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Re: Christmas Mafia 2012 Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by Lawlsmas View Post
its not bussing because I'm TOWN ben
I find that extremely difficult to believe, Steven. Your claim, your choice of actions, your vanishing when heat was applied. SUSPECT.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
sXe tunneling Evo hard.

Read the thread for my suspicions of him. Lift your game Camille, I know you're lost without mod protection or bickering with Croft.

Originally Posted by HoHoHovolution View Post
Errmargherd I can't do this anymore, you will literally not stop over-analyzing things looking for something that's not there. Mentioning three names in literally ONE post does not constitute "pushing them", not sure why you're so attached to that. I've offered way more in the last phase in terms of posting than any of the names that I was supposedly "pushing" on so why are you still making the same argument that it's scummy for me to of done that when I am doing the same thing when I'm not?

You're ignoring the fact I was the one pushing on Lawls probably the hardest day 1 and a lot of people (yourself included) criticised me for it, hardly "subtle bussing".

Leave me alone plz, I'm not going to get into a petty back and forth with you all game. Pick someone else or come back to me when you have something worthwhile.
Here come the cracks. You spouted on, hypocritically, about some players and have offered no justification as to why. You flip flop around with your fluff for a few posts, and then decide to put a vote onto Magic to just "see what happens."

Everyone was pushing on Lawls Day 1, and given his woeful night actions, I'd assume that would have continued Day 2 had Roger and his awful fake claim not provided a huge distraction to the cause.

Originally Posted by Jolly Ol' St.Tkok. View Post
I'd let AJ ride my fence.

Not really sure what to make of SXE getting tunnel vision of Evo.
Tunnel vision? He's the top of my suspected list for now. NOTHING he has posted has swayed my thoughts to him being (bad) town.

Originally Posted by Jolly Ol' St.Tkok. View Post
If SXE is scum it ought to be outed sooner or later. iirc his defense falls apart. that may just be me remembering his last game though.
Fuck you guy
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