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Re: Christmas Mafia 2012 Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by sXe_JOY~! View Post
You were pushing on Lawls, TKOK and Big_Man (possibly others) for popping in and out, appearing after day ends etc, yet did the exact same thing yourself. Very hypocritical.

Yes, someone is going to come on out and sacrifice themselves just to confirm Lawls' role usage

Yet you're a willing supporter of doing the exact same thing with Magic. Where is the logic in that, Evo? Yeah, there is none and you're just being a selfish misguided hypocrite once more.

You have posted nothing that has swayed my opinion on you, and your counter to my line of query is abysmal.

Share it as opposed to beating around the bush. Stalling tactics and masking reads is detrimental to town's progress. Lift your game, son.

Because you're a fake?

Keep on Evo. Pile enough pressure on him, and see if he cracks tomorrow. He's probably counting on the 'gone to bed' tactic to try and rescue some strategy in his QT. He's playing his usual scum meta, and the cracks are starting to appear.
First of all, ditch the shitty hyperbole and metaphors there is no need for them. Secondly I wasn't pushing on them perse, moreso mentioning them so it would be noted. I didn't exactly vote any of them for it and given the Lawls debacle the day before I thought it was note-worthy. Also given that he had a relatively non-existant presence today as well I'd say that's scummy given how active he was day 1.

You're determined to vote me and it's boring me. You're probably town just chosen the wrong person to target. Continue with it if you want but it's pretty easy to defend given I haven't actually done anything wrong.
Originally Posted by Alcoholic View Post
Haven't played in months, still get the permascum treatment

Mr. Roger is clearly full of shit btw.

Oh and Mr. Rush, how about BENTEKE fucking you up at Anfield?

Mr. Evo says he's not fluffing, which is true to an extent. The extent being he only started non-fluffing when he was called out on fluffing.

vote evo
This is an atrocious, nothing vote. Jumps out as one of the scummiest things of yesterday to me tbh.
Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post
I also need to stop making these damn phases center around me. happened last game with tat too, but that was obviously her fault (<--being sarcastic). it just wastes day phases and time, which I'm usually against.


CP- I think the way he buddy'd up with me in the beginning when roger revealed role info only to turn on me as soon as I voted him with clover came off as really fake and defensive. it's like he wanted to buddy with me so I wouldn't suspect him later down the road or potentially help him push mislynches and as soon as realized I wasn't really going with him he was on board for getting me lynched.

Evo- the way he pounced on my wagon and started pushing it after people started pushing him was really weird. he is usually a lot more broad in the way he plays too, never just focusing on one person which is what has done so far this game(as I think I'm the only he's pushed which isn't like him iirc. idk, maybe it's just from not playing for awhile, but he is definitely coming off scummy to me as well as the others that brought this up.

Nov- I agree with Rush with the way he said that nov was going for a mislynch without actually having to take the blame for it afterwards. And if Roger is in fact scum I guess it is something to look at it as he thought he could just as town as roger if I did flip scum, but for now I think he's town. his interactions with other players so far has made me think he's town, Doddsy in particular. I think doddsy is town too, his confusion regarding metas seems legit, although he shouldn't have to depend on them as I don't think he did before.

I'll look back on my wagon and try to analysis it properly and give my thoughts accordingly. hopefully I can pick up some good reads from it, although it will be harder to do as my play near the end was basically pushing for people to lynch me.
Might of been a while since you played with me (tehe) but yeah I usually focus on one person on day 1/2. You of all people should know this (you and Pez lol). But yeah, considering I've died by night 2 the last three games I've played I decided to fluff a bit. So sue me
Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post

fluff vote.

fluff vote.

lolz, you got plenty more. once again a fluff vote.

fluff vote.

she was the first person to question this info which is really strange to me, especially considering doc didn't do so. idk, that's something I would expect doc to do.

so you thought he was scummy and had no idea why he was voting me and yet still voted me?

just going to say Rush is pretty much confirmed town in my eyes.

you never add anything to your pushes. just like I said in the last game, where you were scum. you just push it without adding substance.

doddsy also comes in strong questioning the lynch and does so throughout the wagon. I'm not going to comment on all his posts, just say that his general feeling of wanting to accomplish something in day as well as actually questioning what was going on throughout the lynch. he was actually trying to do the logical thing throughout which makes me think he's town.


this made no sense. pretty sure he justified it as not wanting to lose to me as scum again or not wanting to fall for my scum tricks. this is what causes my irrational arrogant comments.

indeed, lawls picked weird as hell choices and I don't think he ever explained them. he kind of just hid in all of my wagon.

stealing thoughts.

how convenient, you never added substance.

apparently I missed lawls reasing.


