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Re: WCW 2002: The Return

World Championship Wrestling
Superbrawl 2002
Live from Toronto, Ontario Canada
Sunday, February 3, 2002

Video Package:
(Voice) Tonight is a night where some seek redemption
Footage of Hollywood Hogan’s return, Sting, Eric Bischoff
(Voice) While others seek revenge
Goldberg, Booker T, Ric Flair
(Voice) Tonight championships are on the line and new battle lines are drawn; only the best can walk out with all the glory, all the power, all the control.
Scott Steiner/Rhino, Daniels/Styles, Flair/Bischoff
(Voice) Tonight, the war wages on as WCW Presents Superbrawl.
The official theme for Superbrawl is “Happenstance” by Fozzy which plays as footage from WCW Nitro’s over the last few weeks continue to air.

The pyro goes off in the Air Canada Centre and Tony and Jerry Lawler are sitting at ringside.

(Tony) Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the number 1 wrestling franchise in the world, this is WCW and we welcome you to SUPERBRAWL. Tony Schiavone here are ringside, joining me is none other than the legendary Jerry Lawler.

(King) I can’t say enough how great it is to be the king, and tonight is no exception. WCW has been hot for the last several weeks as we’ve prepared for Superbrawl. Tonight will be an explosive pay-per-view.

(Tony) Let’s kick things off with Canadian Singer/Songwriter Ann Murray here to perform the national anthems.

Ann Murray sings the Star Spangled Banner and then O Canada as fans in Toronto sing along with her. After she’s finished she leaves the ring and the bell rings three times. David Penzer welcomes fans to Superbrawl and announces the opening contest.

“Self High-Five” plays and Diamond Dallas Page comes down to the ring with Kimberly Page.

Raven is introduced as he comes down to the ring for the first contest of Superbrawl.

Match One:
Diamond Dallas Page (w. Kimberly Page) vs. Raven
DDP and Raven lock up in the middle of the ring with a traditional collar/elbow tie up. Raven is backed into the corner and Slick Johnson orders Page to release the hold. Page lets go and they lock up again. This time Raven is the one with the advantage as he backs DDP into the ropes. Raven releases and nails Page with a chop across the chest. Raven follows up with an Irish whip into the ropes and slams into Page with a shoulder block. DDP goes down to the canvas and Raven waits for him to get onto a knee before kicking him hard in the mid section. The referee warns Raven as he backs off of DDP. Kimberly urges DDP to get back to his feet and Raven helps by pulling him up and ramming him head first into the turnbuckle pad repeatedly. Raven clotheslines Page to the outside of the ring. Raven follows his opponent to the outside of the ring and slams his head into the ring apron. Page attempts to battle back with a rake to the eyes of Raven and prepares to whip him into the ring post, but Raven counters and sends DDP head first into the ring post. Raven rolls into the ring to break the count then goes right back out to continue the assault on DDP. Kimberly attempts to get involved, but Raven pushes her out of the way and slams Page to the arena floor. He sits on Page and pounds him repeatedly with right hands then rolls him under the ropes. Raven pins Diamond Dallas in the ring for a 1...2...kickout. The match is forced to continue, but Raven continues to dominate Diamond Dallas Page. Diamond Dallas finally makes a bit of a comeback after Raven sends him into the ropes. Page ducks a clothesline and follows through with a DDT, but unfortunately Page can not follow up with a pin. Both men struggle to their feet and begin exchanging blows back and forth. Page gets the upper hand with a couple of upper cuts and follows up with a few kicks to the mid section. He clotheslines Raven to the canvas and poses for the fans in Toronto. DDP is about to go for the Diamond Cutter when Raven throws him into the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Kimberly gets in Raven’s face when she is grabbed from behind by Shane Douglas. DDP goes outside to save Kimberly, but is nailed by Raven. Raven hoists DDP onto his shoulder and rams his head into the ring post. Raven hits the Evenflow DDT on the outside then rolls Page into the ring. He follows up with another pinfall attempt and finally gets the 1...2...3.
Result: RAVEN wins via pinfall (8:36)

Following the match, Raven and Shane Douglas continue to attack Diamond Dallas Page. They double team him as Kimberly is handcuffed to the ropes. Raven goes outside the ring and grabs a metal garbage can. He cracks it against the skull of Diamond Dallas Page repeatedly until Page is busted wide open. Raven then follows up with another even flow to the canvas. Shane Douglas gets on Page and beats him senseless with rights across the side of his head. Raven and Douglas both use kendo sticks to beat down a helpless DDP. After several more moments of beating senseless Diamond Dallas Page, help finally comes in the form of Ron Killings. The Truth hits a spine buster on Douglas and follows up with a spinning heel kick on Raven. He drops Raven with a bulldog and both Raven and Shane Douglas leave the ring.

Mean Gene Interviews the Phenomenal AJ Styles

(Gene) Ladies and Gentleman, I’m standing a long side a young man who in just a few short moments could be walking out of Toronto as the New WCW Cruiserweight Champion. I’m talking about AJ Styles. Tonight is you’re opportunity to prove to the world why you are considered the Phenomenal One AJ.

