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Re: WWE 2010

Monday Night RAW 12th April, 2010

O2 Arena, London, England

We see the usual Raw opening credits before King & Cole welcome us to Raw live in London! They run down the huge card for tonight, where we'll see a United States Championship match, the Colons' return to in-ring action, Shane McMahon announcing his Extreme Rules representative, an eight-man tag match featuring the participants in the tag title match at Extreme Rules, a Fatal 4-Way match between four NXT rookies, and much more; all here tonight on Raw!


The newly reformed team of the Colon Brothers get a good pop as they make their way down to the ring for their tag match against John Morrison and a mystery partner. They look pretty confident, but a factor that they will need to look out for is Morrison's devious girlfriend, Melina.


Morrison and Melina make their way out to the ring, Morrison wearing long white and gold tights; just like he did in his old MNM days, and Melina is wearing a similar colour scheme for her attire, with a skimpy white and gold mini-dress. She runs her hand down his chest suggestively, before they share a long and passionate kiss and…


Heat for Morrison's partner, Curt Hawkins, as he comes out, hugs Melina and shakes Morrison's hand, before the three make their way down to the ring together.

Match 1 - The Colons vs John Morrison & Curt Hawkins w/ Melina

… Carlito charges at Hawkins in the corner, but Melina trips him up from the outside! Primo gets off the apron and decides to go after Melina, but she slaps him in the face! Primo is livid now, and he chases her around the ring, but a fan holds out a lead pipe, which Melina uses to cave Primo's skull in! The referee was concentrating on the in-ring action, and didn't see it! Primo is knocked out cold on the outside, Melina helps the fan over the barricade, and we now see that it's Tyler Reks! Morrison & Melina have recruited another member to their band of misfits! Hawkins grins and tags Morrison in, who charges at Carlito, who reverses and whips him into the corner, where he hits the referee! Carlito realizes the predicament he has got himself into, as Reks and Hawkins make their way into the ring. Carlito tries to attack them head on, but he is hit in the back of the head with the ring bell by Melina! Reks picks him up into an Argentine rack position, and Morrison runs in and nails a version of his old finisher, the Moonlight Drive, as Carlito is sent careening towards the canvas. Hawkins leaps off the top rope with the Heat-Seeking Elbow for a finishing touch. The ref is still out, and Morrison goes over to Melina and unzips her dress to a massive pop… to reveal a cut-off referee's top and black mini-skirt! The cheers turn to full-on boos now, as the plan has come together, and Morrison pins Carlito, with Reks holding his legs and Hawkins holding his arms; providing no means of kick-out even if there was a fair chance…


Winners - John Morrison & Curt Hawkins

Raw's newest stable stands tall over the still out cold Carlito, all smiles as we head backstage where The Hart Dynasty are standing around with Air Boom. They seem to be talking strategy ahead of their eight-man tag match later tonight, when Smith is hit with the huge ham-like fist of The Big Show, knocking him out! Kingston tries to fight Show with a dropkick, but he is caught, and then thrown through a locker room door! Kidd & Bourne don't need any more convincing, as they run, wanting to preserve themselves for their match later on, but Big Show may have just eliminated half of his opposition later tonight.

The screen is fully black to start off with...

Voiceover: In the beginning, God created man.

We now see a busy footpath with several people hurrying along...

Voiceover: These amazing creatures were unlike any other seen before.

We see other, small, insignificant beings such as flies and tadpoles in comparison to humans...

Voiceover: But most were just ordinary men.

We see a man in his office, who hits the table, frustrated with his work...

Voiceover: Most were just ordinary, but there were some exceptions; extraordinary beings.

We see prominent human beings and achievements, such as Neil Armstrong, Theodore Roosevelt and James Cook…

Voiceover: But God wasn't finished. God then created one phenomenal being.

We see a wrestler hitting several big moves before holding up a championship on a turnbuckle.

Voiceover: God created - AJ Styles!

We can now see Styles' face, and he begins to speak.

AJ Styles: I am the 'Phenomenal' AJ Styles, and in two weeks at the WWE Draft, I am coming to the WWE.


The NXT number one rank, Michael Tarver, comes out from backstage ready to defend his rank in a four-way match here tonight. He looks confident, but he knows that if he loses this he could very well be gone from the WWE come Extreme Rules.


