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Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment

San Diego California, RIMAC Arena
NWF Saturday Night Warzone

We open to a warm welcome from Don West and Matt Striker on the fight night of the National Wrestling Federation. Then they run down the card and mention the Lex Luger address. As they end the card chat, they cut right to the action.

Tyson Kidd vs Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn opens to a warm reception, however Tyson Kidd cuts off his own entrance in anger, accompanied by Isis The Amazon of course.

So, according to the wrestling "minds" running this business, you make a little showcase of your cruiserweight division in a battle royale, and some how forget the hottest rookie today. Instead I have to take on old man river over here, and somehow get a decent match of this "veteran" without breaking his hip.
* A brief "Old man river" chant breaks out, and then quickly ends.*
So I'll give Old Yeller his put down, and end this mistreatment.
[As the match starts Lynn catches Tyson off guard with and drop kicks him out of the ring. Tyson recovers and the two go on for about five minutes in a pure style wrestling match, and a few failed suicide dives from Tyson. As his possible last fail happens, Kidd misses an elbow drop and Jerry Lynn side kicks to the mat and goes up top. Lynn hits a moonsault and goes for the pin, just as Kidd rolls over and gets a school boy pin, for the 1,2 and 3. Jerry then is about to shake Kidd's hand, just as he is slapped by Tyson, Isis drags her partner out and the two walk backstage. This leaves Jerry rather upset.

Your Winner: Tyson Kidd

-Backstage Segment-
We see NWF's new interview girl Allison Danger interviewing Petey Williams and Ace Steel before their battle royale.

Allison Danger:
Petey Williams, you've been a free agent for several years, as fans have waited for you to make a full TV return, how does it feel?
Petey Williams:
I appreciate you asking, and this opportu-
*To this Ace groans and cracks his neck a little when Petey starts talking*

Petey Williams:
Do we have a problem Ace? It's my interview time, so try to have a little respect.
Ace Steel:
I'm sorry, i just get annoyed when untalented little boys like you, get the spotlight over the actual talent, just a pet peeve.
Petey Williams:
Yeah, well the lady asked me a question, so wait your damn turn and keep your mouth shut. OK, "trump?"
Ace Steel:
We've been in this federation for a total of two minutes, and I already don't like you. Maybe it's because you never could steal the spotlight anywhere you where, you never could take the ball and run. Or, maybe it's because you're an overrated prick. You had your chances, this is my last chance. Make the most with what you have left.
*As they stare each other down, Jason Gory walks in the background and they turn their heads to him, as he scoffs and walks past. Don then leads us into commercial break. After the break we open to most of the talent in the battle royale walking out one after another.*

Cruiserweight title Battle Royale

As they all enter down the ring, we get to the last few. Jack Evans dances out, as Ace Steel walks behind him, disgusted. Petey follows and mocks Steel behind him. While they enter the ring, Jason Gory spits blood out on the stage and slides in the ring quickly as he lays in the corner. Jushin "Thunder" Liger walks out as the final man, to a mild reaction from the American crowd.

The battle royale starts and Jack Evans runs off the ropes and double drop kicks Tony Mamaluke and Rocky Romero to the apron. He hops up, only to be roughly forearmed in the back by Ace Steel. Petey is about to clothesline Ace down, but he's superkicked by Jason Gory, and Ace is tackled by Teddy Hart. Teddy begins wailing on Ace and Rocky Romero goes for a diving knee drop on Evans. Tony Mamaluke then is jumped by three people before he is picked up and tossed onto the ramp.

Tony Mamaluke has been eliminated

Rocky is then jumping DDT'd by Jason Gory. Jushin Liger becomes the star of the match as he German suplexes, Amazing Red, Johnny Devine, Jigsaw, and Scorpio Sky all in a row. The ring is brought down to a few standing and Liger gut kicks Jason right before brainbustering him. Ace Steel then takes a cheap route and neckbreakers Teddy Hart when he's distracted. As he follows up and tosses out Scorpio, and Rocky.

Rocky Romero and Scorpio Sky have been eliminated.
Jigsaw crawls to the rope, but Ace does a dropping elbow on him and flips off someone in the crowd when they boo him. Yelling "THE LAST CHANCE!" Amazing Red then chopblocks him down and takes a deep breath. Only for Jason Gory to clothesline him out,

Amazing Red has been eliminated.