(AJ) That’s right Mean Gene. I’ve been in WCW for a relatively short time, but I intend on being the biggest name to ever come out of this company and in order to do that I need to first beat Christopher Daniels and walk out the new Cruiserweight Champion. You know, when I was younger, one of the most influential wrestlers I watched was Ric Flair, and you know Gene just like I do that he had a little saying “To Be the Man You’ve Got to Beat the Man” well tonight I’m on my way to being the Man here in WCW, and nobody’s going to stop me.

(Gene) Well good luck to you AJ Styles. Let’s head back to the ring for our next contest.

David Penzer stands in the ring to make the announcements for the next WCW Superbrawl contest.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Phenomenal AJ Styles
The Phenomenal One comes out to the huge reaction from the fans and poses at the entrance way before starting to walk down to the ring, but his entrance is cut short as the Fallen Angel attacks him from behind in the aisle way. Daniels nails Styles with the Cruiserweight Championship then continues to beat the challenger down the aisle and into the ring. Charles Robinson finally calls for the match to start when Daniels gets in and starts choking AJ in the middle of the ring. Robinson is about to disqualify the champion when he finally releases the choke and backtalks some of the fans in the front row. Daniels drives an elbow across the chest of AJ and covers him in the middle of the ring for a two count. AJ kicks out and Daniels puts him back on the canvas and drops a knee into his chest. Daniels covers him again and AJ kicks out a second time. This time the champion sits AJ up and kicks him in the back of the head then follows up with a sleeper hold. Fans in Toronto start chanting “Let’s Go AJ” and the Phenomenal One fights to his feet. He elbows Daniels in the mid section three times before Daniels releases the hold. AJ then propels off the ropes and ducks under a clothesline attempt from Daniels. AJ follows through with a Pelee kick and Daniels lands on the ground. AJ pulls Daniels up and nails him with repeated knife edged chops until Daniels is backed into the corner. The Phenomenal One hoists Daniels on the top rope and follows through with a Hurricanrana off the top rope. Daniels rolls to the outside of the ring to recoup, but AJ spring boards off the ropes with a 450 on Daniels. Fans are really behind AJ as he and Daniels fight on the outside of the ring. AJ whips Daniels into the guard rail then jumps off the steps with a flying forearm right on Daniels. They get back in the ring and AJ scoops slams Daniels to the canvas. AJ hits a moonsault off of the ropes and lands on the champion. AJ covers Daniels for a 1...2...kickout. The match continues on with the challenger in complete control over the champion. Daniels crawls to the corner and attempts to use the ropes to get back to his feet, but AJ keeps on him and sends Daniels to the canvas with an Enzuigiri kick. AJ climbs the top rope, but is quickly meet by the champion who slams him with a vertical superplex off the top rope. Both men lay in the middle of the ring trying to recoup as the referee starts the 10 count. Daniels is the first to get up to a knee by 6, but AJ follows and they exchange rights back and forth on one knee before getting to a vertical base. Daniels nails AJ with an uppercut, but AJ comes right back with a knife edged chop. Daniels grabs AJ and sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Daniels pulls AJ away from the corner and whips him a second time into the ring post shoulder first, then slams him to the canvas. Daniels puts a hammer lock on AJ’s arm and applies pressure. AJ refuses to tap as Charles Robinson continually checks the hold and the challenger’s condition. AJ fights to his feet and then reverses the hammerlock. Daniels gets out of AJ’s hammerlock and pokes the Phenomenal One in the eye. Daniels then throws AJ over the top rope and onto the floor. Charles Robinson warns Daniels that he could be disqualified, but Daniels pushes Robinson aside and charges over the top rope with a suicide dive right on AJ Styles. The fans in Toronto marvel at the action taking place between these two as Daniels rolls AJ back into the ring. Daniels hits the Angel Wings on AJ and covers him, but AJ kicks out before 3. Daniels pulls AJ back up and drop kicks him to the canvas. The Fallen Angel covers him again, but AJ kicks out again before 3. Upset, Daniels whips AJ into the ropes and nails him with an Enzuigiri kick. AJ falls to the canvas and Daniels climbs to the top rope and dives off with the Best Moonsault Ever. Daniels covers AJ for a fifth time in the match, and AJ kicks out once again. Daniels argues with the referee before climbing out of the ring. Daniels grabs his championship and starts walking up the aisle. AJ slowly gets to his feet and follows Daniels to the outside of the ring. AJ jumps Daniels from behind this time, and the two of them continue to fight in the entrance way. AJ whips Daniels into the guard rail and follows through with a Pelee Kick on the champion. AJ pulls the champion up to his feet and starts bringing him back towards the ring when the bell sounds.
Result: DRAW via double count out (18:09)

AJ can’t believe what just happened and brings the champion in the ring. AJ argues with the referee long enough for Daniels to get back to his feet. The champion blindsides the challenger with a back cracker and gets up immediately. Daniels goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair to bring in the ring. The Fallen Angel uses the chair to bust the wrist of AJ Styles. Daniels leaves the ring in celebration as AJ is being looked at by the referee for his injured hand.

Eric Bischoff is in his office preparing for his match later on tonight when WCW security comes in.

