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Re: Mafia Awards 2012.

Best Overall Player - Shep, Magic, IMP
Best Town Player - Shep, Magic, Fap
Best Scum Player - Rush, IMP, CP
Best Individual Performance in a Game - IMP in Wire, Rush in Wildlife, Me fucking shit up in Twilight
Ethan619 award for Worst Individual Performance in a Game - Lawls in CN mafia
The Hiplop award for Best Host - MDP, Pez
The Breakfast Cereal award for Best Game - Hunger Games
Best Mini Game - Crono Trigger
The BkB Hulk award for Worst Host - Striker (it didn't finish)
The Mike J Cab00se award for Worst Game - Transformers (see above)
The Magic award for Most Dedicated - Magic
The AussieFan award for Best 'Bannee' - Fuck knows
Biggest Sheep - Shared award for most of the section
The Lawls award for future of mafia (best new player, had to have started after last years Christmas Mafia) - This tag has a curse on it so Big Man
Most Improved Player(has to be someone that started playing before 2012) - Fitz I guess?
Greatest Fake Claim - Fitz in Fallout NV I think?, I thought it was poor originally but he pulled it off and was pretty much confirmed in the eyes of some very good players
The sXe Maverick award for Worst Fake Claim - Skyfall's forensic voter
The DREAM TEAM award for Best Scum Group - Stoners
The Alcoholic award for Most Underrated Player - Chr1st0
The IMPULSE Award for Biggest Troll - IMP, Kenny
The Faraday award for Mr. Activity - Magic
Greatest Role - I think it was Fitz's rehab role in Scrilla's game?
Best Role Usage in a Game - Me fucking scum up in Twilight or me single handedly keeping town and myself in Hunger Games before naming the rest of the scum group before perishing and town still losing... (I genuinely can only really remember my own role usage )
Worst Role Usage in a Game - Lawls in CN mafia
Best Manipulator - Rush, Fap, CP
Best Post Restriction - Fitz's rehab role/pr, CP Rorschach diary pr (was that fake? I can't remember)
The RKO290 award for Biggest lurker - TKOK, Big Man, Tat (as scum)
The Postage award for Most Overrated - Probably wouldn't say anyone is overrated
Biggest Tunneler - sXe @ Lawls, Pez @ Jigsaw
Best info faker - Kenny (although 'Best' makes it sound like a good thing)

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