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Re: What was the last movie you watched?

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
Just as a general question, does anyone else go through genre phases? Like, when I was little, I loved horror movies & comedy movies. Nowadays, I think those are my two least favorite genres.

Action movies are hit or miss for me too. Original Die Hard or The Road Warrior? Yeah, OK, those are obviously great. New shit that just has explosions? Not so much.

I think my favorite genre lately has been dramas.
I don't think it's a phase, but now that I'm "older & wiser" I tend to enjoy more types of genres from movies. Specifically dramas or more thought provoking type deals. When I was young it was much like you, comedy & horror. Those still remain with me. Which is why I have The Cabin in the Woods as my favorite film of the year. I've grown more when it comes to movies. More than I'd say any form of a phases comes through. I have phases more with wrestling at what currently comes off as more appealing than I do with what type of movie I'd say I like to see.

Action movies never spoke to me pardon the exceptions. The would either have to be Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 which also have a GREAT story mixed in, along with being brilliant movies in total, or Transformers which is really stylized, sci-fi level + nostalgic fun. I never cared for Die Hard or any other real "manly" type of action type of film. I always lose interest half way through. Except for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. That was good.

I'm pretty open to most types of movies. Action, to me, seems to have the least amount of depth for me to become personally involved.

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