And now comes the man who was originally scheduled to take on Tarver at Main Event, Daniel Bryan. He is in pretty much the same position as Tarver is here tonight, as if he loses this, it could be the end at Extreme Rules.


Heath Miller, who isn't friends with either of these men, makes his way to the ring to attempt to escape the risk of elimination at Extreme Rules, and even climb into top rank.


The newly turned David Otunga also has the opportunity to stay face a little longer, as if he loses he'll be up for elimination in just under two weeks at Extreme Rules.

Match 2 - Michael Tarver (1) vs Daniel Bryan (2) vs Heath Miller (8) vs David Otunga (7)

… the four men are still fighting in pairs like they have all match, with Otunga fighting Tarver and Bryan fighting Miller. Miller brings a chair into the ring, but Bryan kicks him in the side of the ribs, causing him to drop it. He nails a few more kicks, before aiming a big roundhouse kick to the head, which Miller ducks, and Bryan spins all the way around into a jumping reverse STO from Miller! He makes the cover, looking to stamp his ticket to Main Event…



Otunga realises what was happening, and boots Miller in the head, breaking up the pin. Tarver is quick to capitalise on the distracted Otunga, and nails him with a reverse thrown powerslam that he calls Tarver's Lightning! This could be over…



Miller brings the steel chair over Tarver's back, again breaking up the cover. Tarver squirms in pain, while Miller hits Otunga over the head with the chair. He looks to hit him again, but Bryan jumps off a turnbuckle with a missile dropkick! He makes the cover…



Tarver dives with a double axe handle to the back of Bryan to break up the pin. Otunga is getting to his feet, and when Miller gets to his feet, he is hit with a steel chair to the gut followed by a DDT onto said chair! Miller rolls out of the ring in pain, while Tarver swings at Bryan for a Kill Shot but he ducks, so it hits Otunga instead! Bryan hits a big roundhouse kick to the head of Tarver, before locking in the LeBell Lock! Tarver struggles for a minute in the hold, before Miller pulls Bryan out of the ring and throws him into the barricade! He slides into the ring and hits Tarver with a snapmare driver! Miller falls into the pin, can he escape elimination…




Winner: Heath Miller

New rankings:

1. Heath Miller
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Wade Barrett
4. Paul Lloyd
5. Ryan Sheffield
6. Darren Sanford
7. David Otunga
8. Michael Tarver

And just like that, Heath Miller has escaped the elimination match at Extreme Rules and jumped into the NXT Showcase at the inaugural Main Event show against Daniel Bryan! Otunga bangs his hand against the floor as he is still in risk of elimination, but now he will face the task of attempting to defeat Michael Tarver. Bryan slides into the ring and Miller offers his hand. Bryan looks skeptical, as he knows that Miller will likely attack him, so he grabs the arm and locks his Main Event opponent into the LeBell Lock! Miller is tapping out like mad, but it doesn't matter, as Bryan keeps the hold locked in until he is convinced that he has got his point across, when he releases the hold. We cut to the outside, where Michael Tarver is viciously assaulting David Otunga with a chair! Tarver has snapped! Bryan comes out to stop him, but Tarver hits him in the skull too! Bryan drops like a sack o' potatoes, and Tarver drags his Extreme Rules opponent towards the announce table, turns him around… Tarver's Lightning through the announce table! The medics come down the ramp with a stretcher to try to take Otunga to the back, but Tarver attacks them as well, with a Kill Shot to one, who he then throws at the other medic, knocking them both down, before grabbing the stretcher and breaking it directly over Otunga's back! Tarver spits on the Harvard graduate's body to add the ultimate insult to injury before walking off backstage.



The WWE Tag Team Champions ShoMiz come out to heat with smirks on their face after Big Show destroyed David Hart Smith & Kofi Kingston backstage, eliminating half of their competition in tonight's match.


Their partners for tonight, and their opponents for Extreme Rules in two weeks, the newly named team of Shelton Benjamin and MVP, now called Dominion, make their way to the ring for their potential 4-on-2 match here tonight.


The trio of Tyson Kidd, Natalya and David Hart Smith come out, with Smith holding his head after the KO punch from Big Show, but the good news is that Smith will still be competing.


Evan Bourne comes out to cheers mixed in with some boos as he is partnerless after Kofi Kingston was thrown through a door by the Big Show earlier tonight.

