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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

1. AJ Styles needs to be the face of the company, Roode as the heel of course, the guy pretty much plays his role to perfection.

2. I'd give Bully Ray at least one title run though, as a heel of course.... James Storm would be baby face number. The leader of aces and 8's needs to be revealed soon and I'd have this person involved as well. Angle also.... and possibly Matt Morgan (the guy sucked, but in his current role he's actually pretty good).

3. Back to point 2, Aces and 8's motivation and leader would be revealed soon, I like the angle and it's the first time Devon has had been involved in anything interesting in his 20 year career. Even more emphasis on the tag divison, with Daniels and Kaz as champs, perhaps Bischoff and Brisco could be used as jobbers to feed wins to the more talented teams.

4. The main event is in a good spot, so more emphasis on the tag divison, which has some good teams already, they just need a few more so the matches are just repeats of repeats. The X-divison could be the next step, it just seems like it's something that will never truly get over with the main stream audiences.

5. As for marketing, save money by not buying any more former WWE stars (let alone WCW) for a start. TNA has enough former legends, adding one or two more won't change anything.

6. Use Hulk Hogan for marketing, even if it means diminishing his commissioner role. This guy is biggest name to ever come out of wrestling (arguable with the Rock I suppose), hate him or love him, he is a celebrity and he will attract attention. An occasional celebrity may not be a bad thing either, and by that, I mean go the comedy route, don't get some guy from a fighting league that nobody has ever heard about.
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