I think rising is scum. Like I said, I believe he did what Rush accused Nov of doing with the whole pushing without taking the heat for the mislynch.

good on ya.

he could catch nothing. I do think you're town though. this level of questioning doesn't seem fake and you were pro-town throughout the wagon.


first of all, lol @ you saying I have an ego and yet still being one of those that add to it.

more importantly, you shouldn't judge players based on their ability as that's just WIFOM. people have bad games or they regress or they're just not into. whatever, that shouldn't indicate their alignment unless it's an actual meta. also my defense to this point was all logical and basically the things Rush has said recently, he had no info so I wasn't going to claim.

when people are 100% they make it blatantly obvious on here. people don't even try to hide things.

still without the substance. this is why it's hard to follow his wagons.


yes, although this was in response to doddsy. looking back on evo's play, it was actually more town than I remember. it doesn't help that people were just sheeping rush's thoughts when accusing him, especially sxe.

this where I said you were buddying me.

I also noticed you've been tunneling LC.

it was really weak info, which no one seemed to catch up on.

hinting at VT I guess or maybe just not using his role.

fitz just said this and sterling just agreed. he basically used fits to add substance for his wagon.

apparently it was the truth.

because of his meta and how people operate on here.

posts like this what makes me think you're town.

lol logic. the irony.


and this is what makes me think you're scum. you come off literally both ways on this wagon, but you honestly just seemed to be going for a lynch now that I think about it. maybe you are scum. you and doddsy also had an interaction somewhere here that made me think you were both town.

you don't even ever seem to consider that he could be faking info, which was weird throughout the wagon. although I don't think people did it as much when you used to play.

townish post again.

like I said, distancing yourself from the wagon until I voted you. but it made sense if you really did just think I was town and this was all a waste of time.

if Rush and I were scum together I doubt he would have done this. I know Rush is town, but I'm just saying, he would probably sacrifice me.

like I said then, you had no attack so I had nothing to defend against.


townish post.


Clover came off town on this wagon. he seemed to be figuring out what was actually going on and I do think he's legit just trying to scumhunt. good for him.

Big man=town. Adding relevant points instead of just fluff makes me think he's town of course, he's usually more of a coaster as scum.

jigsaw, like someone else said, was actually all over the place on this wagon. he's someone to look at.

yeah, this was after I voted him.


if those are still your reads, or if they have changed.then I want you to expand on them. the kaepernick one in particular.

yeah, this looked bad after you were being accused.

this was rush's thoughts summarized. the same thing that sxe was doing.

townish, but the fact you didn't actually do anything with the posts is suspect.would have looked better had you actually gone in depth as you used to do.

good post with solid points.


there was quite a big cap between lawls posts and this, but that's when everyone was getting off my wagon and just made people get back on. anyways, I know this isn't much as I didn't add much content to the multipost, but it did help me get some reads I think.


big man

unsure of:

nov(leaning town)
kenny(leaning scum)
taylor(leaning town)


This was a good post, glad Magic sees my play after reading back (something more of you should do). There was nothing wrong with my play at all, I was accused (rightly) of being fluffy which is hardly a crime given the amount of activity and my lack of time spent on the forum then when I was called out on it I offerec genuine thoughts and scum reads and people use that to further a wagon on me? Which way do you guys want it? Do you want me to continue to fluff and post nothing or actually post real thoughts because the real thoughts I posted just got me a surprisingly large amount of votes in very little time for quite weak reasoning.
Originally Posted by Roger Sterling View Post
So Magic is hammered and somehow avoids a lynch, and yet people are calling me scum...
Magic is probably town, Mayor seems like a town role (although I thought the role name Mayor meant you could stop a lynch not switch it on to someone) and I think you might be the one protected for three phases. That would make sense to me anyway.

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