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Re: Being The Booker

Christian/John Cena/Eric Bischoff Segment: The part with J.R. and The Coach recapping SummerSlam and the latest RAW news in the middle of this segment felt odd, but overall I felt this segment came together well and helps to build up some interesting possibilities. I’m expecting John Cena to be going to Smackdown! soon though, not getting another match with Christian, just feels like the right move for Cena at the moment. Hopefully Kurt Angle gets the win!

Mister Kennedy vs. Kurt Angle: This was done pretty well to make a scenario where there isn’t a #1 Contender, should be interesting to see what happens with Bischoff and Cena now.

Eric Bischoff/John Cena Segment: I liked the way this was handled as well, looks to be setting up an interesting show.

Deuce & Domino vs. The British Lions: Nice match here and good to see the Lions working well again. I’m guessing there will be a vote to see who Straight Edge faces off against at Cyber Sunday.

Kelly Kelly & Kurt Angle Segment: This was a good Angle promo in my opinion, great intensity and it looks like Angle wants to focus on the gold though I doubt Rey Mysterio thinks their feud is over with.

Cyber Sunday Promo: Yay Cyber Sunday! Only three weeks of shows away!

Maria vs. Beth Phoenix: Nice filler squash match here. Hopefully Beth Phoenix gets a solid match at a PPV soon.

Edge Contract Signing Segment: Good segment that was short and sweet. I loved the commentary by J.R. and The Coach in this segment. I also loved Arn Anderson in this promo, great persona. I’m guessing John Cena will be the first jumping to Smackdown! to get a fresh start? If so, hopefully we don’t get another Orton vs. Cena match for a while, I’d rather see someone else take the belt of Orton. I could definitely see Umaga jumping to get a fresh start as well. Hmm…Rey Mysterio jumping would break up the Angle/Mysterio feud for now if aren’t continuing it. Maybe someone who got knocked out by Umaga like Shawn Michaels as a shocker? AND GORE! GORE!!! GORE!!!!!!! Those are my guesses .

Shelton Benjamin vs. Ken Doane: Interesting match...I wonder what is going to happen here. I was expecting Hardy to be focusing on the gold, but instead he’s continuing his feud with Benjamin. Should be interesting to see what happens with The Brotherhood.

X-Pac & Tyson Tomko vs. The Angels of Anarchy: Nice showing here for the Angels of Anarchy. I can’t wait to see what your plans are for them in the WWE.

Brent Albright/Charlie Haas/Eric Bischoff Promo: Nice little filler to establish Albright and Haas as overly—cocky. Also a nice little threat at the end.

Christian/Umage Video: Glad that you are milking Christian’s upset victory over Umaga.

Mister Kennedy Promo: This was a good old fashion Kennedy promo here, good stuff, nothing much more to say.

Master Craftsmen/Angels of Anarchy Promo: Great way to give some highlight to the tag team division. This episode is definitely helping to push and rebuild the tag team division on RAW, setting up for whatever you got planned for them.

John Cena/Eric Bischoff Segment: As I was guessing before Arn Anderson showed up, Cena jumps to Smackdown! Seemed like the most logical choice at this point for him, but it should be interesting what you do with him, I think you are probably the best booker with Cena. Hopefully he still will have to climb up the ranks for a while before he gets a title match. (Or maybe Eric will fire Cena before he joins Smackdown! so he can’t compete for 2 years…)

Mister Kennedy vs. Kurt Angle: Haha! Funny stuff with The Miz getting the Ankle Lock on the outside. Cena interfering was a shocker to me, but it gives Cena a nice edge before making the jump to Smackdown! (if he actually is doing so) and maybe setting up a Cena vs. Kennedy match for the future? Anyways very happy to see Kurt Angle win this. Rey Mysterio’s attack at the end was great for showing Mysterio isn’t done with Angle yet, as expected, and now who knows what the main event of Cyber Sunday will look like…Kennedy…Cena…Angle…Mysterio…anything could happen! Heck, Umaga might be showing up in the main event to wreak havoc! Please, oh please, more Coach’s Playas Club, please!

Playas Club: I thought the interaction between Coach and Regal was great. It build up Cody Rhodes challenge very well, but I guess Regal will lose the belt now? Hopefully not. =)

William Regal vs. Cody Rhodes: I thought the whole Dustin dynamic here was done very well. Glad to see Regal retain the belt…hopefully we get Regal vs. Finlay before the belt is dropped!!!!!!! =b

East Coast Boys: WOO WOO WOO! YOU KNOW IT!

Masters Craftsmen vs. Christian: Haha, over the top action here. Just pure sugar fueled madness with all the attacks and Kurt Angle ripping the mask, and the handicap match that followed! As I guessed, Umaga shows up to wreak havoc! (Or extend it rather…) BANZAI DROP! YEAH! *Does the Brock Lesnar-guy taunt.*

Good showed overall, really loved all the madness at the end because it completely throws the whole Cyber Sunday build up into whack and it should be very interesting to see what happens from this point on in the next two weeks of shows to see how things are set up for Cyber Sunday.

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