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Re: Christmas Mafia 2012 Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by MILA KUNIS' CHRISTMAS EYES View Post
if i'm honest sXe also going after evo using my exact reasons is why i'm leaning town on Evo now
I think sXe is playing well and I completely agree with his read on Evo.

Originally Posted by Jolly Ol' St.Tkok. View Post
Lawls' role still seems odd to me. Never seen a bus driver who ca essetially make someone bp. plus Drivers can be 50/50
For crying out loud TKOK, Lawls said that so scum wouldn't kill him. Why are you being so dense, like the way Evo was earlier, hanging on to the belief that feature is actually part of his role? I'm not thinking you're scum because of this since I can see you thinking this as town though I expect more from him.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Wait, chr1st0 got to choose who to protect for 3 phases upon his death? So maybe he waited until Roger claimed info and chose Roger, and that's why Roger survived Magic's lynch switch?
I hadn't thought of that. That makes a lot of sense. In that case, the Vig definitely shouldn't shoot at Roger. He should shoot at Evo, Jig, or Taylor imo.

Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post
is tat alive? y/n?
I was just talking to you earlier so this question surprises me. Why do you ask?

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
There's nine from that list I cast scum light upon, with five of them definite accusations. Ain't no splinters in my ass. I know I'm not a good town player so I don't pretend to have great reads on people, but it's where I'm at.

You want me to go after someone? Okay, then I'll go for Titania. Posts an over-the-top town-Titania-like post to get it noticed that she's behaving according to her town meta, then OMGUS votes me for drawing attention to it, but then stops posting like that.

Why would an admittedly poor player like me have such an influence on a good player like herself? I expect a response to say it has had no influence, and that she thought my terrible reasoning was scummy. But really? I always have terrible reasoning. I use it to get a response out of people and I got one out of her.

Odd. Very odd.
Anark, I'm not sure why you think you're a poor player and I'm a good player but you have to stop with all of that. I haven't seen enough of you in this section yet to know what you're capable of and I'm not as good of a player as you seem to think I am. I saw you mention that in Magic's game along with the idea that I could twist you around my pinki finger and it made me laugh. You were town in that game so you saying the same thing in this game and those reads you just posted makes me think you might be town. You need to post more so that picture can become clearer.

My head is actually throbbing right now. I think it's from reading so many posts. Anyway, I post according to how I feel like posting and in reaction to what's said in thread. I don't think sXe-like posts is a tell for me either way since it's not something I've done regularly as either alignment. I wanted to get involved early in this game and get others involved so I quoted a lot of players since it's easier for me to get a read on someone if I interact with them rather than just observe what they have to say. Also, of course, the content of people's post will affect whether I'll be quoting them or not.

I voted you because I'm a defensive player. If I feel like scum is coming after me, I go after them. I did it to Magic last game on Day 2 (we were both town) because I refuse to be an easy lynch. To be an easy lynch is anti-town behavior so I fight lynches really hard.

I stopped doing long quotes because I got tired. The activity in this game is crazy high and in the beginning I had the energy to keep up and interact with everyone via questioning them. Now I don't have the energy. I'm sure when I wake up in the morning this game will have exploded again as it did last night for me so if I'm still alive I'll just skim it and react to what I've read but it ain't going to be a long multi-quote because it's mind-numbing to have to read through a ton of posts, esp. today's day phase.

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