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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Judgment Day Feedback

First off welcome back from your trip to South Africa mate, been anticipating this in your absence . Let's get cracking!

This is a match I found extremely hard to call, as most gauntlet matches are. A real nice start between Bourne and Benjamin here, I'd imagine a great match between those two if it were to occur in real life, and sadly my prediction is incorrect. Jesus christ, Knox smashing Kelly into the barricade is great, Knox is a psychopath! Now here I would of liked Knox to continue his momentum and eliminate two on the bounce however I see with Ziggler being the next entrant you don't want a heel versus a heel. I'm pleased now that we're gonna see a new champion, I'm not a fan of face Truth and I think Ziggler, Kingston or Morrison would make a great champ. Well Morrison is in next guaranteeing Kofi as the last entrant, WOW! A Zig Zag off the apron would be awesome! Good showcasing of Dolph here. Now I don't particularly have a problem with Kingston walking out champion but I hope you don't do a Ziggler/Kofi feud, no fault of yours it's just been done too many times in real life. Great opener though bro

DAT British Pay Per View! Why not Liverpool though huh!?

Now that's what I'm talking about, the fellow Brits capturing the gold! Not much to say about the match but it's good to see The Monarchy get some gold, long may this feud continue. This was another tough one to call, I didn't think TJ had a chance of winning but he had a good showing which only does good things for him. Punk is probably the right guy to keep the briefcase, I think he's someone to watch in this thread.

I think you've done the right thing in unifying the Women's and Diva's titles here mate, and I think it's a well known fact you've got a thing for Maryse so I expected her to walk out the champion. Hopefully you give the divas some spotlight in the coming months. An Inferno match is probably something we'll never see again in WWE however it's nice to see it used again here. Think the stuff with Kane has been good and Christian is a solid worker so I expect good things from these two together. Giving Kane a win here is good to continue the feud, I'm sure Christian is gonna try and delve more into Kane's mental state heading into a potential rematch. A new title design for the Women's? not sure what to think of that, I actually like both the Women's and Diva's title designs but it's good to see some attention for the divas.

This was a result I did not expect at all, again a woman takes a hit tonight I think a punch from Show would kill Vickie with a punch never mind knock her out :L. To be honest this wasn't a match I was looking forward to a lot only because Show is that stale and Edge is 1000x better. I highly doubt this is the last we've seen of these two though. Really didn't expect this next result, especially with the PPV in Britain being announced I thought Regal would probably win the gold in his home country however I'm happy he's won it regardless. Still can't believe I couldn't guess who the ally of Regal was until you told me, not going to spoil it but I'm glad you've brought him up. Onwards and upwards for The Ruthless Monarchy!

Now we get a nice match between Orton/Taker, I expected this to main event but it's no big deal to be honest, I expected Orton to retain but I personally am not a fan of the RKO/Chokeslam spot being used again, regardless I'm happy Orton retained in a decent match. Another result I didn't expect, as I said in my predictions; I expected Matt to get the gold but just not here however I'm looking forward to what way you go with it. You've got 4 good guys tearing up the SD main event scene and you certainly haven't fucked Matt Hardy up like WWE did around this point.

Overall I enjoyed the show mate, I think going back to single brand PPV's is a good move, allowing you to build up more feuds for each brand and also making the bigger PPV's seem that much more special with both brands. I feel you have advanced several feuds with this show and have set up some great potential scenarios. Keep up the good work mate
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