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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by -Skullbone- View Post
Why is it that they have to live that rock star lifestyle outside of the E for you to believe in them?
Hey, sorry man, I just now saw this post or I would have replied sooner.

It's not that I want them to live that lifestyle, die young or be addicted to narcotics or anything like that. I just want pro-wrestlers to still appear larger-than-life (not in literal size). When they have Twitter accounts & talk about video games & stuff, it humanizes them a lot more & kills the suspension of disbelief for me. Yes, I know this is normal people going to work at their job to earn an income to support themselves financially but I don't want to constantly be beaten over the head with it. I want them to look like they're living a lifestyle that not many people get to live, like a rock star. The partying, the travel, the vices, everything.

Your rock star phrasing is very apt. I want wrestlers to be envied for their lives, like they're big stars & celebrities that people can sort of admire from afar. That kids look up to. No one wants to run into Superman at a grocery store. If these are just normal, everyday guys, just like the common person in the audience, why am I going to pay to watch them? It's a work & a big part of that work, maybe even a lost part of it, is not just the veil of kayfabe (which is gone) but that superstar mystique as well, like a comic book character. It should still be a lifestyle, not just a career. Pro-wrestling is a different beast altogether, it's not "just a job." So when WWE just turned into a First Name // Last Name company that looks like a college classroom full of clean cut frat preps on TV and it is a bunch of nerds talking about video games & shit when not on TV, where the hell is the all-encompassing envelopment into the story? The fans, even the marks have access to Twitter & WWE.com.

John Cena is a guy that wrestles in blue jean shorts, that wears a t-shirt & a baseball cap & tells horribly lame jokes. That is not a pro-wrestler, that is a sober guy in the bleachers at Wrigley Field on a weekday & he has been carrying the company for a decade. Even if he is jacked to the gills, he comes off as normal on television. Who wants to pay for normal?
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