(Eric) Alright gentlemen, I want you to make sure you’re on guard all night tonight. Under no circumstances are any members of the X Factor permitted to be in this building. Do you understand?

WCW security nods in agreement with Eric.

(Eric) We must make sure that WCW wrestlers and fans are protected from them. I especially don’t want anyone interfering in my match again Ric Flair. Do whatever is necessary to make sure they don’t get in.

Outside the Air Canada Centre, Evander Holyfield arrives with his entourage.

David Penzer introduces the next contest for WCW Superbrawl.

Booker T vs. Total Package Lex Luger
“Don’t Hate the Playa’ Hate the Game” Booker T gets a warm reception from the crowd in Toronto as he heads down to the ring to square off against the Total Package. Luger and Booker lock up with an elbow/collar tie up and the Total Package throws Booker into the corner. Booker comes out of the corner and they lock up again. This time, Booker gets the upper hand over Luger. Booker backs Luger to the corner and releases the tie up. Luger rakes the eyes of Booker and slams him face first into the turnbuckle pads. The Total Package whips Booker across the ring and charges after with a clothesline. Booker is kicked repeatedly in the mid section by Luger. The Total Package then whips Booker across the ring again, this time however Booker counters and sends Luger into the corner. Booker comes out and is greeted with an atomic drop by Booker who follows up with a spin kick on him. Booker T gets some hype as he does the spinarooni on the canvas. He gets up and nails Luger with the knee to the mid section. Booker follows up with a scissor kick and the Total Package is sent to the canvas. Booker follows through with and cover and gets the 1...2...kickout. The match continues on with Booker in control. Booker sits on Luger and nails him with a series of rights before pulling him to his feet. Booker T backs Lex into the ropes with a series of chops then whips him across the ring. Lex is nailed with a clothesline and lands on the canvas. Luger gets back up and Booker nails another spin kick on him. Booker is about to go for a second kick when Luger clotheslines him to the canvas. The Total Package pulls Booker up to his feet and drives his forearm into the ribs of his opponent. Luger then follows up with a scoop slam on Booker and climbs to the top rope. The Total Package dives off with another forearm right in the rib cage of Booker T. Luger taunts the crowd a bit before pulling Booker up and whipping him into the corner. Luger charges after with clothesline and signals of the Torture Rack. He is about to apply it when Booker fights out and hits the Bookend on Luger. Booker covers him for the 1...2...3.
Result: BOOKER T wins via pinfall (7:49)

Booker T’s hand is raised in victory as the former world champion celebrates in TO. Luger rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

Jeremy Borash stands at the interview booth with Buff Bagwell, Bobby Heenan, and Curt Henning.

(JB) Ladies and Gentlemen, JB Jeremy Borash here with one of the teams competing next in the World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament Finals. This makeshift team of Curt Henning and Buff Bagwell has been quite successful in recent weeks. What’s the strategy heading into tonight?

(Bobby) Well Borash, it’s quite clear that you have no idea what you’re talking about and who you’re talking to. My name is Bobby Heenan and I’ve been managing champions since before you could walk junior. Buff and Henning have been on the same page since the first time they stepped in the ring together as a team, and now we’re going to win the tag titles right here at Superbrawl.

(JB) This team has worked out well over the past two weeks, but in just a few moments you must face another team that has been jiving well since the tournament, I’m talking about the team of Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio.

(Curt) They may be good Borash, but there is one thing they are not and that’s perfect. This team has the perfection of myself combined with the power of Buff Bagwell. Together we’re Pefectly Buff.

(Buff) And together we’re going to take out RVD and Mysterio tonight and walk out with the Tag Team Championships around our waists.

(Bobby) Let’s go boys.

The three of them leave JB backstage and head out to the ring.

David Penzer introduces the next contest.

