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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

Originally Posted by O10101 View Post
I see someone claiming to be "the future" and gaining support in that role...

I was just as impressive as this man, if not more so. I am the young superstar to lead this revolution, and I feel betrayed by the fact that role has instead been given to an undeserving man. Is this the enlightenment I have been fighting for?

Where is the respect that I deserve? I will not stand by and be cast aside by someone who has no place in front of me.

The war continues, and I am loyal to my cause, but I fear that blindness has been put upon me, and I fear that I may have to do something drastic to make a statement and let it be known that you shall not shoot a man of justice and enlightenment in the back.
Why the past tense "was"? You ARE as impressive a young superstar as there ever has been, O1.

You defeated Proc 27-22 last night... now he sits as Forum Champion. You mopped the floor with Helping Hand and defeated Daniel.Bryan clean. Something to prove? No, you have nothing prove. You want respect? You have had my respect since day one for having the courage to articulate the enlightenment that others have ignored.

As a result of having the most points of any worker on the TLC card and being the first to step up to the plate when nobody else had the courage to do so.... it looks to me that a World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble awaits you.

This is not about one role or one person... you know this, O1.

Have we ever mislead? We promised X-Bailey would get his receipt, and he did. We promised #3, he arrived. We promised Proc would be overthrown, and he was. We promised #4, he delivered in spades. You are loyal to the cause, we reciprocate that loyalty.

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