4-on-3 Handicap match - ShowMiz & Dominion vs The Hart Dynasty & Evan Bourne

… The heels isolate Bourne in their corner, and he's taken a lot of damage thus far. Miz holds his boot up against Bourne's throat, choking him against the corner. The ref starts the count…





Miz backs away holding his hands up, but as Bourne starts to get up, Miz charges and nails him with his signature swinging corner clothesline, smirking at the crowd before sliding back into the ring and lining up for the Skull Crushing Finale, he hooks the arms… and Bourne uses his athleticism to put his legs up onto the top turnbuckle, and flips over, making Miz hit his head hard on the ground, releasing the hold. Bourne quickly makes the tag to Smith, who charges at Miz, hitting a clothesline, and then another! Smith picks Miz up for a running powerslam, and he nails it! Instead of going for the pin though, he lifts Miz up for more punishment, in a Bear Hug, setting up for the Hart Attack! Kidd springboards from the apron, but Miz rakes Smith's eyes, dropping down and causing Kidd to hit Smith instead! Kidd can't believe it, and Miz drops him with the Skull Crushing Finale before making the cover on Smith, placing his feet on the middle rope for leverage…




Winners: ShowMiz & The Dominion

Miz stole one for his team! Smith can't believe it, and he argues with Kidd, before getting hit in the side of the head with Big Show's huge right fist, for the second time tonight! Show is quick to grab Kidd around the throat, and lifts him up for the chokeslam… Trouble in Paradise! Show gets kicked in the side of the head by the man who he prevented from competing in this match tonight, Kofi Kingston! Show falls to his knees, and Kidd slips down, Drive-By Kick from MVP to Big Show! Benjamin then tries to dropkick Kidd, who grabs his legs, and then locks in the Sharpshooter! MVP tries to stop him, but he is met with Trouble in Paradise from Kingston, followed by Evan Bourne jumping off the top rope, Air Bourne to Porter! Kidd still has the Sharpshooter applied, but Miz sneaks up behind him, Skull Crushing Finale! Miz quickly scoots out of the ring before either member of Air Boom can get to him, keeping himself safe for his title defense later tonight and leaving the face team standing tall amidst a sea of bodies, staring down one of their six opponents in thirteen days at Extreme Rules. We cut backstage, where our backstage interviewer, Josh Matthews is standing by.

Josh Matthews: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Josh Matthews, and I'm standing by with the man who will tonight face the reigning WWE Champion, John Cena, he is the son of the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase!

Ted DiBiase: That was really horrible, Josh. I am a future WWE Champion, and I surely deserve a better introduction than that. Now be quiet, and I'll show you how its done. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Ted DiBiase. I was supposed to be interviewed by Josh Matthews here tonight, but frankly, he is unworthy to even speak to me. Tonight I have a match against the current WWE Champion, John Cena. Cena got lucky at WrestleMania when he beat Batista, but luck is something that won't help him tonight. Who knows, I may even face him again at Judgment Day if he gets lucky again, but no matter who wins inside the steel cage at Extreme Rules, I will beat them and do something that my father never could; win the WWE Championship.

Josh Matthews: But, Ted, Randy Orton -

Ted DiBiase: Did I say you could speak, Josh? I'm not stupid like all of these people here in London; I know that I will have to face Randy Orton at Extreme Rules. Just like John Cena, Randy got lucky at WrestleMania, but at Extreme Rules, there is no Cody Rhodes, Randy, its just me, you, and a street fight, and you and I both know that I will be the one going on to Judgment Day to fight for the WWE Championship.

DiBiase takes one last glare at the camera before we head to commercial.



The United States Champion comes out for his second match of the night, and he will be hoping for another win. Although he has already had a match, he may still have the advantage after his opponent, R-Truth was brutally attacked by John Morrison last week.


Truth's music plays, but nobody comes out. Miz looks confused, and the TitanTron cuts backstage where Tyler Reks has Truth up in an Argentine rack position, dropping him into a DDT, completing the Burning Hammer onto the cold hard concrete! Truth is out cold, and the camera swings to see Melina, John Morrison and Curt Hawkins laughing their asses off, before making their way to the ring, and it looks like Morrison is going to take Truth's place in this title match!


