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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>HBK Returns to Raw and the Challengers Line Up; New Tag Team Champions!<

The new WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels headed to Raw last night to celebrate his incredible success in the Royal Rumble 24 hours earlier and confirmed that he will be returning to Raw permanently in the build up to his defence of the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania XXV.

He quickly learnt that the former champion, Triple H will be going all out to reclaim the title, however he won't be getting his rematch at Wrestlemania as he thought. Eric Bischoff was quick to let him know that after the pedigree on the Head of Authority several weeks ago now, he was declaring The Game's rematch clause void. He then announced that next week on Raw there will be three matches that will determine who will go to No Way Out in a triple threat match to battle it out for the right to face The Heartbreak Kid at Wrestlemania.

After walking out of his match with The Big Show earlier on in the evening, Chris Jericho will meet The Largest Athlete in the World again next Monday night in a match with no count outs. The Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus will lock horns with The Undertaker after getting on the wrong side of Bischoff when he attacked Rey Mysterio during the World Tag Team title match that saw Rey & Mystico lose the titles to The Epitome of Excellence. The Celtic Warrior was furious with Mysterio for eliminating him at the Rumble, ruining his plan of leaving Wrestlemania with both the WWE & Intercontinental Championships. To round off the night we'll see Randy Orton & Triple H battle it out, and after The Viper's return to Raw several weeks ago with The Game his target it should be an incredible contest you can't afford to miss. Triple H will have to go through the man who eliminated him at the Rumble and the man he put on the shelf at the Survivor Series, but we've already seen Orton's got his sights set on payback at The Game's expense. It'll be a match you won't want to miss.

>Cena & Punk's Final Encounter This Friday!<

Stephanie McMahon wasn't at all happy last night when she told the world that after yet another controversial ending to a John Cena/CM Punk World Heavyweight Championship match, they will collide one more time this week on Smackdown in what she said will be their final encounter.

She also stated she will address Tazz's role in that match this Friday night, however she said that if she interferes in any way during the title match, Punk will automatically retain the title and she will be stripped of her title as Executive Vice-President. Cena & Punk met in tag team action last night when Cena joined forces with The Undertaker to take on Punk and the man who helped Punk Sunday at the Rumble, Homicide. Punk again got one over on Cena when he ducked a chair shot aimed for him which then hit The Undertaker. The distraction allowed Punk to sneak a victory on Cena, but will he be victorious on Friday when he defends the world title against Cena?

>DiBiase Looking for a Breakthrough at No Way Out<

Jealousy & bitterness rose to the surface at the Royal Rumble when Ted DiBiase came face-to-face with the 'Breakthrough Star of 2008' Matt Sydal, so much so that the former Intercontinental Champion attacked the King of the Ring before he was due to defend the United States Championship against Dolph Ziggler.

The assault left Sydal needing medical attention and he had his ribs taped just minutes before his title defence that resulted him in bravely losing after an incredible effort under the circumstances. His night wasn't over though and he was desperate to get his hands on DiBiase, and he got some payback when he followed Ted out to the ring for the Royal Rumble match, catching DiBiase's attention & distracting him long enough for Bob Backlund to quickly eliminate him, leaving DiBiase fuming.

He was still livid last night and blamed Sydal for costing him the WWE Championship, but one man who's also been on the end of a backstage attack at the hands of DiBiase wasn't about to let him get away with it. Eric Bischoff told DiBiase that there would be consequences for his part in Sydal losing the United States title when he meets Sydal one-on-one at No Way Out. Sydal will be cleared to compete by that time and we'll find out for certain who the Breakthrough Star of Year was when they collide head on.

If you missed Raw last night, click here to read the full results.

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