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Re: How Would You Debut These Following Superstars?

Originally Posted by WTF352 View Post
Corey Graves

Bray Watt

Chris Hero

Richie Stemboat

Let's see.

Bray Wyatt: I would debut him with a re-shoot of his first debut vignette for FCW only by himself, then follow it up with his 3 or 4 NXT vignettes. After debuting I would have him and his family squash wrestlers for 9 months or so then give him a monster heel push to the world title and win it.

Chris Hero: I would have run a storyline with people being knocked out backstage and no one knowing who did it for a few months, and at the same time air a series of vignettes about everyone worrying because a natural disaster is coming to blow everyone away, and man with a red hood on sparring with a punching bag, with thunderous sound effects. Then I would have a maineventer get knocked out at the end of a show by the same red hooded man who removes the cloak and it's Kassius Ohno who proceeds to cut one of his epic, catch phrase laden promos about being the titan of the tko amd such.

Corey Graves: Either I would debut him in a CM Punk stable as his apprentice, or re-package him as a vampire in the Ascension and air vignettes to beckon their arrival.

Richie Steamboat: I would debut him in the rumble, introduced my his dad, and have him take out a few guys and then team with Kofi to take on Rhodes Scholars at Mania.

Paige: I would air a few vignettes like the ones she got before debuting in FCW about being the anti-diva and changing the face of women's wrestling forever.

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