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Re: Mafia Awards 2012.

Best Overall Player - Shepard, Magic, Faraday
Best Town Player - Faraday, Shepard
Best Scum Player - Magic, IMP, CP
Best Individual Performance in a Game - IMP (The Wire) Rush (Stoners)
Ethan619 award for Worst Individual Performance in a Game - Ghetto Anthony (Wild West) sXe (Stoners)
The Hiplop award for Best Host - Faraday, Postage, HoL
The Breakfast Cereal award for Best Game - The Wire, Clash of Kings, Super Wildlife
Best Mini Game - Homeland Mini by Lawls, One of the Final Fantasies by Pez
The BkB Hulk award for Worst Host - Striker (Transformers) Kenny (Seinfeld)
The Mike J Cab00se award for Worst Game - Same as above
The Magic award for Most Dedicated - Magic, Shepard, DocBlue
The AussieFan award for Best 'Bannee' - Aussiefan, Es Eye
Biggest Sheep - TKOK
The Lawls award for future of mafia (best new player, had to have started after last years Christmas Mafia) - DocBlue, Big_Man, Fitz
Most Improved Player(has to be someone that started playing before 2012) - CP, Magic, Titania
Greatest Fake Claim - SL (Gossip Girl)
The sXe Maverick award for Worst Fake Claim - sXe
The DREAM TEAM award for Best Scum Group - Game of Thrones, Stoner, The Wire
The Alcoholic award for Most Underrated Player - Big_Man, christ0, Titania
The IMPULSE Award for Biggest Troll - IMP
The Faraday award for Mr. Activity - Magic, Shepard
Greatest Role - Serial Killer (Fifa Mafia)
Best Role Usage in a Game - Lawls (Lie Detector, Wild West Mafia) Rush (Stoner Mafia) CP (Public Enemies)
Worst Role Usage in a Game - Lawls (Vig, Cartoon Network Mafia)
Best Manipulator - Rush, Faraday, Magic
Best Post Restriction - Rush (NFL Mafia)
The RKO290 award for Biggest lurker - Lawls, Evolution, Big_Man
The Postage award for Most Overrated - scrilla
Biggest Tunneler - CP, Magic, Titania
Best info faker - Evolution, Jupes

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