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Re: WWE Forum championship presents - TLC

Originally Posted by netty View Post
AirTrouble is with Iluminati?What a poor guy...But I looking forward to Royal Rumble and our tag team match for our titles.
What about a gimmick match?We love to defend our titles in these types of matches.Maybe Steel Cage?...And Iluminati will not have control over this campany until one of you beat me 1 on 1
Originally Posted by Mclovin it View Post
Wow air trouble wow. You know I should be happy right now. I mean last night was just amazing for me. I mean lets see whah happened:

- Beat the forum champion once again proving that I can hang with and beat the best.
- Watched my tag team partner earn himself a forum championship shot
- The other half of the resistance in an epic tag match. Btw Gunner I am willing to do that too my allies guess what I can do to my foes?
- Earned my place in the royal rumble

But see something reall ticked my off. Airtrouble you are scum. You know what you are worse then Gunner was! See Gunner had no loyalty to Bailey but you were former tag team champions and friends. You stabbed your partner new guy in the back like a piece of cheap trash! But do you know what makes me more angry? That you did not even earn yourself a shot at the titles. I mean don't get me wrong you tried to worm your way in showing your true colors and robbing Rising force of their rightful shot.

So I have a lot of pent up rage which is going to help me because not only will me and netty beat rising force and send a message to you gunner and trouble, not only will I GO ON TO WIN THE ROYAL RUMBLE BUT THE ILLUMINATI WILL FALL.

Ah, yes. I had you all fooled, didn't I? See, I put up a front that I was siding with the Resistance, but in all reality I side with the Illuminati. Can't you see? All the real power lies with the Illuminati! El Dandy, ModernMyth, Gunner, and now I, the rising star of the company. I realized that to get anywhere in this company, I would side with the most powerful faction in this company. To my former tag team partner, I bid you adieu, and to the Resistance: good luck. You'll need it.

To RKO.Net (Mostly to RKO),

Yes, I stabbed my partner in the back. However, I did it to rise in the company. They offered me a position I couldn't refuse. To side with the most powerful men in this company, tell me you wouldn't do the same. The Illuminati is like Evolution, with El Dandy and ModernMyth representing Flair and HHH. Gunner and I representing Batista and Orton. Together, we will rule the FC. Oh, and the Rumble, it will be mine. Rko.net, and the rest of the Resistance, resist no longer, because the Illuminati is in full force.

On a side note, did I win my Rumble qualifying match? It seems like I did, but my name is not bolded in the beginning

1x Tag Team Champ (with Sonic Slash) as Air-Slash
1x Tag Team Champ (with New Guy) as New Trouble

Join the Forum Championship, a pay-per-view prediction contest!

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