The heel faction make their way down to the ring, after having already cheated their way to a victory against The Colon's. The referee, Mike Chioda tries to stop the four from entering the ring, but Hawkins grabs him and throws him into the steel steps. A new referee comes out and rings the bell. It is confirmed by Michael Cole that this referee's name is Scott Dawson and this will be his first match refereed in the WWE.

Match 4 - United States Championship - John Morrison w/ Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks and Melina vs The Miz

… The fans don't know who to root for in this match, as they're both heels, but the reaction is slightly leaning towards cheers for Miz, who is lying in the corner, and Morrison looks to go for Starship Pain, but Miz rolls out of the way, leaving Morrison to crash and burn. Miz then hooks him up for the Skull Crushing Finale, and hits it! He goes for the cover…



Dawson stops the count with his hand just inches away from the canvas! The crowd erupts with boos, as Miz gets up looking furious, and tries to attack Dawson, turning his back on Morrison, who nails him with a low blow! Miz clutches his gonads from that shot, and the referee definitely saw it, but he's not doing anything about it! As Miz gets to his knees, Morrison charges and nails the Moonlight Drive! This has got to be it…


Winner, and the NEW United States Champion - John Morrison

Thanks to a fast count and some corrupt refereeing by Dawson, John Morrison is the United States Champion! The rest of the dastardly stable get into the ring to celebrate with the new champion and the rogue referee, and the five celebrate together, before R-Truth, Carlito and Primo run down for the attack. The two sides brawl with Melina quickly getting out of the ring to avoid being caught in the crossfire. The numbers advantage of Morrison's team soon catches up to Truth's team, with a four on three advantage even without Melina. Carlito gets laid out with a chair shot by Dawson, but Hawkins gets hit with a the Lie Detector from Truth, and another Puerto Rican-looking man that we haven't seen before charges down the ring to join the brawl on Truth's side. The battle lines have been drawn, with Morrison fighting with Truth, Reks fighting with Carlito, Hawkins fighting with Primo, and Dawson fighting with the newcomer. Referees come out and try to separate the two sides, as Bret Hart comes out…

Bret Hart: Whoa, you guys hold up! All of you need to calm down, and listen to what I have to say. I've booked you all in a huge eight-man tag match for Extreme Rules; John Morrison, Tyler Reks, Scott Dawson and Curt Hawkins vs. R-Truth, Carlito, Primo and the latest signing to the Raw roster, Epico! And in that match, if Truth's team wins, he will be the new United States Champion, Epico will be the number one contender to the all new X Division Championship, and the Colon's will be the number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships; whereas if Morrison's team wins, Hawkins & Reks will be the number one contenders to the tag titles, Dawson will be the number one contender to the X Division Championship, and Morrison will be the number one contender to another all new championship here in the WWE, the Global Championship. And one last thing; this match will be contested under Lethal Lockdown rules!

The crowd goes nuts for this announcement, as the Extreme Rules card looks amazing. Morrison doesn't really know what to think, as it could be a big opportunity for him to add another championship to his already extensive resumé, but on the other hand, he could lose his current United States Championship. The other seven men, however, look happy with their situation, as they all have a chance to win a championship. For Reks, Truth, Epico and Dawson, this could be their first championship in their careers, whereas Hawkins and the Colons have won tag championships before; the Colons together, and Hawkins with Zack Ryder. We also know that if Morrison wins, he will face TNA's final Global Champion, Rob Terry for the championship, and either Scott Dawson or Epico will face one of six people who will compete for the X Division Championship at Lockdown for the title. The two opposing sides stare down as we head to another vignette.

Voiceover: For years, he entertained the WWE Universe…

We see multiple Swanton Bombs from Jeff Hardy.

Voiceover: One of the most extreme Superstars in history…

We see the Swanton off the Raw set onto Randy Orton in 2008, followed by another Swanton off a ladder onto CM Punk at last year's SummerSlam, then a Whisper in the Wind from the top of a steel cage onto Edge and Matt Hardy at Unforgiven 2001.

Voiceover: A four-time Intercontinental Champion…

We see clips of his Intercontinental title wins against Triple H, Johnny Nitro (twice) and Umaga.