WCW World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Finals
Buff Bagwell and Curt Henning w. Bobby Heenan vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio
After both teams make it down to the ring RVD decides to kick the match off with Curt Henning. They lock up in the ring and Henning backs Van Dam into the ropes. Henning releases the tie up and slap RVD across the chest with a chop. Henning whips RVD across the ring and clotheslines him, but Van Dam ducks under the clothesline and jumps off with a spinning heel kick that sends Henning to the canvas. Henning gets back up and is kicked back down again by RVD. Henning rolls up to his feet and tags Buff Bagwell in. Bagwell and Van Dam lock up. Buff slaps a wrist lock on RVD and keeps the hold on him in the middle of the ring. Henning is tagged in and goes to the middle rope. He jumps off with an elbow across the arm of RVD and the two of them double team Van Dam in their corner. Referee Slick Johnson orders Bagwell to the outside and Henning continues to work Van Dam in the ring. Henning sends RVD to the canvas with a belly to back suplex and follows up with an arm drag take down into a hammerlock. Henning remains in control of Van Dam while fans start an “RVD” chant. Rey helps to get the crowd going as Van Dam fights his way back to a vertical base. Van Dam gets out of the hammerlock and sends Henning to the canvas with a hip toss. RVD tags Mysterio in and Rey flies in with a springboard off the top rope and lands on Henning with a cross body. Bagwell gets in the ring and Mysterio sends him flying out of the ring. Heenan is on the ground yelling at his boys while Mysterio gets the crowd hyped up. Rey nails Henning with a couple of rights before whipping him across the ring. Mysterio hits a flying forearm and Henning lands on the canvas. Mysterio rejoices with the fans as Henning rolls to the outside. Bagwell grabs Mysterio by the legs and sends him flying to the canvas. Both Bagwell and Henning grab a leg and Mysterio into the ring post. Henning slams Mysterio’s leg into the post twice then gets back in the ring. Henning follows up with an elbow drop on Mysterio. Rey gets up but is staggering as Henning continues to work on Mysterio’s bad knee. Curt sends Mysterio to the canvas with a scoop slam and Bagwell is tagged in. Bagwell climbs the top rope and dives off with a splash, but Mysterio rolls out of the way. Ray crawls to his corner and tags RVD back in. Van Dam gets in and nails Bagwell with a series of kicks. RVD slams Bagwell to the canvas and goes for the Rolling Thunder on him. RVD follows up with a pinfall, but Henning breaks the count and starts nailing RVD with rights. Mysterio gets in and nails Henning with a Hurricanranna. Bagwell gets up and Mysterio follows through with a West Coast Pop. Mysterio hits a 6-1-9 and RVD dives off the rope with a Five Star Frog Splash. They cover Bagwell, but the referee is distracted with Bobby Heenan on the ring apron. Henning gets back in and nails both of them with a steel chair and follows through with a Henning Plex on Mysterio. Slick Johnson gets over and counts the 1...2...3.
Result: HENNING AND BAGWELL win via pinfall (11:20)

Henning and Bagwell are handed the Tag Team Championship Titles and immediately leave the ring as Rob Van Dam checks on Rey Mysterio.

Mean Gene interviews The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

(Gene) It is my privilege to introduce at this time the 14 time World Heavyweight Champion, and WCW’s Chief Financial Backer, the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

(Ric) WOOOOOO Mean Gene Oakerlund, the Nature Boy is back and live here at Superbrawl.

(Gene) For weeks you’ve been going after the Owner of WCW, Eric Bischoff over allegations that he might have something to do with this group called the X-Factor. You believe he may be up to his tricks again and want to put an end to it, leading to this match right here tonight.

(Ric) I know who’s responsible for the X-Factor Gene and tonight the world’s going to find out. I’m going to beat the living hell out of Eric Bischoff and after I beat him tonight, Eric Bischoff will be removed from this company. I have the money to back WCW, and he has to answer to me for his actions.

(Gene) Well you’ve certainly had your share of altercations over the last several weeks.

(Ric) I’ve been beat down, I’ve been bloodied, but the Nature Boy still keeps coming back, and do you know why? Because the Nature Boy is the Man; I’m a wrestling God, and the man who’s going to expose the tyranny in WCW for what it is tonight after I expose WCW of Eric Bischoff. WOOOOOO!

(Gene) Let’s go back to the ring with you David Penzer.

David Penzer introduces the next match.

“The Chosen One” plays as Jeff Jarrett makes his way down to the ring for the next contest at SuperBrawl. Jarrett taunts the crowd as he comes down to the aisle.

“The Crow” Theme plays and fans in Toronto get excited when the lights go off. A number of druids with torches walk down and surround the aisle as white smoke emerges from the entrance. The Icon of WCW emerges from the smoke as the fans erupt. Sting walks down the aisle through the torch honour guard. When Sting gets in the ring the lights come on and the druids head to the back. Tony and the King talk about how that is one of the most impressive entrances in WCW’s history.

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett
The Icon and the Chosen One play mind games with each other when the bell sounds. Sting taunts Jarrett around the ring. The Chosen One attempts to nail Sting with a right hand, but Sting blocks and punches Jarrett. This continues until Jeff is backed into the ropes. Sting whips Jarrett across the ring and kicks him in the mid section. The Icon follows up by slamming Jarrett face first into the canvas. Sting gets up and lets a WOOOO out as Jarrett rolls to the outside to regroup. Jarrett gets back on the apron and argues with the fans long enough for Sting to propel Jarrett over the top rope and onto the canvas. The Icon waits for Jarrett to get back to his feet and follows through with a series of clotheslines. Sting stomps on the hand of Jarrett then pulls him up to his knees. Jarrett nails Sting with a low blow then follows up with a DDT. Jarrett gets back up and backs Sting into the corner. Jarrett sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip and follows up with a clothesline. Jarrett climbs to the top rope and nails Sting with a number of punches before getting down. Sting falls to the canvas and Jarrett starts working on the leg of the Icon. Jarrett grabs Sting’s leg and slams his knee down hard on the canvas, then kicks Sting’s knee repeatedly. The Chosen One slaps a figure four on Sting in the middle of the ring and Sting cries out in pain. Jarrett keeps the hold locked on for several minutes as Sting attempts to make it to the ropes. Jarrett pulls Sting back into the middle and keeps the hold on until the Icon fights to turn over. Jarrett’s Figure Four is reversed and he immediately lets go. Both of them struggle to get up, but Jarrett is the first one back to his feet and starts working Sting more. Jarrett whips Sting into the ropes and clotheslines him over the top rope. The Icon falls onto the ground and Jarrett continues to follow out after him. Jarrett grabs Sting and attempts to slam him into the ring apron, but Sting counts and slams Jarrett face first into the apron. Jarrett and Sting fight on the outside with chops back and forth until Sting start getting the upper hand. Sting kicks Jarrett in the mid section and whips him into the steel guard rail. Sting charges after with a Stinger Splash, but Jarrett gets out of the way in time and Sting lands on the railing. Jarrett rolls Sting back in the ring and covers him for the 1...2...kickout. The match continues on with Sting at the mercy of Jarrett. The Chosen One drops Sting with the Stroke and covers him again, but the Icon kicks out a second time. Jarrett and referee Nick Patrick argue allowing Sting to get back to his feet. Jarrett turns his attention back to Sting and kicks him into the corner. Jarrett hits a knife edge chop and Sting hulks up. Jarrett is thrown into the corner and Sting starts taking him out with chops and kicks. The Icon then whips Jarrett across the ring and charges after with a Stinger Splash. Jarrett falls to the canvas and Sting gives a huge WOOOO to the crowd again. The Icon pulls Jarrett up and drops him with a Scorpion Death Drop. Jarrett is covered for the 1...2...3.
Result: STING wins via pinfall (9:48)

