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Re: WCW 2002: The Return

Just finished reading all your shows and i really enjoyed them.

Superbrawl review:
-Good way to start the show with the video and then the opener between Raven and DDP with the ending setting up a tag team feud. I am interested to see what is in store for Raven and DDP in your BTB, big fan of both.
-Very good cruiserweight title match. Giving AJ and Daniels nearly 20 minutes is a good way to let them impress fans and show them what they can do. I liked the ending as it continues the feud and it was too early to take the title off Daniels.
-I thought RVD and Rey were going to win the tag team titles so was a surprise when Perfectly Buff won the titles. Is good to see your BTB featuring quite a few managers so far like Heenan. I am a fan of managers in wrestling and is something i think the current product is lacking.
-Good win for Sting over Jarrett and i am sure Sting will be one of the big names in your WCW so looking forward to seeing what you have in store for Sting.
-Didn't expect much from Flair/Bischoff but i was surprised with how you wrote it. Made it more interesting and the beatdown after the match was great with Flair aligning with the X Factor.
-Was looking forward to seeing how you would play out Savage vs Goldberg but i liked that with the no contest this feud can continue. This feud was too big to be a one off ppv match and it looks set to be one of your big feuds over the next few months.
-I didn't expect Hogan to lose this match but i am not complaining, can see Hogan vs Steiner being built up for a big title match.
-Really good main event. Was too early for Rhino to win the title and Steiner is a good choice as champion. The post match events were interesting. Chris Jericho being revealed is great and i don't think he is the only one of X Factor making the jump from the WWF/WWE.

Enjoyed Superbrawl and and all your Nitro's so far. Will be keeping up with this BTB
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