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Mafia Awards 2012.

Mafia Awards 2012.

(sorry this is late I lost internet and then my laptop battery died. also had some summarys of the stuff that went on this year but that's on the old laptop. I think magic was doing something similar so maybe he can pick up the scraps)

Okay so you can nominate up to 3 people for an award (feel free to make a case for why you deserve something if you think you do). Then probably when maybe a week has passed or whenever Christmas mafia finishes so you have a chance to include that I'll tally stuff up and make a list for you to vote on. Seeing as christmas mafia technically did make some lists for last years awards I'll just count all the games from this Calendar year. So TV Mafia to this years Christmas game.

But yeah the awards list is as such:

Best Overall Player
Best Town Player
Best Scum Player
Best Inidivual Performance in a Game
Ethan619 award for Worst Individual Performance in a Game
The Hiplop award for Best Host
The Breakfast Cereal award for Best Game
Best Mini Game
The BkB Hulk award for Worst Host
The Mike J Cab00se award for Worst Game
The Magic award for Most Dedicated
The AussieFan award for Best 'Bannee'
Biggest Sheep
The Lawls award for future of mafia (best new player, had to have started after last years Christmas Mafia)
Most Improved Player(has to be someone that started playing before 2012)
Greatest Fake Claim
The sXe Maverick award for Worst Fake Claim
The DREAM TEAM award for Best Scum Group
The Alcoholic award for Most Underrated Player
The IMPULSE Award for Biggest Troll
The Faraday award for Mr. Activity
Greatest Role
Best Role Usage in a Game
Worst Role Usage in a Game
Best Manipulator
Best Post Restriction
The RKO290 award for Biggest lurker
The Postage award for Most Overrated
Biggest Tunneler
Best info faker

if you think any of them dont deserve to be on there then just dont nominate for them or something so i know which ,if any, to cut from the actual thing.
(i was gonna name all the awards but im lazy and it's kinda pointless)

List of Games this year:

Spoiler for big games:
TV Mafia (Rush/Kenny)
Batman Mafia (Pezley)
Gossip Girl Mafia (sXe)
Countries of the World Mafia (Alcoholic)
Breaking Bad Mafia (Lawls)
Metal Gear Solid Mafia (Shepard)
Fifa 12 Mafia (SL)
Game of Thrones Mafia (Faraday)
Marvel Movie Mafia (Pezley)
Simpsons Mafia (RIP BULK)
Wild West Mafia (CP)
Dragonball Z Mafia (Magic)
Death Note Mafia (HoL)
Bourne Mafia (big_man)
Stoner Mafia (Roy)
Movie Villain (sXe)
The Wire (Postage)
Justified (CamillePunk)
Misfits (FlashFlood)
WWE Jobbers (dan marino)
80's Action Movies (TKOK)
Hunger Games (Prons)
Kenshin Mafia (Pez)
Cartoon Network (Doc)
Transformers (Striker)
WF Mafia: The Escape (Rush)
Super Wildlife II (HoL)
Samurai Jack (KAEPERNICK)
Clash of Kings (Faraday)
Sopranos (Scrilla)
Dynasty Warriors (CP)
Seinfeld (Kenny)
Jigsaw (Skyfall)
Avatar (TKOK)
Twilight (Titania)
Fallout New Vegas (Pez/DocBlue)
WF Mafia (Magic)
NFL Mafia (Mikey Damage)

Spoiler for Minis:

Kingmaker Mini (Shepard)
Assassin in the Palace (Pez)
Nomination Mini (Big_Man)
Homeland (Lawls)
Final Fantasy 7 (Pezley)
Survivor: Redemption Island (Leeroy)
The Room (dan the marino)
Chrono Trigger (Pezley)
Pick your Power (Faraday)
Archer (Rush)
World Cup (big_man)
Final Fantasy 6 (Pez)
Shootout (DocBlue)
Nintendo (StraightEdged)
Psych (Pez)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Shepard)
???? (Roy)
Final Fantasy 9 (Pez)
Kickass (sXe)
White Flag (Rush)
Rebels in the Palace (Rush)
Public Enemies (LC)
Friends and Enemies (Kenny)
Jester (Kenny)
Final Fantasy X (Pez)
Jungle Anarchy (Rush)
Mayo Clinic (Fitz)
Mafia in Mafiaville (Faraday)
Clusterfuck (Sterling)
Texas Justice (Kenny)
Monster Mafia (dan marino)
Pick your Power redux (Fitz)
Hydra Mafia (faraday)
Unclean (Kenny)

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