Sting’s hand is raised following the match. The Icon grabs his base ball bat and poses for the crowd while Jarrett gets back up. Jarrett gets a hold of his guitar and attempts to nail Sting with the guitar, but the Icon turns around with enough time to break the guitar with his bat. Jarrett immediately backs down and exits for the locker room. Sting celebrates with all the fans in Toronto.

Video Package:
Footage of the history between Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair leading up to tonight’s battle for control of WCW.

David Penzer introduces the Special Guest Enforcer for the following match. Evander Holyfield comes out.

“Thus Sprach Zarathurstra” plays and the Nature Boy Ric Flair comes through the entrance. A huge pyro display goes off as Flair poses for the fans. Flair walks down the aisle for his first match since WCW’s rebirth.

Eric Bischoff is the second person to come down to the ring for the match. Fans give him a mixed reaction as he prepares for combat.

Control of WCW
Eric Bischoff vs. Nature Boy Ric Flair
Special Enforcer: Evander Holyfield
With Holyfield on the outside of the ring Flair and Bischoff lock up in a collar elbow tie up. Flair puts Bischoff in a side headlock and applies pressure to the neck of the owner of WCW. Bischoff gets out of the headlock by picking Flair up and slamming him to the ground with a side suplex. Bischoff and Flair both get back up and go back at it again. They lock up for a second time and Flair whips Eric across the ring. Bischoff bounces off the ropes and his met with a shoulder block. Flair follows up with an elbow across Eric’s chest and the owner of WCW is quite slow to get back to his feet. Flair waits for Bischoff to get back up and then nails him with repeated chops that send Bischoff back into the corner. The Nature Boy gives a WOOOO and continues to assault the boss. Bischoff is whipped across to the opposite corner with so much velocity that he flies over the top rope and lands on the ground. The Nature Boy climbs to the top rope and drops an elbow across the head of Bischoff outside the ring. They continue to fight outside the ring with Flair in complete control of the boss. Bischoff manages to get a couple of kicks in on Flair and rolls back under the ropes. Flair follows in after and Bischoff kicks him on the canvas. Eric pulls Flair to his feet and punches him repeatedly until Flair is sent into the ropes. Bischoff kicks Flair in the mid section and follows up with DDT. Bischoff covers Flair but only gets a 2 count. The Nature Boy is brought back to his feet and Bischoff nails him with a couple of upper cuts. Ric is backed in the corner and Bischoff drives an elbow across the skull of Flair. The Boss slams the Nature Boy’s head into the ring post repeatedly then bites the forehead of the legend. Flair rolls outside the ring, takes a couple of steps into the aisle then lands face first in vintage Flair fashion. Bischoff stands in disbelief over the fact that he’s in control of the match. Bischoff goes outside the ring and grabs a now bloody Ric Flair to bring him back in the ring. Flair nails Bischoff with a low blow and slams Bischoff’s head into the steel steps. Bischoff is left on the ground outside the ring as Flair grabs a steel chair. He is about to swing the chair when Holyfield stops him. Flair and Holyfield get into an argument, allowing Bischoff to roll back into the ring. Flair follows him in and continues to assault Eric with kicks to the mid section. Holyfield and Flair continue to exchange words back and forth, allowing Bischoff the chance to get up and roll Flair up for a 1...2...kickout. The match continues on now with Holyfield keeping watch outside the ring. Bischoff and Flair exchange rights back and forth. The Nature Boy drops Flair with a vertical suplex and starts to work on the knee of the boss. Holyfield is finally put to the test when 4 members of X Factor come down the aisle. Holyfield holds them off long enough by taking each of them out with knockout blows, but the 5th member of X Factor comes from the crowd. He gets in the ring and is about to hit a spear on Flair when Bischoff gets in the way. Flair covers Bischoff for the 1...2...Kick Out. Flair can’t believe what happened and gets up. Flair is about to put Bischoff in the Figure Four when Bischoff grabs him and rolls him into a small package for a 1...2...3.
RESULT: ERIC BISCHOFF wins via pinfall (10:16)

