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Re: Official Puro Results/Spoilers Discussion Thread (BEWARE OF THE SPOILERS)

Okada's had the best 2012 of anyone on the roster. The argument that he's faced all the top guys isn't really valid either. He's only main evented a PPV with Tanahashi and Goto. Anderson too if you count the G1 Final. Plus he was the star of his 2nd match with Tanahashi and his matches with Naito. This isn't a guy who's benefited from working with some of the best workers going. He IS one of the best workers going.

Tanahashi retaining isn't an option. It just isn't. He's faced everyone for the belt in the last 2 years and Okada has all the momentum. The great thing about New Japan is that they're logical so I'm confident the right finish will happen. I've said this a few times now but the possibilities for an Okada title run throughout 2013 are so exciting. Rubber match with Naito when he comes back. Title match with Nakamura and Anderson to develop their great little matches they had this year. Okada/Makabe in Ryoguku could be great if Makabe brings it. Okada/Suzuki and Okada/Nagata are less likely but would rule if they did happen.

CHAOS don't need to split. I like the stability that the New Japan roster has, even with their stables. Great thing about New Japan (another great thing) is they can do heel vs heel and it'll get over with their crowds because of how great the roster is. Okada/Nakamura from G1 for example. Both worked as heels the crowd was great for it. Japanese crowds that react are great because they'll just pick a side and go with it. Nakamura and Okada are heels if you like but they'll still get massive pops in the right environment. I'd love more Nakamura/MiSu matches. Singles or tags. I can only imagine how fun a CHAOS/Suzuki-Gun tour would be. Especially the multi man tags with Suzuki/Yano, Suzuki/Nakamura, Suzuki/Ishii, TAKA/Yano, etc. MiSU needs to move away from Makabe/Nagata/Kojima now and that'd be perfect to fill the gap.

If they do well enough then they'll definitely get a title shot sooner rather than later. Depends how well their singles matches go first though. I'd rather keep them as a team though and challenge Goto/Anderson after WK.
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