Voiceover: A two-time World Heavyweight Champion…

His World title victories last year against Edge and CM Punk…

Voiceover: And a former WWE Champion…

And the main event from 2008's Armageddon where he defeated Edge & Triple H…

Voiceover: And now…

Jeff celebrating one of many tag title victories with his brother Matt…

Voiceover: He's back!

Hardy doing his trademark pose on the turnbuckle as the following graphic appears on screen:

WWE Draft 2010!

Jack Swagger comes out in his wrestling gear to some respectable heat with his Money in the Bank briefcase that he will put on the line in under two days at Extreme Rules against Christian. He does his standard push-ups at the foot of the ramp before grabbing a microphone and getting into the ring. He smirks before raising the mic to his mouth...

Jack Swagger: Yeah, I know what you people here in London are thinking, you're thinking that Christian beat me last week; he has my number, right?

A resounding 'yes' from the London crowd...

Jack Swagger: Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but, uh, I kind of let him win. Why would I let him win, you might ask? Well, I'm a very giving person, and I decided to share a little of my spotlight with Christian, a man who hasn't had any spotlight at all over the past decade or so that he's been here. But sadly for him, and for you morons who cheer for him every single week, his 15 minutes of fame will be up, after I beat him to a pulp in our Falls Count Anywhere match at Extreme Rules. And just to reiterate that point for you idiots who are all too slow to understand, I'll issue an open challenge to anybody here tonight, either backstage or in the crowd. So, anybody got the balls to face the All-American American American Ameri-


The crowd pop big for Christian's interruption of Swagger's signature catchphrase, and it looks like we've got our main event from last week all over again! Swagger is fuming, but as Jerry Lawler points out, he now has the chance to show the world that he can in fact beat Christian. Captain Charisma smirks at his Extreme Rules opponent and gets up on the top turnbuckle to look for his peeps, but Swagger clocks him from behind with the Money in the Bank briefcase! Christian falls, and Swagger locks in the devastating ankle lock! Christian is screaming in pain, as his ankle is near broken. He grabs the bottom rope, but the match hasn't started, so Swagger can keep the hold in for as long as he likes! Christian slides under the bottom rope with Swagger still in the ring holding his ankle, and grabs a steel chair, unbenownst to Swagger, who pulls him back into the ring and locks it in even tighter! Christian tries to hop up onto his one good foot, which he does for a moment, and swings the chair, which hits Swagger right in the side of the head, causing him to let go of the hold, but the damage has already been done. Christian collapses into a heap before rolling out of the ring, where the medics attend to him, helping him up the ramp. Swagger smirks at his injured foe, and it appears that he may not have to defend his contract at Extreme Rules after all, as we head to commercial.



Shane McMahon, the man whose unknown representative will challenge for the RAW General Manager position against his sister Stephanie's representative, Triple H, who Pedigreed Shane last week on RAW, does his trademark 'Shane O'Shuffle' on the stage, before heading down the ramp, and into the ring.

Shane McMahon: And now, its time for the moment that you've all been waiting for, the moment where I, the man who will be the General Manager of RAW in two weeks, reveal who I have chosen to take on Triple H at Extreme Rules! Well, wait no longer, because my Extreme Rules representative is the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry!


Mark Henry walks out to a mixed reaction after not being seen for the past two weeks. He makes it maybe halfway down the ramp, before he is jumped from behind by Sheamus, who is wielding a lead pipe! Henry goes to ground, and Sheamus lays the boots to him, before rolling him up to the stage, where he lifts him up, and nails him with a Brogue Kick! He lifts Henry up once again, and tries to throw him off the stage, but he just catches himself. The big man turns around into a knee to the gut, and Sheamus lifts him into a crucifix position, and throws him off the stage through a production table with the High Cross! Henry is out cold, and Sheamus gets a mic...

Sheamus: Shane, I'm not done with Triple H, so ya better choose me as your new representative, or you'll end up like your old one down there; in a heap. Besides, who else are ya gonna choose? Its not like there's many people backstage who will want t' answer t' me.

Shane McMahon: Well, Sheamus, I've just seen what you can do first hand, and I'll tell you what I'll do. Next week on RAW, if Mark Henry has recovered from that attack, he will face you for the right to face Triple H at Extreme Rules. If not, well, you're the man for the job.

The two men shake hands, and Shane goes to pull away, but Sheamus pulls him back, staring him in the eye, and saying...