Bischoff’s hand is raised and the owner of WCW can’t believe that he actually managed to beat the Nature Boy. The X Factor numbers prove to outlast Holyfield and they take the Former Boxing Champion out. The 5 men get in the ring with Bischoff and raise his hand in victory. Bischoff pushes them away and tells them that they don’t work for him or WCW. The 5 members of X Factor all jump Eric Bischoff in the ring. One member goes outside and grabs box of weapons to bring in the ring. They pull out led pipes and chains and beat the living hell out of Bischoff in the middle of the ring. Bischoff is busted wide open as they continue their assault on the Owner of WCW. A table is brought into the ring and set up. Four members of X Factor hold Bischoff across the table as one member goes to the top rope and dives off with a Swanton Bomb, sending the boss right through the table. The 5 men continue their assault on him as Ric Flair gets in the way. Flair stops them and exchanges words with them. The Nature Boy grabs a chain out of one of their hands and uses it to choke Eric Bischoff in the middle of the ring. The 5 X Factor men rejoice that Flair is helping them. One man grabs a steal chair and brings it into the ring. They set Bischoff’s leg in the chair and all 5 of them take turns smashing the chair with bats, pipes, and other chairs until Bischoff’s leg is busted. Flair gets up after choking the life out of his boss and celebrates with the X Factor.

The 6 of them leave the ring together while a bloody, knocked out, and broken Owner of WCW is left for dead in the ring. Tony and the King call of help to come down and check on the boss.

Video Package:
Footage from Savage’s attack on Goldberg in his house last Monday and Goldberg’s return to WCW plays as they hype the First Time Encounter between the two of them.

Back inside the arena, Eric Bischoff is shown being loaded onto a stretcher and getting taken out by EMTs. When the EMTs are about to put Bischoff in the ambulance they are interrupted again by the members of X Factor. Two of them take the stretcher and tip it over onto the ground. They run away when security gets involved.

David Penzer announces the next contest for WCW Superbrawl

“Pomp and Circumstance” plays and the Macho Man comes down to the ring in Toronto. Tony and the King comment on the last time Savage ever competed in Toronto for a pay-per-view was against the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

Goldberg’s famous entrance is made as he comes through the back and makes his way down the entrance ramp. Fans chant “Goldberg” the entire way.

For the First Time EVER!
Goldberg vs. The Macho Man Randy Savage
Savage and Goldberg stare each other down in the middle of the ring while a capacity crowd chants “Goldberg”. Savage is the first to move with a right hand punch which starts on a collision course of back and forth punches between the two of them. Savage makes quick jabs at Goldberg then jumps out of the ring before Goldberg can retaliate. Savage gets back in the ring and they lock up. Goldberg is nailed in the mid section with a knee and the Macho Man follows up with an elbow across the back of Goldberg’s head. Savage charges after Goldberg with a double axe handle that sends him over the top rope and onto the floor. The Macho Man climbs to the top rope and dives off with another double axe handle on Goldberg. Randy pulls Goldberg into the ring and drops him with a scoop slam then follows up with a knee drop across Goldberg’s chest. The Macho Man exchanges words with a fan at ring side as he climbs to the top rope. Goldberg gets to his feet and charges into the corner after the Macho Man. They fight back and forth until Goldberg superplexes Savage off the top. The two of them are slow to get back to their feet, but manage to get the match moving again. Goldberg now takes control of the match with stiff kicks and jabs at the Macho Man. Savage is whipped across the ropes and plowed down by Goldberg with a huge shoulder block. The Macho Man gets to a knee when Goldberg starts after again with a more severe beat down. Goldberg loses it as he beats Savage out of the ring. The Macho Man is nailed outside to the floor. Goldberg follows him out and throws Savage into the aisle. Goldberg grabs a steel chair and starts beating the Macho Man relentless with it. The referee throws the match out.
Result: NO CONTEST (7:30)

Security come down to stop Goldberg from continuing his assault, but Godlberg pushes them all away. Savage slowly gets back to his feet and goes through the crowd, but Goldberg stays on his tail as they head to the back. Tony and the King talk about coming back to that later on in the night. They also tell fans at home that Eric Bischoff has finally been taken to a nearby hospital. His condition will be updated on WCW.com and made available to fans as the show progresses.

Mean Gene is left interviewing Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

(Gene) Tonight may be the very last time we see this man in WCW; I’m talking about the legendary Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

(Hulk) That’s what you may think Mean Gene, but Hollywood Hogan has faced huge obstacles before brother, and Big Sexy and I aren’t exactly strangers.

(Gene) When you put your career on the line tonight did you anticipate Scott Hall would have returned to WCW to help out Nash?

(Hulk) I didn’t think Scott Hall would be back, but for weeks Nash has been working with Luger, and Jarrett. That’s why I was happy to hear about this match being determined inside a fifteen foot high steel cage. There’s no place to hide for Big Kev, and the way I see it Mean Gene he can bring whomever he wants because when all is said and done, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to put big sexy back together again brother. Wha’cha gonna do when Hollywood Hulkamania runs wild on you!!!!!

