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WWE Forum championship presents - TLC


WWE CARD (These matches only.) WINNERS + Match Order for Ladder Matches
Rhodes Scholers
Antonio Cesaro
Kofi Kingston
The shield
Big Show
Dolph Ziggler

Rules (overview)
Predict the outcome for each of the seven announced matches. Your most confident prediction gets 7 points, your least confident prediction gets 1 point. Every number from 1-7 has to be used once. Possible predictions:
Pick the winner
No Contest

If a PPV match is changed or cancelled this prediction is cancelled too.

Your predictions must be posted 30min before the PPV starts.

If you have any questions ask in the thread or send me a pm.
From these 3 matches you can pick a Booster where this points score will be doubled i.e a chair shot. If you get it wrong however you will lose that many points. Matches available for boost PICK ONE:
Kingston vs Barrett
Rey/SinCara vs Rhodes Scholes
Sheamus vs Big Show
HIGHLIGHT YOUR BOOST BY PUTTING THE A x2 along side prediction
- Sheamus x2

Forum Championship
CaMaster (c) 19+7 vs Proc -22 +7 - Less than 1 month after being cashed in Proc shows he should have never lost his title. Regaining is this a new begining to the Age of Proc.

United States
NewGuy 18+7(c) vs 12 TheUltimateSmark - NewGuy reatins

CaptainObvious 9 (c) vs 6 Bigman (c) - The man who never lost his IC title returns to try to prove CaptainObvious as a bogus champion. Limited predictions match highest number of right answers wins)
Big Show vs Sheamus/Shield vs Ryback/Hell No/Rey-Cara vs Rhodes Scholars/Diva battle royal. Seperate 1-4 predictions along with 1-7 for main card please)

Captain Obvious (c) 20 + 6 vs 17+4 Gimmicky - maybe it was the bright lights or the main card, maybe it was the pressure of the title match. Maybe the confusion over not knowing who he would be challenging. Or maybe it was the vicious chairshot to the back of the head. Champion retains over the bright up and comer.

World Heavyweight Title
WWESky (c) 24+7 vs CaMaster - 19+7 - WWEESky retains his title.

Tag Titles
Seemingly there are no tag teams running around with only 1 non title tag match happening last month i only have 1 place to go with this...
RKO.Net 25+5 + 27+6 (c) vs Proc 22+7 + ShiningWizard (19+2) - RKO.Net conchairto to Shining Wizard enough to keep him down and retain the gold. RKO.Net proving they will do whatever it takes to keep the gold.

Internet Title
CaMaster 19+6 vs Daniel.Bryan 25+6 vs 18+7 NewGuy - Daniel Bryan wins the rebirth of the Internet title decider. NEW CHAMPION - Daniel.Bryan

War to settle the score - LAST MAN STANDING MATCH (1st incorrect prediction loses - WWE PPV ORDER)
010101 27 vs 16 HelpingHand
- both got the pre show wrong so match goes to scores and O10101 shows helpinghand its not all fun and games in the WF dominant win vs the rookie.

TLC Divisional Matches
So Preshow is 1 - card opener is 2 and so on. Get them right climb the ladder get them wrong fall down the ladder. IF a draw highest points total wins.
CHECK POST 16 - Page 2 - For Full Ladder Match Rules)

(Only given matches to those that appeared at Survivor Series)

United States Title
Netty 27 + 6 Steps vs 25 4 steps Gunner14 - Both men climbing the ladder Gunner14's knee gives way leaving him hanging in a match for the ages. Resistance pulls of a win vs the Illuminati. And earns a WhC - Title shot in the Process.

WWEESky 24 + 3 steps vs 6 steps 25 McLovingIt - Tight one just enough Netty interferance pulling WWESky off the ladder to allow McLovingit the win.

Ultimatesmark vs 18 + 2 steps NewGuy
animewrestlingdonuts 4 steps - 23 vs 21 3 steps Pwoper - Close one but anime does enough to reach the top.

DXBender 26 4 steps vs 2 steps 25 scored Cairnage - Cairnage had the better of DXBender in this one but the wily veteran showed his experience to climb the ladder and retrieve the 3 points

TheVoiceless 26 - 6 steps vs 12 Brothers of Destruct

DTB1986 22 2 steps vs 19 3 steps Shining Wizard
Mr.Rick 22 2 steps vs 22 2 steps Jax89 - Complete stalemate. Both men went under the ring and got their own ladder and unadvised jousting ladder contest unfolded seeing both men knock eachother out with a high speed ladder shot.

DogSaget 18 2 steps vs 16 - 2 steps Helping Hand - One both men will forget in a hurry Ladder matches arent for everyone and these too took to it like a rock takes to water. Dogsaget pulls out the win.
superjabroni 20 -2 steps vs

Intercontinental Division
Dragzilla 22 - 2 steps vs 19 2 steps CaMaster2004

ICurryI 6 steps 27 vs 15 + 2 steps SonicSlash - ICurryI - impressive again - WHC title shot awaits.
Gimmicky 17 + 2 steps vs 19 + 3 steps Hanhanshans911 - by no means a classic focus divided for gimmicky and you cant do that vs a vet like hans. Hans beats the number one contender to give the booker something to consider.

