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Re: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) Match Card Predictions

I haven't even been watching the WWE but I thought I would have a go at predicting these match results just for a laugh. If I end up being right, it just shows how stupidly predictable the WWE is these days.

6 Man Tag Match - Shield vs Team Hell No and Ryback
Winner: Team Hell No and Ryback
Reason: Ryback probably won't lose for the 3rd straight PPV in a row

World Heavy Weight Championship - Sheamus vs Big Show
Winner: Sheamus
Reason: It's no disqualification which means theres no possible way that Sheamus can get screwed or be at a disadvantage, therefore he needs to win to have any credibility.

Money in the Bank - John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner: Dolph Zigger
Reason: You wouldn't think the WWE would have the audacity to piss fans off by having Cena take Ziggler's MITB title shot. That being said, there is no way Cena is losing cleanly, so expect some kind of interference or screwy finish. Maybe an AJ heel turn?

Intercontinental Championship - Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barret
Winner: Wade Barret
Reason: They are probably trying to build Wade Barrett back up, so it makes sense that he'll win the Intercontinental Championship at some point.

United States Championship Tables Match - Cesaro vs R Truth
Winner: Cesaro
Reason: The WWE have made it clear they don't give a shit about R Truth, so why would they have him beat one of their 'new stars'?

Tag Team Tables Match - Rey & Sin Cara vs Rhode Scholars
Winner: Rhode Scholars
Reason: The WWE don't care about Rey or Sin Cara, this is just another chance for them to try and give credibly to one of their flavour of the month tag teams.

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