Hogan poses for the fans before leaving Mean Gene backstage.

Video Package:
History between Hogan and Nash, dating back to their time together in the NWO and ending with Nash challenging Hogan to put his career on the line tonight.

“NWO Remix” plays as Big Sexy comes down to the ring. Nash poses at the entrance using the wolfpac sign as the pyro goes off, then continues through the cage door.

“Voodoo Child” plays as the red and yellow smoke comes through the entrance in Toronto. Fans start chanting “Hogan” in what is considered the pop of the night. Hogan emerges with a huge deafening sound from the fans. He rips his Hulkamania Yellow shirt off at the entrance as the pyro explodes. Hogan turns back to the entrance and Miss Elizabeth returns with a red Hulkamania dress on Hogan and Liz walk down the aisle together as fans soak it all in.

Steel Cage
Hogan’s Career Threatening Match
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Big Sexy Kevin Nash
Hogan and Nash stare each other down in the middle of the steel cage as Hogan keeps his bandana on. The door is locked and referee Charles Robinson is assigned outside the cage. The bell goes off and Hogan starts walking around the ring as he warms up. He and Nash lock up in the middle of the ring. Nash puts a head lock on Hogan, but is immediately whipped into the ropes. Hogan nails Nash with a shoulder block and they both just step back. Hogan and Nash tie up again, this time Hogan grabs Nash and whips him across the ring. Hogan follows through with a clothesline and rakes the eyes of Big Sexy. Hollywood grabs Nash by the head and crashes him face first into the cage wall. Nash falls back and Hogan poses for the fans. Hogan taunts Nash to get back up and follows up with a series of punches and kicks the mid section and chests of Kev. Hollywood rakes across the back of Nash then drops him with an atomic drop. Nash staggers a bit and Hollywood clotheslines him to the canvas. Hogan gets the crowd in Toronto behind him as he prepares to climb up the steel cage. Hogan gets about half way when Nash gets to his feet and follows after. Big Sexy grabs Hogan and slams him into the cage repeatedly, racking the face across the cage like a cheese grater. Hogan falls down to the canvas as Nash slowly gets down. Hogan is cut open as he attempts to get back to his feet. Nash slams Hollywood down and drops an elbow on him. After taunting his opponent for a bit, Big Sexy pulls Hogan back up and nails him with a number of uppercuts. Hogan is backed into the corner and Nash whips him across the ring. Big Sexy charges after and drives a huge boot into the bloody face of Hulk. As Hogan staggers out of the corner, Nash bend him over and drives a knee into the face of the Icon. Big Sexy drops Hogan with a powerbomb and starts to climb the steel cage. Nash is at the top of the cage when Hollywood gets back up. The fans in Toronto start chanting “Hogan” as he gets to his feet and climbs up after Nash. Nash is over to the other side when Hogan grabs him by the hair. Hollywood pulls Nash up by the Hair and the two of them fight back and forth at the top of the steel cage for a minute until Hogan starts getting the upper hand. Hogan grabs Nash and superplexes him off the top of the cage. They both land in the middle of the ring and fans are surprised to see Hogan still have that in his tank. Hogan and Nash are slow to get to their feet, but when they do they exchange rights back and forth. Still bleeding profusely, Hogan grabs Nash and slams him repeatedly into each side of the cage. Nash is busted open as Hogan continues his assault with the cage. With Nash busted wide open as well, Hogan slams him to the canvas and drops the big leg on him. Hogan opens the cage door and is about to leave when Scott Hall nails Hogan with the stun gun. Hogan falls on the canvas in the ring and is shaking from the gun, allowing Nash to slowly get back up. Big Kev starts to climb the cage door as a stunned Hogan lies on the canvas. Big Kev is half way to the floor when Hogan comes to and starts crawling to the door; the two of them race with the clock to see who will be the first to touch the floor. Hall urges Nash to hurry down to win the match, but Hogan inches closer and closer down the stairs. Nash and Hogan land on the floor almost at the same time. The referees look back at the footage and declare Hollywood Hogan the winner.
Result: HOLLYWOOD HOGAN wins via escape (13:49)

Hall and Nash start beating down Hulk Hogan outside the ring when Hollywood starts Hulking up. Hogan fights both members of the Outsiders off and slams them head first into the steel cage. “Voodoo Child” plays and Hogan climbs back into the steel cage to start posing for the fans in Toronto. The fans take in every moment as Hogan embarks on the next phase of his career. Elizabeth gets in the ring and celebrates the victory with Hogan before the two of them leave for the back together.

Video Package:
03...03...02... A night for sins of the past to be forgiven, on this night a new picture is drawn, a new story is written. This is the night for careers to start over; this is the night for a fresh start. When WCW comes to Charlotte, North Carolina, this will be a night for REDEMPTION. See it live in person and exclusively on Pay-Per-View. Tickets go on sale tomorrow starting at $15.00.

