and CP (not sure what else to call it but they should be nominated for some type of award together).
Best info faker- Scrilla
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