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Re: Mafia Awards 2012.

Best Overall Player- Shepard, HoL, CP
Best Town Player- Shepard, Faraday, Hol
Best Scum Player- IMP, CP, Rush
Best Inidivual Performance in a Game- IMP in the Wire
Ethan619 award for Worst Individual Performance in a Game- sXe in stoner mafia
The Hiplop award for Best Host- faraday
The Breakfast Cereal award for Best Game- A GAME OF THRONES
Best Mini Game- homeland mini
The BkB Hulk award for Worst Host- BKB hulk
The Mike J Cab00se award for Worst Game- Striker's transformers game
The Magic award for Most Dedicated- shepard/doc
The AussieFan award for Best 'Bannee'- Aussiefan
Biggest Sheep- KENNY, SXE, MIKEY
The Lawls award for future of mafia (best new player, had to have started after last years Christmas Mafia)- docblue, bigman
Most Improved Player(has to be someone that started playing before 2012)- I vote for myself because I was robbed of best new comer last year.
Greatest Fake Claim- why did we add this? everyone gets fake claims now?
The sXe Maverick award for Worst Fake Claim- sxe all the time
The DREAM TEAM award for Best Scum Group- AGOT, Stoners, and WF Mafia
The Alcoholic award for Most Underrated Player- tat, chr1st0, big man
The IMPULSE Award for Biggest Troll- IMPULSE
The Faraday award for Mr. Activity- Magic
Greatest Role- the shit SL gave someone in his game where they could buy a bunch of things. was that even this year?
Best Role Usage in a Game- me getting GA lynched twice in one day phase with my lyncher role. CP in SL's game. Rush in stoner mafia
Worst Role Usage in a Game- lawls in cartoon mafia where he was the vig and managed to hit zero scum in like 9 phases.
Best Manipulator- Rush, Faraday, CP
Best Post Restriction- idk
The RKO290 award for Biggest lurker- tat
The Postage award for Most Overrated- myself
Biggest Tunneler- sxe
Best info faker- evolution

CP big man started playing in 2012. he can't win most improved.

Credit to the Big Chesz
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