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re: TantruM Presents: WWE 2007 - Rejuvenating Nostalgia

~Okay so this is me posting SmackDown! but it isn't fully ready yet I may edit it later so sorry if it looks kind of weird at places or matches aren't added to cards and stuff. I'll edit it when I wake up tomorrow but I really wanted to just put it up today. Thank you guys!


Friday Night SmackDown! – April 6th, 2007
Memorial Coliseum; Fort Wayne, IN

The first edition of SmackDown! since Wrestlemania kicks off just as Raw did earlier this week, highlighting the spectacle’s main points of interest. It shows Kane defeating The Great Khali which hadn’t been done in such a way before, we see Rey Mysterio defeat MVP for the first time to claim the United States Championship, but most importantly we see The Undertaker continue the streak by narrowly beating out The Animal, Batista, for the World Heavyweight Championship in an unforgettable confrontation. We enter the Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne for the first SmackDown! since ‘mania, and boy is it electric. The camera pans around the crowd as pyro is also set off, showing fans cheering, some with signs, mainly focused on Wrestlemania’s World Heavyweight Championship match, saying “R.I.P Batista”, “The Streak Lives”, and “The Animal has been leashed”. We are then taken to Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield who introduce themselves and talk a bit about last night’s matches, and especially how pissed they believe Batista is after losing his coveted title that he loved like a newborn child.

The aftermath edition of SmackDown! is kicked off with none other than “The Animal” himself, Dave Batista, walking down to the ring in jeans, one of his superstar t-shirts, sneakers, and of course, sunglasses. The former World Heavyweight Champion goes on to say how he is fully dressed, but feels naked. He doesn’t feel complete without his championship belt either on his shoulder, in his hands, or around his waist. Batista says that he will stop at nothing to get his title back, and he wants his rematch, and he wants it TONIGHT. This brings out General Manager Theodore Long who says that the championship match that Batista wants will happen, and it in fact WILL happen tonight! The crowd goes absolutely ape shit as they know that in the main event of tonight’s show they will see two of the biggest behemoths in the WWE today duke it out once more with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Batista smiles happily as we fade to a commercial.

Back from the break and in tonight’s first bout we take a look at two superstars that were in last week’s Money in the Bank ladder match. King Booker takes on Mr. Kennedy in a singles match, with Booker claiming the win rather cleanly with a book end. Kennedy of course wasn’t too happy with the loss since he had been losing rather rapidly the past few weeks and at Wrestlemania. Is Ken Kennedy in a slump, or has he just lost it? Booker celebrates dramatically as he is just happy to have a win, especially over Mr. Kennedy whom wasn’t his favorite coming out of MITB.

We now go backstage where Josh Mathews is standing by with Rey Mysterio. In the interview Rey seems really upbeat and excited, and looks genuinely happy to be the United States Champion. He says that it was a privilege to get to perform in front of thousands of WWE fans in attendance and not to forget the WWE universe watching at home. The interview is interrupted by MVP who says he wants the United States title back under his grasp. Montel somewhat bullies Mysterio which you could tell Rey didn’t like at all. MVP finishes the segment by claiming that he will get the United States Championship back, and Rey better believe it. He then walks away by plowing his shoulder and arm into Mysterio’s in a somewhat high-school-type bullying manner with a smirk bigger than Big Show.

We go back to the ring as we see Kane come out from backstage to his normal entrance, turnbuckle pyro and all, and says that his win at Wrestlemania really proved something. It proved that he was not only the biggest and baddest competitor in the WWE, but it proved that he could beat anyone. After all, he did take down The Great Khali, a gigantic beast standing over 7 feet tall and over 300 pounds. He says that he is in the prime of his life right now and he’s feeling better than ever, to sum it up. He says that nobody in the WWE is worthy enough to have the privilege of facing him. Mid-speech, CM Punk’s music starts playing as he comes out on stage. Punk basically says that he has a match scheduled with Kane right now, and he is quite offended Kane would say such things because Punk claims he can kick Kane’s monstrous ass, which gets a huge pop from the crowd. This outrages Kane of course, but CM Punk runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, getting right at Kane without even removing his shirt, the referee calls for the bell to start that match even though it was basically already underway.

CM Punk and Kane went at it for a respectable, yet not too long, amount of time before CM Punk actually lived up to his smack talk. Kane was on the top rope going for his “vintage” (as Michael Cole would have to point out at some point) diving clothesline, when Punk managed to roll out of the ring, run around one corner towards the announce tables and run and slide back in. Punk was greeted with a clothesline in which CM Punk ducked under, turned around and lifted Kane up and nailed him with the Go To Sleep! 1, 2, 3, easy as that Kane is defeated by the straight edge superstar. Punk scrambles out of the ring, black hair flowing as the crowd goes nuts for the Chicago Made Punk. Kane uses the ropes nearest to the stage to sort of pull himself to his knees as he looks at Punk, breathing heavily, death and fire in his eyes, you can tell he wants revenge.

