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'It's Still Real To Us' Comedy Web Series about wrestling fans

As lifelong wrestling fans we thought it'd be interesting to make a web series about wrestling fans in which we play exaggerated versions of ourselves. This is meant as a pilot for a possible future series.

I think we learnt a lot while making this about what worked and what didn't. I personally think we concentrated a little to much on the story and not enough on making sure it was funny and this is something I'd like to change in future. We'll be making short sketches featuring the characters to try to fine tune the formula before we try to make a possible full series.

I thought I'd post it here because it'd be good to get opinions from other wrestling fans about what you like or don't like about it so any comments would be appreciated.
'It's Still Real To Us' and is about Mikey, Harry and "Naitch" 3 lifelong wrestling fans raised in the era of attitude who attend their school reunion hoping to see Dan, another die hard wrestling fan friend of theirs who they lost touch with after school. When they get there however they find that he has grown up into another corperate stooge and married Nikki, his bosses daughter who hates the boys and doesn't allow Dan to watch professional wrestling as she thinks it's immature and for idiots.

The show is full of wrestling references and jokes some obvious others more obscure and we think fellow fans of wrestling will like it. We recently held a local premiere for the show which was attended by a mixer of both fans and non fans of wrestling and everybody seemed to enjoy it!
PART 1 The boys play WWF No Mercy on the nintendo 64, get a surprise visit from the Shockmaster and head out to their school reunion!

PART 2 The boys arrive at their school reunion, meet a John Cena fan and finally find Dan...and his wife Nikki!

PART 3 In the epic finale, Harry learns the truth about Dan, Mikey has a confrontation with Mr Hickenbottom and the boys get down Too Cool style!

Creators of The WrestleManiacs the comedy web series about 3 wrestling fans raised in the era of attitude!

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