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Re: Christmas Mafia 2012 Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by MILA KUNIS' CHRISTMAS EYES View Post
^^^ nail on the head. Swapping with no one makes no fucking sense at all. Hypothetically if i don't use a role tonight and you 'swapped yourself with no one' then it would mean you'd get targeted by my role which is ridiculous.

no it doesn't. Bus driver takes precedence.
From my experience roleblocking takes precedence. How do you think we killed you in that game, can't remember the name, where you were a town bus driver bus driving yourself to stay alive?

Originally Posted by sXe_JOY~! View Post
You make more complicated claims than even I, young Steven.

Meltdown is imminent. So much for the alledged 'future' of this section.


Lawls' play, to me at least, is jester like. He knows he is easily lynched, he knows if he annoys enough and claims stupid enough, he can get lynched, and thus 'win' the game. Vig the guy and be done with the distraction, or move on to another target.

Same as you, Evo, with a few hours grace between it occuring to avoid the suspicions. Ducked a line of questioning as well - scum diversion tactics, or just ignorance. Time will tell.
He isn't a jester. He would have claimed a role that would have been quickly CCed or made an effort to get himself lynched. I'm not sure if Dan would put a Jester in any of his games considering how much the section seems to look down on it. The Vig absolutely should not shoot Lawls because if he's scum he's likely an NK-Immune GF so the bullet won't go through or he'll busdrive himself with a strong townie and if he's town who knows who Lawls will drive himself with and knowing him he'll likely choose someone town, esp. since he's more likely to do that with this being such a large game.

Originally Posted by chr1st0 View Post
ehm, fake claims?

A leopard doesn't change his spots lawlsmas...

Why do they have to be both town or both scum?

Tat your posts of bigman, lawls and doc all being scum reminds me of evo in stoner.

Has Doddsy ever played before?

Someone said Stax seems suspiciously confidant that he will be alive day. He isn't generally an early target for scum anyway plus this is a 36 player game.

LC has been quiet, would be possibly worth a look tomorrow
:| That's a major insult Chr1st0. I think Lawls might actually be town now since Rush and Stax have mentioned that they don't have flavor either. Him acting like he can busdrive himself with no one seems like something a town Lawls would do in an attempt to stay alive. Seeing Kenny and Clover flip will help me with Doc's alignment. I'm not sure about Big Man. It seems like he's just disappeared.

Originally Posted by DocScrooge View Post
Why would you drive yourself? Nobody is going to shoot you, plus supposedly you can drive yourself with noone so there should be a 0/35 chance of you being killed right?
Yeah, Lawls, I highly doubt scum will bother killing you. You should use your role to protect a strong player that you have a town read on.

Originally Posted by JiGSaW View Post
It was turrible. You didn't add any insight to what was happening in the game and merely recapped what had happened, a very scummy post. I was pretty confident in you being scum at that point, but you seem to be posting more now and more doc-like posts, however, you seem a lot more aggressive now after being called out for shitty posting. IIRC you didn't get so aggressive back in the day. Interesting, definitely on my FoS list.

I don't understand why Lawls wasn't lynched yesterday, he claimed to be One Horse Open Sleigh right? u wot m8. People actually toying with the idea of him being Jester is laughable. Busdriver, no flavour, the shittiest character claim I've heard in a while, excessive use of smileys as of late and ridiculous defense. You better be scum Lawls. If not you really need to start trying.

Titania has been thinking a lot like me throughout this game and making good posts, but he's a really smart player so I can never trust him. Shame really.
Strange how you've both complimented and insulted me in this one sentence. If Lawls and Doc are town I reckon you're scum. You calling me "a really smart player" feels like buddying and fake.

Originally Posted by JiGSaW View Post
Yeah, well I've been lurking this thread because I hadn't been confirmed in so the post that caught my attention was posted a 2 days ago I think. It might have been that post but reading it again doesn't fit with my description. Maybe I'm just retarded...but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

I'm not getting what you are insinuating here. Just tell me if you're usually aggressive or not.

I forgot to multiquote Lawls post that was above

Anyway, I think I might need to re-read the whole thread, I skipped most of the posts involving Big_man, they didn't seem to have much merit but I guess they did If he said he also has no flavor then I believe Lawls. I doubt he would suicide for his idiot scum buddy. Especially if it's Lawls. Lawls hasn't been playing that scummy but his claim and defense (or lack of) is annoying.
Looks like a lot of backtracking here. If Lawls is town I think you and Evo are scum.

Originally Posted by MILA KUNIS' CHRISTMAS EYES View Post
I got no flavour at all. My character is fairly self explanatory but yeah, no flavour. And one would argue that its pretty easy to see the connection between a sleigh and the bus driver role. Use your brain for once in your life chief.
Why the hell didn't you say something earlier?

Originally Posted by ST. KAEPERNICK View Post
I have no flavor either.
And you as well. You guys have been most unhelpful. I concluded that Big Man and Lawls were the only ones without flavor since after asking like twice if anyone else has no flavor no one else came forth.

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
^^This stood out for me among all the recent back and forth bitching. An attempt to cast Titania in a town light while calling her a he to appear as if there has been no QT contact between them?

I don't know. I really don't. But it stood out to me. Also Titania never seems to be scum in games I've played. She's got to be due one. Terrible reasoning, I know, but picking through all the crap flying back and forth so far in this thread is hurting my brain.
His play so far and this post makes me think Anark is probably scum.

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Never played with him before I don't think. It's not always reliable because a smart player will know their own meta and possibly play up to it.

Titania, for example, always does massive multi-quote dissections of what's been going on, as town. So when she's scum it would make sense for her to do the exact same thing.

I thought maybe one or two of her posts were a little over the top in that regard, though that could possibly be me still emotionally scarred from sheeping her in a recent game when she got it completely wrong and I felt like a twat. I'm generally always very impressed with her efforts though and she can twist me round her little finger in this game, hence why I've developed a strong suspicion of her.
But even for a strong player it's not easy to make their town and scum metas identical. It's really challenging to do that if you're a strong town player who normally catches several scum because you won't be able to deliver with results as scum unless it's a multiscum game.

I actually don't always do massive multiquotes. My mood affects my playstyle quite a bit.

This feels like buddying.

Originally Posted by Ziggler Claus View Post
feel free to wagon me, I can prove my town alignment
Sounds extremely convenient.

Originally Posted by ST. KAEPERNICK View Post
Question, if you were bus driver, would you ask the mod if you could target one person and no one else? What would happen? No one asks that shit, NO ONE
Okay, Stax is town. I'd bet my life on it. This is town Stax.

Originally Posted by DocScrooge View Post
I didn't like Tat getting called out by Magic and then posting that huge multi-quote which wasn't particularly good although she's been getting pretty aggressive and riled up which has me second guessing
He didn't call me out.

Originally Posted by Deck the skyfalls View Post
jingre berr! jingre berr! jingre berr rock!

reasons to rynch rawrs:
1.) rying about no fravor
2.) bus driver, rots of time scum

reasons not to rynch rawrs:
1.) bus driver doesn't confirm he is scum
2.) he did craim so that's a prus to town (but it was on few votes, so he didn't need to).

on day 3, we shourd rook into rynching rawrs
Who are you supposed to be? All your reasons are weak.

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