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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship with Mick Foley as Referee
The Rock vs John Cena vs C.M Punk with Paul Heyman & The Shield (Rollens, Ambrose, Reigns)
Winner: C.M Punk
Time: 46:34

Here the Big Three finally collide after months of anticipation, Punk defends his WWE Title against Chamber Winner John Cena & Rock getting his place after match after match with interference who had lost his rematch by DQ, after weeks of anger Triple H gave Punk the offer that if he beat HHH in a match he'd get involved in the title Match , he won & got his place but it was announced the same night that Mick Foley was Guest Referee. During the match Punk has Living Colour perform at his entrance as he enters with Paul Heyman & The Shield, Cena debuts a new shirt & Rock enters with the biggest pop of the night. Punk retains after the Shield gets removed from ringside but Kassius Ohno & Brad Maddox comes from the crowd & interfere while Foley is distracted by Heyman, they take out Rock then Punk gets the GTS on Rock & goes for the pin & Punk retains.

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show vs Ryback
Winner: Ryback
Time: 16:57

After Ryback made his final decision at Elimination Chamber, the focus on SD has been the two giants & when they will collide at WM, the match would have a huge stare down similar to Hogan vs Andre, its not the best technical wrestling match but its sure entertaining in ways, Big Show fails to pin Ryback after 3 chokeslams & 2 K.O Punishes, in the end Ryback gets Big Show in his solders & marches across the ring & connecting with the Shellshock, the crowd are in shock, Ryback goes for the pin, 1, 2, 3 Ryback is your new WHC, he puts his foot on Big Show & lifts the title in the air.

Sudden Death Rules
Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs The Undertaker with Paul Bearer
Winner: The Undertaker
Time: 26:31

When Triple H made his speech about WM claimed he wanted his rematch with Lesnar but as he asked for Lesnar to come to the ring the bell rang & the lights went off, & Undertaker appeared for the first time in over a year & had a stare down with HHH but HHH walked away & then Lesnar with Paul Heyman attacked Undertaker from behind & gave him a brutal F5. The week after that Brock & Heyman are in the ring cutting a promo but then the lights go out & Paul Bearer with several Druids are on the stage with other druids bringing down a casket fit for Brock, Heyman comes down to the ring with the lights still dim, he then warns Brock & Heyman of Undertaker out for revenge but then Brock makes the attack on Bearer & puts him in position for a Kimura Lock as he connects with it Heyman goes to check out the casket he opens it then suddenly a hand grabs Heyman by the throat & Undertaker steps out & connects with the chokeslam & Brock unsuccessfully doesn’t break Bearer’s arm but instead of trying it he goes for Undertaker to save Heyman after an attack from behind, Brock & Heyman make a run for it throw the crowd, Undertaker gives his Tombstone sign & points to the WM logo. The next week Triple H makes the match for WM but under Sudden Death Rules, since then every week its been mind games from both as Brock & Undertaker cant be there every week so Heyman & Bearer fill in by promos & mind games, Two weeks before WM, Brock & Undertaker are present & during the show Brock gets Undertaker down & throws him into a casket & puts it inside a Hearse, he then drives it outside the arena & Heyman has Bearer tied to a tree watching, Brock locks the doors of the Hearse & drives the Hearse right into a nearby river while he jumps out of the front seat before impact, this has everyone believe that Undertaker has gone but next week Heyman & Brock are in the ring talking about last week’s events & then the lights go out & Bearer magically appears in the ring & warns them that Undertaker will be at WM & will end the career of Brock Lesnar, Lesnar then attacks Bearer & connects with the Kimura Lock & this time break’s Bearer’s arm. During the match I would have Brock & Heyman out first then have Druids & Paul Bearer with a broken arm come out with a casket & then have Undertaker come out, The match wouldn’t go on as long as an hour since I wouldn’t enjoy it, only maybe 30 mins at most & make it a wee bit similar to Undertaker’s last match at WM where its more hardcore etc, I would have a point where its clear that Brock is going to lose like 3 mins before the end & have Heyman run away backstage while Undertaker gives the Tombstone to Brock, then when Undertaker wins the match have him put Brock into a casket & have the druids take it to the stage where it would be transported onto a Hearse with no driver & have it drive away.