After the second match of the evening we cut backstage to see MVP walking down the hallway, stretching his arms and shrugging his shoulders intensely as he prepares for his match which will be right after the break. His mindset must be a little off now that he has lost his United States Championship to “the biggest little man” Rey Mysterio.

During/Towards the end of the commercial another promo featuring tickets for WWE Backlash are aired, showing moments from previous Backlashes over the years. WWE also reminds you Backlash can only be watched on WWE Pay-Per-View.

Back from the break we see MVP take on Jimmy Wang Yang in a jobbing matchup as Rey Mysterio does commentary. Mysterio talks more about the feeling he had when he won the Unite States Title and how it bettered his career that much for winning it at Wrestlemania for his first time. MVP however hit his famous Playmaker to end it. After the match however he would stand on the turnbuckles looking down at Mysterio, pointing at the U.S. Title which was on Rey’s shoulder, saying that it would soon be his. When will MVP get his rematch?

We now cut to Cole and Layfield for their thoughts on what had happened just then, and that MVP looks strong still, and the match last Sunday at Wrestlemania didn’t slow him down a bit. Michael Cole and JBL also somewhat talk about how backlash is coming up, and also give us a “Raw Rebound” segment just showing us some things happening on RAW including the main event last week where Edge turned on his former partner, in which we still don’t know why. John Bradshaw Layfield also reminds everyone to tune in this Monday at 9/8c on the USA Network.

Backstage we see Batista getting ready for his match later on tonight. Dave laces up his boots and then starts doing a stretch type movement with his legs, trying to prepare himself to face The Deadman for the 2nd time in less than a week. We then head to a commercial, don’t you just hate those?

We now have a tag team bout scheduled as Paul London & Brian Kendrick take on Jamie Noble and Shannon Moore. The match was mildly exciting, not blockbuster or anything. Jamie Noble and Shannon Moore pull out the victory via pinfall as Noble covered London. The match was only a few minutes long and the crowd seemed to be behind London and Kendrick more than Moore and Noble. There was a commercial break in the middle of the match.

We now go to Michael Cole and JBL who once more go over last Sunday, but this time it is only the World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and Undertaker. They go over how there will be a rematch tonight, and talk mainly about how Batista says he will do anything in his power to get the title back. As they talk, they head to the ring where Justin Roberts introduces the “WOOOOORLLLDD HEAVVVYWEIGHTTTT CHAAAMPIONSHIPPPPP” match which pumps the crowd into mayhem.

The World Heavyweight Championship match did not disappoint, it was extremely entertaining and was right up there with the Wrestlemania match. Unlike RAW, nothing too crazy happened in this main event. In the closing seconds Batista had Undertaker down after repeatedly punching him in the forehead, and he went to the corner as The Phenom got up … And Batista hit a thunderous spear heard around the arena! Batista went for the cover but couldn’t get it as The Undertaker showed his true resiliency. Batista looked up in frustration and went over to the ropes and started shaking them violently, stomping as he always does. He turned around and Undertaker sat up, the crowd now going crazy. Batista ran over to get him but Undertaker reaches up and grabbed Dave by the throat … He got up off the mat … He goes for the choke slam … Batista kicks Undertaker in the stomach while being lifted in the air for a choke slam! Batista threw Taker’s head between his legs and put his thumbs in the air for a Batista Bomb … Undertaker wrapped his arms around the legs of The Animal, and raised him up and back dropped him onto his chest! Undertaker turned around as Dave got up slowly and Undertaker kicked him in the sternum, getting him ready for a Tombstone Piledriver … Undertaker lifted Batista up … He stumbled over closer to the ropes … HE HIT IT! He dropped him! Undertaker went for the pin, 1 … 2 … Batista put his foot on the ropes … THE REFEREE DIDN’T SEE IT … 3! UNDERTAKER STOLE IT! The Undertaker pulled out the victory inadvertently “cheating” and Batista was still down. The Undertaker received his belt and Dave just lied against the ropes. Undertaker started to move up the ramp looking back, I don’t even think he knew Batista had his feet on the ropes. Dave now pulls himself up on the turnbuckles, now sitting on the canvas murmuring and looking as angry as ever, sweat pouring and spit slewing. The show ends with Undertaker exiting the arena into the darkness as we fade to black and the WWE logo is shown.


Quick Results:
King Booker (w/ Queen Sharmell) def. Mr. Kennedy via pinfall
CM Punk def. Kane via pinfall
MVP def. Jimmy Wang Yang via pinfall
Jamie Noble and Shannon Moore def. Paul London & Brian Kendrick via pinfall
The Undertaker def. Batista via pinfall


Date: April 29, 2012
Location: Philips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia
Official Theme: “There and Back Again” by Daughtry feat. Brent Smith

WWE Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. John CenaŠ

Grudge Match
Vince McMahon vs. Bobby Lashley

The rest of the card to be announced…


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