Dirtsheet88 vs 3 steps - 24 CaptainObvious - Music hits but dirtsheet doesnt appear. Bell rings and Cap climbs the ladder for a rollover.

Kane UK 20 3 steps vs 3 steps + 22 Sinjackal - the two vets went at it tooth and nail an imaginative moveover to pin Kane under the Ladder allowed SinJackal enough time to claim the 3 points.

Turbo120 15+ 3 steps vs 24+3 steps Airtrouble619 - The 4th Man wins in dominating fashion. Illuminati its rising.

Daniel.Bryan 25+6Steps vs 27 O10101 - 6 steps - MOTN what a classic. Both men gave their all and put on 1 hell of a show. 010101 wns and goes on to a WhC title shot for his 27 score.

BigMan 21 - 2 steps vs Proc 22 - 2 steps - Close encounter both men climb the ladder and fight at the top. Proc out punches Big man and topples him off ladder to win.

HoHoInc 27 - 6 steps vs 20+3 steps NoSignBoard - Big win on the return of HoHoinc - WhC title shot on its way

RHawk 27 - 6 steps vs 20 + 3 indigofelixsimon - Very impressive debut win for RHawk - wHC title shot on its way

TAG Team Title Division matches -
(Will work the same as the other divisions top the table get the title shot. Tried to remember as amny tagteam as i could if ive missed on given you a wrong partner or you dont want a tag partner/a diff tag partner PM ME)

RKO.Net (RKOPeep/Netty) vs mastermanded (Bigman/CaMaster)

Illuminati 47(AirTroublein619/Gunner14)w/ElDandy vs 17NewTrouble (Airtrouble/NewGuy) - Under the watchful eye of El Dandy the illuminti grew stronger. Gunner14 heroicly starting the match 1v2 proving to everyone he is the bravest son of a bitch the world has ever seen. Demanded New Guy start he kicked his ass 25-17. New Guy went running for a tag but all he found was the greatest tag team wrestler the world has ever seen was no longer his tag partner. Gunner14 tagged in AirTrouble and the plan was made clear. In the greatest most heroic face turn the world has ever seen the victory was secure. AirTrouble raises the Illuminati decimating his former tag team partner with skill tenacity and superior ability. Noone can stop the Illuminati.

Gimmizilla 39 (Gimmicky/Dragzilla) 22+17 vs W.T.T.C.O.T.W 41(Proc 22 + ShiningWizard 19)

Walls Of Bryan (WallofShame + Daniel.Bryan) vs AnimeZone (AnimeWrestlingDonuts 23 /Nzone)

JonnyJabroni (JonnyC55/SuperJabroni) vs Old SKool (DXBender/Hanshanshans)
HorSheet (Hordriss/DXBender) vs TeamRisingForce (ICurryI/Voiceless)
McTurbo (Turbo120/MCCote900) vs Unamed (Pwoper/CaptainObvious)
VoicelessDestruction (BrotherofDestuct/KaneUk) vs Jax89/Anark
Telos/Adyman vs BinarySlash (Sonicslash 15/O10101 27)
DogSaget/DTB1986 vs 22 - MrRick/MrMeki



Win and your in lose and your not.
ICurryI 27 vs 21 Bigman
HoHoInc 27 vs 23 animewrestlingdonuts
McLovinIt 25 vs 12 TheUltimateSmark
DogSaget 19 vs 22 Sinjackel
Gimmicky 17 vs 12 Brotherofdestruct
Nosignboard 20 vs 22 AirTroublein619
Turbo120 15 vs 25 Daniel.Bryan
hanshanshans 19 vs 20 superjabroni
dxbender 26 vs 27 rhawk
sonicslash 15 vs 26 thevoiceless
DTB1986 22 vs 20 captainobvious
new_guy 18 vs 22 Dragzilla
kaneUK 20 vs 22 Mr Rick
pwoper 21 vs 25 Gunner14
caMaster 19 vs 27 Netty
WWeEsky 24 vs 16 Helpinghand
indigofelixsimon 20 vs 22 Jax89
Cairnage 23 vs 19 Shiningwizard
O10101 27 vs Proc 22

38 Participants
Highest Score - 5 Players 27/28
Lowest Score - 2 Players 12/28

Nest PPV Royal Rumble

Wrestlemania 30 was awesome

3 Axxess events
Hogan VIP
Flair VIP
Wrestlecon session 1
Hall Of Fame Section 113 Row 11 Seat 1
Wrestlemania Section 140 Row 20 Seat 14.
Monday Night Raw Section 123 Row 16 seat 6

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