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Re: Christmas Mafia 2012 Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Lol what a clusterfuck of a day. Didn't know 90% of this happened cause I was fucked out of mind last night.

Voted Magic at Roger's call before Magic defends himself:
Skyfall (1st to vote after Roger)

Abstained from voting Magic before he defended himself:


For Magic:
Skyfall (first to unvote Magic)
Doddsy (abstained)
Rush (unvoted, back to Evo to join sxe)
LC (abstaining again, but doesn't think Roger is faking, then wants a claim from Magic, wtf)

Against Magic:
SantaFitz (voted)
Roy (voted, later unvoted out of boredom) - then back on, then off, then on
Nov (voted)
Rising (voted)
Kenny (asked for claim)
Big Man (voted)
JigSaw (claims cop and votes Magic lol)
CamillePunk the GOAT (votes Magic after his shitty redirect onto him/me) - this was during Clover's non-wagon on me
Evo (voted)

Magic's wagon fizzles
Clover votes CP
Magic votes CP
Rush condones the CP wagon but stays on Evo
Evo votes Magic
Rush backs off Evo
Kenny votes Evo
Jigsaw votes Evo
Lawls votes Evo

JUPES jumps from Magic to lawls

Alco votes Evo
Clover jumps off me
JigSaw goes from Evo to Rush
Skyfall jumps from Magic to me


IMP says Magic reacted how he would, says Fitz is town for being productive instead of obstructive

Magic Wagon Two Electric Boogaloo
Jigsaw from Rush to Magic
Clover onto Magic
Mikey appears and votes Magic
Roy's boredom is cured and he jumps back on Magic
Mikey switches from Magic to Roger, what a twist :ass
Anark votes Magic
Doc from Magic to LC, then back to Magic
Roy's boredom comes back and he unvotes again
Mikey back to Magic
Ziggler onto Magic
Jupes onto Magic
Lawls onto Magic

Roy - for voting for Magic three different times in one hase wow
JigSaw for hopping between Magic and Evo and Rush
Skyfall - Hopped on and off Magic twice I believe and then onto me
Kenny - wanted a claim from Magic then followed people onto Evo and is now sheeping a read against me
Lawls - never answered why he would bus drive chr1st0 and Titania, jumped from Magic to Evo back to Magic
you made a list of all the votes which is great, but highly annoying considering a quoted probably over 30 posts while gathering reads and presenting them and I only got like two people to respond, one of which clearly didn't even read any of it. don't even know why I bothered considering this apparently all you had to do.

this list is good in a way that it shows how us people were voting, but in no way does it give us any context or reasoning for the votes(although there wasn't much for most of the votes, but context is key). You proved a little by showing what action caused the votes, but that still hardly reveals everything you need to know. oh well, my reads stand.

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