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Re: WWF 1995: The New Generation

Thanks for the review, Iím glad you enjoyed the show.

This was the original card of WrestleMania XI

Allied Forces defeated Eli & Jacob Blu
- Razor Ramon beat Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett by DQ
- Undertaker pinned King Kong Bundy
- Bret Hart defeated Bob Backlund in an ďI QuitĒ Match
- Owen Hart & Yokozuna defeated the Smoking Gunns for the Tag Team Championship
- Federation Champion Diesel defeated Shawn Michaels
- Lawrence Taylor defeated Bam Bam Bigelow
Horrible show, just an awful booked card. Only 7 matches and the show was around 2 Ĺ hours, ended really early. 123 Kid, Hakushi, Sid should have wrestled. They had a limited roster but they could have still given us a really good show but they ended up giving us fans the worst WrestleMania ever. 1995 could have really been a good year but it was ruined by bad booking. Iíve only announced 5 matches so far and thatís already much much better than what they gave us in real life. Iíve still got to announce a few more later on and expect to see superstars such as Yokozuna, Hakushi, Owen Hart, The 123 Kid, Sycho Sid, Bob Backlund, Jeff Jarrett, Tatanka and many more competing on the show. Raw will be up in a few days.

WWF Wrestling Challenge | February 19 | 1995

Quick show results: Hakushi and Yokozuna defeated two jobbers, Adam Bomb defeated a jobber, Aldo Montoya defeated Mantaur, Jerry Lawler defeated Duke the Dumpster Droese.

Also on the show: Saturday Night's Main Event Report as Todd Petingill recapped the events from Saturday Night's Main Event and runs down the matches announced so far for WrestleMania. Todd then reveal the 10 teams competing tomorrow night on Raw in the tag team battle royal. The teams are Aldo Montoya and Bob Holly, Doink and Papa Shango, King Kong Bundy and IRS, The Headshrinkers, The Heavenly Bodies, Men on a Mission, Eli and Jacob Blu, Yokozuna and Hakushi, Bob Backlund and The 123 Kid, Jeff Jarrett and The Road Dogg.

A vignette is aired of Puerto Rican star Savio Vega who is coming soon to the WWF. After competing in several organisations, itís time for Savio to go to the big league and thatís the WWF. Savio explains the reason why heís coming to the WWF and thatís because of his good friend Razor Ramon, they go back a long way. Razor recommended him to come here and Savio canít wait to make an impact here in the WWF.

We hear pre-recorded comments from Jeff Jarrett and The Road Dogg. Jarrett boasts about his victory last night at Saturday Night's Main Event. Jarrett then talks about the battle royal tomorrow night. Not only will they eliminate Bob Backlund and The 123 Kid from the battle royal, but Jarrett promises victory tomorrow night. Him and Road Dogg will win the battle royal and will go on to WrestleMania to become the tag team champions. Jarrett also announced that next week on Raw will be the singing debut of Double J. His singing career will take off and everyone will see why they call him the world's greatest singer, the world's greatest wrestler and the world's greatest entertainer. Road Dogg then finishes the promo by saying "Ain't we great"!

We hear pre-recorded comments from Bob Backlund and The 123 Kid. The 123 Kid says tomorrow night they get the chance to get back at the arragont, motor mouth from music city Double J and his side kick The Road Dogg. 123 Kid promises to eliminate them from the battle royal. Bob Backlund says he may have lost last night but the biggest loser was Owen Hart who proved to be a quitter. Last night Jeff Jarrett was lucky to survive the chickenwing but tomorrow night there will be no escape for him or Road Dogg. Backlund's goal is to become a champion again and by winning the battle royal he will get that opportunity at WrestleMania. Kid says there are a lot of top teams in that match but him and Bob Backlund can do it, they're going to win it tomorrow night.

Jim Ross interviewed Lex Luger and Ted Dibiase. Ted Dibiase is very pleased with his Corporation, they were so dominant at Saturday Night's Main Event. Lex talks about how powerful he is and at WrestleMania he's going to embarrass The British Bulldog. The British Bulldog came down to interrupt. Bulldog will be facing the undefeated Henry Godwinn tomorrow night on Raw. Bulldog says his team may have lost last night but when he faces Luger one on one at WrestleMania it will be The Bulldog who will be victorious. Lex has a smirk on his face and proposes a series of contests over the next few weeks that will take place on Superstars, Wrestling Challenge and Raw. Thatís if The Bulldog is man enough to accept. Bulldog accepts the challenge, he never backs down from any challenge. Lex states that the first contest will be a bodyslam match, the second contest will be a super posedown and the third contest will be an arm wrestling match. Bulldog tells Luger to bring it on. Lex explains that in the bodyslam challenge, they will not be facing each other. Next week on Superstars, he(Luger) will face Mable in a bodyslam match. Luger brags about being the only man to slam the great Yokozuna so Mable will just be an easy challenge.

Ted Dibiase tells The Bulldog that next week on Wrestling Challenge, The Bulldog will face The Corporation's King Kong Bundy in a bodyslam match. Bulldog accepts the challenge. Dibiase says he knows that Bulldog has an advantage here over Luger because Mable is heavier than Bundy. However he could have paid off Yokozuna whoís the largest man in the WWF but heís decided to stick with his man King Kong Bundy. Bundy's gonna crush him. There is no way that Bulldog can slam Bundy then what chance would he have against Yokozuna or Mable who are bigger than Bundy. Dibiase and Luger start laughing. Bulldog tells them no matter what challenges heís going to go through heís going to make sure he delivers. Not only will he slam King Kong Bundy, heís going to humiliate Luger in the other contests. Dibiase says weíll see about that. Bulldog flexes his muscles and taunts Luger as Dibiase and Luger leave the ring.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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