Tony Schiavone and Jerry Lawler hype the next pay-per-view and discuss the fallout from tonight. WCW’s president is sidelined with a huge injury at the hands of the X-Factor. Ric Flair is revealed as the person behind the group. Perfectly Buff became the new WCW World Tag Team Champions tonight, and Hollywood Hogan’s career is saved following a classic contest with Kevin Nash inside the steel cage. Next on the program is the World Heavyweight Championship match featuring Big Poppa Pump and The War Machine Rhino.

Video Package:
Highlights of the careers of both Scott Steiner and Rhino leading into their first encounter tonight at Superbrawl.

Michael Buffer stands in the ring as the bell sounds 3 times. Buffer makes his iconic main event introduction prior to the match starting.

WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner (c) vs. War Machine Rhino
The World Heavyweight Champion locks up with Rhino in the center of the ring. Rhino backs the champion into the corner and holds him there while Nick Patrick starts the 5 count. Rhino releases and backs off to give the champion some space. Steiner locks up with Rhino again, but this time it’s the champion that gets to upperhand and backs Rhino into the corner. Steiner holds the challenger there until the five count starts then releases it. Rhino follows up with a slap across the champion’s face, leading to Steiner being more aggressive. Steiner slaps Rhino back then knees him in the mid section before slamming repeated elbows into the side of Rhino’s head. Steiner mounts the War Machine onto the top rope and drops him to the canvas with a frankensteiner. Big Poppa Pump gets the fans in TO behind him as he gets back to his feet and taunts the challenger. Steiner clotheslines Rhino to the canvas again then follows with a suplex on him. Rhino rolls out of the ring to regroup then gets back in. Big Poppa Pump meets him on the apron and the two of them fight back and forth. Rhino jabs Steiner then brings him to the corner where he nails him face first into the turnbuckle. Rhino gets back in the ring and slams Scott Steiner to the canvas. Rhino hits a flapjack on the champion then starts working on the legs of Steiner. The War Machine puts a Boston Crab on Steiner in the middle of the ring and the champion is left helpless, unable to get to the ropes. After being in the crab for several minutes, Big Poppa Pump is able to power out, but the damage is done to the champion’s legs. Rhino continues to kick the knee of the champion before going to the arena floor and wrapping Steiner’s bad knee into the ring post repeatedly. Rhino threatens a fan at ringside before climbing back into the ring and continuing his dominance over the champion. The War Machine hoists Steiner onto his shoulder and drops him with a running bulldog. Steiner rolls out of the ring to regroup, but Rhino keeps on him, relentless in his attack. The War Machine whips the champion in the ring steps then picks the steps up. He smashes the steps on Scott Steiner’s knee then rolls him back into the ring. Rhino covers Big Poppa Pump for a near fall when the champion gets a shoulder up. Rhino continues to beat down the champion in the corner of the ring. Steiner is whipped across the ring, but manages to duck a clothesline attempt and nail Rhino with a shoulder block. Both men land on the ground, but Rhino is the first back on his feet. Big Poppa Pump scrambles to get back up and they continue their fight in the ring. Steiner drops Rhino with a DDT and gets an arm on him for a pin, but Rhino kicks out before 2. The Champion limps over to the corner and climbs up to the middle rope. When Rhino gets up Steiner dives off with a bulldog on the challenger. Big Poppa Pump starts working the back of the War Machine, setting up for a Steiner Recliner. Big Poppa Pump drops an elbow across the lower back area of Rhino then slams his back into the turn buckle repeatedly. Big Poppa Pump drives several upper cuts on Rhino and whips him across to the other corner. As Steiner charges after him, Rhino also charges out of the corner and nails Steiner with a GORE! The War Machine covers the champion, but notices that the referee is nowhere to be found. Rhino goes outside the ring and finds Nick Patrick on the ground. Rhino is soon nailed from behind by a thug in a ski mask using a hammer. The thug rolls Rhino into the ring and starts to make his escape when he is stopped by security. Scott Steiner gets up and slowly crawls over to Rhino. He covers him when Slick Johnson runs down to the ring and counts the 1...2...3.
Result: SCOTT STEINER wins via pinfall (20:01)

Big Poppa Pump is handed his championship following the victory. Still confused as to what happened, Steiner is soon joined by the rest of the X Factor members. They get in the ring and applaud Steiner before jumping the World Champion in the middle of the ring. Ric Flair comes out and watches on approvingly as the X Factor members beat the world champion down. Hollywood Hogan leads a charge of Sting, Booker T, and Diamond Dallas Page to the ring. They clean house with the members of the X Factor, leaving Hogan with only one man left. Hogan grabs the man’s ski mask and pulls it off to reveal Chris Jericho. Ric Flair comes in and nails Hogan with a low blow. Superbrawl goes off with Chris Jericho slapping the Walls of Jericho on Hollywood Hogan.

Quick Results:
Raven def. Diamond Dallas Page
WCW Cruiserweight Championship – Double Count-out
Booker T def. Lex Luger
WCW World Tag Team Championship – Perfectly Buff def. RVD and Rey Mysterio
Sting def. Jeff Jarrett
Control of WCW – Eric Bischoff def. Ric Flair
No Contest – Macho Man vs. Goldberg
Steel Cage Match – Hogan def. Nash
WCW World Heavyweight Championship – Scott Steiner def. Rhino

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard


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