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Re: Christmas Mafia 2012 Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by sXe_JOY~! View Post

He avoided it because he claims mayor. How did you survive the redirected lynch?

There is need for them. If you say there isn't then they're obviously effecting your mental state.

No, you were pushing them for being inactive, lying low, popping up when phases end, whilst doing the exact same thing yourself. When given heat on this, you ducked the issue and posted fluff. Now that more pressure has been applied, you're starting the bitchy defence of "oh I wasn't pushing moreso mentioning etc" nonsense that achieves nothing and makes you look even scummier.

Subtle bussing of Lawls is noted. Everyone is suspect of him so you going on about it from nowhere isn't exactly a ground breaking discovery.

Boring you? Scum buddies couldn't come up with a good enough reason for you to come up with? If you weren't posting such pointless fluff and would actually contribute, rather than being a hypocritical hazard, then my opinion could be swayed.
Errmargherd I can't do this anymore, you will literally not stop over-analyzing things looking for something that's not there. Mentioning three names in literally ONE post does not constitute "pushing them", not sure why you're so attached to that. I've offered way more in the last phase in terms of posting than any of the names that I was supposedly "pushing" on so why are you still making the same argument that it's scummy for me to of done that when I am doing the same thing when I'm not?

You're ignoring the fact I was the one pushing on Lawls probably the hardest day 1 and a lot of people (yourself included) criticised me for it, hardly "subtle bussing".

Leave me alone plz, I'm not going to get into a petty back and forth with you all game. Pick someone else or come back to me when you have something worthwhile.
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