Sheamus: You better hope I win next week, because if I don't...

Shane does his father's trademark gulp as the handshake is broken, and Sheamus walks back up the ramp as we fade into an advertisement for TNA's final pay-per-view event, Lockdown, which will be aired just before Extreme Rules. The card looks like this:

Rob Van Dam vs James Storm - Steel Cage match for the numbers advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match

Homicide vs Brian Kendrick vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley - Xscape match to join the X Division Championship match

Kevin Nash vs Eric Young - Steel Cage Loser Leaves Town match

Kazarian vs Shannon Moore vs the winner of the Xscape match - Steel Cage match for the vacant X Division Championship

Team 3D vs The Band - St. Louis Street Fight Steel Cage Losers Leave Town match

Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson - Steel Cage match for the number one contendership to the TNA Heavyweight Championship

A.J. Styles vs D'Angelo Dinero - Steel Cage match for the TNA Heavyweight Championship

Team Hogan (Abyss, Rob Van Dam?, Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy) vs Team Flair (Robert Roode, James Storm?, Sting and Desmond Wolfe) - Lethal Lockdown match; if Team Flair wins, Hulk Hogan has to leave the company


And now its time for our main event of the evening, as Ted DiBiase will take on the man who he could possibly face in a WWE Championship match at Judgment Day, John Cena. DiBiase looks confident, but it won't be easy for him to win the match against the reigning Champion.


The Champion himself makes his way through the curtain, and he looks pumped tonight! He runs down the ramp, and throws his bright-ass orange shirt into the crowd, as well as his hat, making him look slightly less like a Fruity Pebble. He raises the prestigious title in DiBiase's face, before sliding it out of the ring, and waiting for the match to begin.

Match 5 - Ted DiBiase vs John Cena

… DiBiase charges, but Cena catches him with a drop-toe hold, and locks in the STF! DiBiase is struggling to get to the ropes, but they're just out of his reach; he's gonna have to tap out...


Cena releases the hold immediately, and beckons towards the entrance way for Batista to come and fight, but he doesn't seem to be coming. He turns around back to DiBiase, and is nailed by a steel chair by the Animal himself! The referee was slightly slower than Cena to turn around, so he didn't see it, and Batista quickly gets out of the ring as DiBiase makes the pin...



DiBiase nearly gets his head kicked clear off by Randy Orton, but luckily for him, he moves out of the way just in time, leaving Orton to just kick the air, and walk into a spinebuster from Batista! The Animal roars with adrenalin, but he then turns into an Attitude Adjustment from Cena! The Champ does the 'You Can't See Me' taunt to Batista, but DiBiase sneaks up from behind and nails Cena with Dream Street! He makes the cover...




Winner: Ted DiBiase

DiBiase has pinned the WWE Champion! He celebrates like he has actually just won the Championship itself, but he turns into an RKO from a livid Randy Orton! The Viper is in that place right now, and he lines up for the punt, but he is met with a kick to the gut from Batista, who lifts him up and then throws him back down onto DiBiase with a Batista Bomb! Cena, who has stood up, decides not to cheap shot Batista, and the show finishes with the image of the two men who will face off inside the Steel Cage in under two weeks staring down.


John Cena vs Batista - Steel Cage match - WWE Championship

Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker vs Kane - Triple Threat - World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase - Street Fight - #1 Contendership for WWE Championship

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio - TLC match - If Mysterio loses, he has to join the Straight-Edge Society

Jack Swagger vs Christian - Ladder match - Money in the Bank contract

Triple H vs Mark Henry/Sheamus - Tables match - Winner chooses the new RAW General Manager

Team Morrison (John Morrison, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks and Scott Dawson) vs Team Truth (R-Truth, Carlito, Primo and Epico) - Lethal Lockdown - US Championship

ShoMiz vs Hart Dynasty vs Air Boom vs Dominion - Four Corners - WWE Tag Team Championships

Michael Tarver vs David Otunga - Loser Leaves WWE

Wade Barrett vs Ryan Sheffield vs Darren Sanford vs Daniel Bryan vs Paul Lloyd vs Heath Miller - Battle Royal - Winner chooses any opponent to face on the main show


Sheamus and Mark Henry battle for the right to face Triple H this Sunday at Extreme Rules as Monday Night Raw is now posted!

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