Battle of the Luchadors
Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio
Winner: Sin Cara
Time: 16:25

While holding the Tag Titles Rey & Cara haven’t seen eye to eye in recent weeks, within 4 weeks after EC the heat finally breaks out as they lose the Tag Titles to Rhodescholars in their rematch, Rey who has had enough of Cara shakes his head at him in disappointment & goes backstage, this would be to give Cara cheered as a face & making things 50:50 instead of everyone cheering Rey, I weeks leading up to WM they wouldn’t attack each other but cost each other matches & build up hatred for each other, When the match happens, I would have Sin Cara win as the future & as the better man as he would need this win unlike Rey who’s career would be over at this point, they would shake hands walk to the back together then WWE makes the announcement that they’ve broken the world record of Most Masks worn at an event & then the fans cheer & throw their free Cara & Mysterio masks up in the air

Beard vs Mask with Dr Shelby as Guest Referee
Daniel Bryan with Pete Rose vs Kane with Charlie Sheen
Winner: Kane
Time: 8:11

Here would be a comedy match involving celebrities, After EC where TeamHellNo was officially no more, they go on for weeks about how much they hate each other, on a special edition of RAW where Pete Rose was a Guest & only 5 weeks to WM had meet D-Bryan, he told Rose about his hatred for Kane & how he should be Champ etc, Rose quickly bonds with D-Bryan & helps him interfere in Kane’s match costs him a title shot, the week after D-Bryan cuts a promo & calls out Kane by saying how he is more popular & how he had a celebrity on his side but then Charlie Sheen appears on the titantron & cuts a promo on D-Bryan, this pisses Bryan off he starts the No Chants then Kane comes from behind & gives him the chokeslam, from here on out they cut promos at each other with Dr Shelby getting involved trying to break things up right until WM., at a contract signing they both agreed to have the stipulation of either Kane losing his mask or Bryan losing his beard. The match would start with Dr Shelby in the ring & then D-Bryan coming out first with Pete Rose, following that would be Charlie Sheen with his own entrance with The Godfather music & Charlie’s angels, then Kane entering behind, the match would last about 6 mins & the ending with Kane picking up the victory, there D-Bryan tries to escape but its to no avail, Kane catches Bryan, straps him in the chair & he & Charlie Sheen shave his beard with Dr Shelby & Pete Rose watching with little emotion after that D-Bryan sits on the chair in the middle of the ring crying in embarrassment of these events, there Pete Rose awaits, he tries to hug it out but Kane picks him up for another Tombstone which connects, Dr Shelby comes face to face with Kane telling him off but Kane picks him up for a Tombstone which again connects, then Brodus Clay comes out with Cameron & Naomi & dance in the ring along with kids at front while D-Bryan sits on the chair crying.

Divas Championship
Eve vs AJ
Winner: AJ
Time: 6:42

Here would be a storyline for the divas which would be interesting for once, the two biggest divas currently in WWE competing at the Biggest Show of the Year for the Divas Championship, why not do this match, it would also get AJ to have her moment by winning the title in her home state (from what I believe) plus AJ seems to be WWE’s biggest diva right now.

Grudge Match
Randy Orton vs Sheamus
Winner: Randy Orton
Time: 12:11

After Orton’s heel turn at EC he & Sheamus have been neck & neck at each other, Orton has been causing havoc in SD & Sheamus challenges Orotn to a match at WM to gets his revenge & teach Orton a lesson of Respect. Orton would win to give Heel Orton momentum & have him dominate SD.

Unified Tag Team Championship
Rhodescholars vs The Usos vs Primetime Players vs TeamCoBro
Winner: The Usos
Time: 7:33

Just filler to get the Tag Titles on the PPV no longer than 6 mins, it would have someawesome Tag Action & have more people on the card

12 Men Ladder Match with Dolph's MITB On the Line
Dolph Ziggler vs Christian vs Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth vs Justin Gabreil vs Heath Slater vs Fandango vs Even Bourne vs Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Time: 17:54

After Ziggler loses is bet of beating Ryback at EC, Ziggler must put his MITB Briefcase on the line in a 12 men Ladder Match along with 11 other superstars, A good way to bring the match back to WM again & have a nice solid opener, Ziggler would retain & cash in later after WM.

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