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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Judgment Day Feedback

Definitely the right choice for the opener here with the Gauntlet match. Usually in these kinda matches I like to see the champion come in first and really have to go through hell to keep his title but the opening pairing was a good one with Benji and Bourne. Action was strong throughout, fast paced as expected and Benjamin really looked the stronger, every near fall seemed to be going his way and Bourneís win seemed like a bit of a surprise but itís a good one for him to notch under his belt. Knox out next made sense considering his recent interactions with Bourne and Iím glad you did really play that up in the opening bit between these two. Bourne actually looked a lot stronger during this one which surprised me as I expected the big man to dominate from the get go. Towards the end though you really portrayed Knox as just a ruthless S.O.B. Some brutal stuff and him even attacking Kelly showed just that, bit extreme I must say. Finishing him off with a diving leg drop, ouch. Hell of a statement from Knox with this one.

Here comes the champ!! Unsurprisingly quick start from Truth and this one was probably the most back and forth so far which was pleasing to see. End result was in a way disappointing as Knox had looked a beast against Bourne and then goes, however it did make sense for Truth to get at least one win in trying to retain his title. Ziggler next was a good call, Iíd have preferred him to come in early doors and be the kind of marathon man of this thing but he certainly impressed here, knocking off the champ is a big deal whether he wins the title or not, good rub for Dolph there. JoMo in next and no surprise that the action really picked up here, these two are as athletic as can be and some of the stuff was crazy, particularly that Zig Zag from the apron. Really pleased to see Dolph be the only man to knock off two wins on the bounce in this thing, wouldíve been disappointing if nobody did but you picked the right man to do it.

Hell of a way to finish this thing. Allowing Kofi and Ziggles to go out there and just go at it for the longest period in the match was a good call and there was some really enjoyable back and forth. Kofi winning the gold is huge for him and although I was rooting for Ziggler I think Kofi is a solid choice and you have a lot of options in the U.S division moving forward, good opener.

All I can say about this next match was thank fuck the Monarchy won. Endless potential for these guys moving forward, canít say the same for Cryme Tyme. Right call.

Punk retaining was the right decision here, a strong build is certainly needed for Punk at this point ahead of his cash in. Surprised to see Perkins get such a high profile match but certainly a good showcase for him and he didnít look out of place. Iíd be all for a Punk/Miz feud coming out of this.

I really thought you were just building to Phoenix vs Maryse for the unification match so was very surprised to see Melina involved and I wasnít a fan of it to be honest. I think if youíd have just gone straight up champion versus champion it wouldíve had a much bigger feel about it. Maryse coming out victorious was definitely the thing I wanted to see so I was pleased you opted for it.

Iím not a massive fan of the Inferno match stipulation, itís a bit strange due to it having a more Battle Royal like feel than actual wrestling. Wouldíve been a huge victory for Christian to score here and I really did think heíd pull it off. I donít think Kane in 2009 should really do anything other than put people over but if youíre high on him then itís understandable. Hopefully Christian can get the win back or both move on fairly quickly from this.

Edge/Show was a tricky one for me to call beforehand and even reading it I didnít know which way itíd go. No surprise that Show dominated a fair chunk of it and Iím pleased you had Vickie get involved although I expected it a lot sooner than it came. Knockout punch to Vickie?! Jesus lol. Iím sure it wouldíve gotten a HUGE pop, however much like Kelly earlier, itís a tad extreme, a Spear mightíve been a little less controversial. Big win for Edge and Iím a little surprised weíre gonna see Vickie and Show goneÖor are we lol.

This next one wouldíve been an awesome match I can imagine. I enjoyed Regalís use of the cage in this, such a Regal thing to do. Mysterio was strong throughout however as you displayed his heart and courage quite well. Mysterio really took control towards the end, however the ending was a little frustrating to me. Mysterio hits this huge move off the top, Regalís down and out and ReyÖdoesnít cover him, he tries to escape the cage. Why not just pin him? Makes Rey look a little silly I felt. Of course it backfires and itís a very cliffhanger esque finish now. Regal as champion is great, him and the Monarchy all wearing gold certainly makes them look a strong force while this mystery man has me guessing, no idea right now.

Orton/Taker was a strong contest and that didnít surprise me at all. These two tend to produce the goods and this was no different. Orton looked a lot stronger than I anticipated, especially in the early goings, really expected Taker to come out all guns blazing. Ending made sense with Legacy coming to the aid of the champion and although it was a little predictable it was certainly the right thing to do. Ortonís reign continues while Taker may well get another shot down the line. Good stuff.

Was chuffed you gave this the main event spot as I think itís been a lot more enjoyable than the WWE Championship feud. Early kind of Cena/Hardy teasing was nicely done, two top faces squaring off would no doubt be huge. Some clever stuff as we get to see all four doing battle with one another respectively, be it Matt and Jericho, Matt and Jeff going at it one more time, all cleverly worked. Wow, Mattís the champ!! Love it. I think heís been one of your best characters in the thread so far and Iím pleased youíve given him the ball to run with so to speak. I think 05/06 or 09 were the times to strike if ever for Matt so this doesnít seem out of place. A Matt/Cena feud would be great to see coming out of this I think, would do wonders to establish Matt as both a top guy and a champion.

On the whole a solid PPV with a lot of strong booking. I wouldíve obviously preferred it in full but I can see why you did it in recap. Highlight for me was definitely the main event, it appeared to be the strongest match and Matt winning made it better for me. Orton/Taker still has legs I think and this mayíve been only the beginning while Iím looking forward to where the Monarchy goes from here as well as Kofiís U.S Title reign. A lot of positives to come from this, looking forward to your next stop, keep it up sir.
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