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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Wyatt Family needs the vignettes as has been mentioned. Just Bray by himself - largely like the ones we've seen in NXT. The one he cut with Eli Cottonwood about killing his daddy was still the best, but wwe wouldn't go there unfortunately.

Kassius Ohno - Debut him as a mystery fan saving a beatdown out of the crowd like how Savio Vega and Steve Blackman debuted. This could be done a couple of ways. Either play off his real history with Antonio Cesaro, and 6-7 months from now Cesaro is a face and getting double/triple teamed only to have some crazy hobo looking fan rush the ring to make the save. Another idea would be to use a similar angle with Wade Barrett. He could be a former friend or rival from Wade's bare knuckle boxing days with Kassius the vagabond who traveled the world for the underground fight scene. He could sort of play the Sam Elliot role from Roadhouse, the old running buddy of Swayze's Dalton. But in the reverse of Ohno saving Cesaro and joining his old buddy, he could attack Barrett from the crowd, and Barret could look shocked, as if he'd seen a ghost.

Paige needs anti-diva vignettes, maybe made to look low budget filming ie hand held cam.

Richie Steamboat - Have him debut saving his father/sticking up for him. A heel starts bullying and clowning Ricky and he says he's long since retired and an old man etc but he feels like shit about being a coward about it so finally gets egged into a match. At the match Ricky is getting beat to a pulp until Richie jumps the railing. This is pretty much the same as the Ohno debut though, so it would have to be one or the other for maximum effect. I might actually favor this one for the emotional payoff, and have Ohno just debut as a mystery tag partner for Cesaro.

Corey Graves - not sure about his gimmick yet. NXT seems to be talking him up as a tattoo artist, which sorta sucks. I like him more as a combined Brad Pitt Fight Club character combined with the early Edge pre-debut promo's that is where Edge was more rage Graves would be more nihilistic, hedonistic bent.

It's crazy that this Edge promo is 15 years ago already. But it would be a killer rip-off for Graves, who's overall look would fit the role.
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