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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

^^^ You should ask KingofKings/#PaulHeymanGuy/Best in the North Pole about the matches for nWo: Revolution, haha.

Originally Posted by Stocking Filled w/HAYLEY JOY~! View Post
It would have been a squash too until Henry came in. Austin would have worked hard. That's the only reason I can piece together as to why he'd come back vs Coach.

Melina vs Ashley from WM 23 type matches? That's zero, DUD, worst of the worst type wrestling. If I rated divas matches on looks then every match involving Maria Kanellis would be pretty high.

Yep. 4 1/2 minute match. Orton debuted the punt about 2 weeks before it. Shawn was "injured" kayfabe and legit so he was gonna leave. It was the match that jump started the Orton push. Purely a feud advancer. Same with Orton vs Cena from Unforgiven.

Vengeance was great. Other two, decent personified. They had a match on Smackdown following Vengeance that I think was pretty darn good too. iirc my favorite match from them was at NOC '08.
Yeah, that makes sense. But he should have probably won since Coach didn't really use any rub, certainly not in the replacement match. And they could've used Henry after DAT kayfabe injury from the Crossface (ha!) elsewhere to get him heat.

And yeah, that's sort of it. But the battle royale was not rated based on purely looks since the action itself didn't exactly put me to sleep which is always a good thing. But you have to realize, a ** rating is still pretty low in my system. I'm usually generous when it comes to these so a ** is nothing to be proud of.

I know about the Orton/Cena UNF match. Just when it was about to get going, Cena quickly got himself DQed and shit was over. Sucks their LMS No Mercy match was canceled. I think that could've been a classic. Although I'm more than satisfied with the HHH replacement.

I'll definitely check them out in the future. Hell, Vengeance and the Benoit tribute show are my last stops in my current yearly journeys before I go back and start from 97 until 2002. So I should catch a couple of the 'Tista/Edge matches.
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