Jushin then follows up on his attack and hits a neckbreaker on Jack Evans. Petey catches him with a reverse DDT and plays to the crowd. Just as he turns and Johnny Devine is in his face. The crowd chants "CANADA, CANADA, CANADA" and Jason Gory does a backflip off the ropes and lands on both of them. The crowd then partially chants "GORY! GORY! GORY!" Teddy Hart goes to toss someone out, but unawareness costed him a lot. Ace Steel hit the Steel Spike off the top rope and took him out for a few minutes. Jushin Liger then managed to flip out Jigsaw, as Austin Creed busted in and arm dragged him across the mat.

Jigsaw has been eliminated.

Creed armdrags him back and forth until Liger reverses and monkey flips him on the canvas. Teddy Hart and Jason then fight it out as Tyson Kidd walks out from the crowd, followed by Isis The Amazon. Cutting a promo on everyone.

Tyson Kidd:
I suppose these are all those "stars" up above me and the retirement home back there. Let's see who we got in the ring, two Canadians pretending to outclass a real Canadian that's obvious. Talking to you two ham sandwiches Devine and Petey. Who else we got, Grade A stoned out Jack Evans with his pants ten sizes too big.
*A lot of them get distracted due to Kidd. Devine also turns around and is flipped out by Jason.*

Johnny Devine has been eliminated

Oh....poor little boy couldn't get the job done like i did.

Johnny does to swing at him, but Isis lifts up Devine chokeslams him on the ramp, as Jerry Lynn rushes out, she big boots him and he stumbles back, only to get clotheslined by The Amazon. Petey is then brawling with Jason as Jushin and Ace Steel throwdown. Austin Creed takes advantage and goes for a double elimination on Jushin and Ace, as Jack Evans drop kicks Creed out for a triple.

Jushin Liger, "Sexy" Ace Steel, and Austin Creed have been eliminated.

This leaves three, as Evans goes for a frankensteiner to the ropes, but Petey powerbombs him out of it, onto the mat.

Jack Evans has been eliminated.

During this Kidd is being chased up the ramp by several cruiserweights, still talking trash.

Come on, guys! Liger! Look Ultimo Dragon's behind you! Please, just go have a tournament in front of a bunch of indy geeks or something!

Just as Liger, Creed, and Jigsaw are about to attack Isis big boots Creed and double choke slams Liger and Jigsaw. Tyson laughs and the two walk out. In the ring, Teddy finally recovers and Petey gut kicks Jason and sets up the Canadian destroyer, and succeeds in hitting it. As this happens Ace Steel runs back in the ring and lifts up Teddy, gorilla press style, and tosses him into the crowd. Everyone catches Hart and tosses him back onto the mat.

Teddy Hart has been eliminated.

Jason then joins him as Petey throws out Gory's lifeless body. Ace stares down Petey and walks out.

Your winner and new Cruiserweight champion: Petey Williams!

*A commercial break and we come back.*

Don and Matt lead us into the back as we get the cut of a promo from a man named..."Krimson"

-Backstage Segment-

Now, now NWF...for all you pretenders out there...the angry and disgruntled. Have plenty of fear, Krimson is almost here. For all your heroes like Petey Williams, Carlito, and the War Machine...well they'll get their ending. An ending that no one wants, but yet they have to accept. You see not every story has it's hero, not every ending has it's justice served on as silver platter. Sometimes...you get the truth..the painful truth...Krimson...like the mask.
The date then flashes on the screen "1/12/13" and a commercial break.

We come back to The Basham Brothers in the ring as the Tailor Made Express made their debut.

The Bashams vs The Tailor Made Express

This bout becomes a technical bout when Burchill is in for a matter of minutes. He tags in Riley who gets beaten down badly by the Bashams, Doug and Danny. He's double hip tossed across the mat and left with several red marks and welts on him. He then finally tags in Paul who avoids any tag maneuvers by them and whips Doug into the corner for a double team. Burchill hits the C4 on Doug and leaves him out of breath, as Danny breaks up the pin and tackles Riley out of the ring.

Paul then hits the rolling cutter on Doug and finishes with a pumphandle sidewalk slam. He goes for a pin but Danny makes the save, leading Alex to attempt the Final Score, but fails. Paul is then forearmed down and Riley is hit with The Last Impression. They try to pin, but Paul is the legal man. Who toe hold drops Danny to the outside and hits a rolling Neckbreaker on Doug to get the pin. Riley then stands up and grabs a mic yelling "WE DID IT!....WE DID IT!" as Paul shakes his head and they walk out to a boo for Alex's fake brag.

Your Winners: The Tailor Made Express

We then go backstage as Lex Luger is stopped by Allison Danger, leaving no comment on the World Title scene. Then a commercial. We come back to Colt Cabana with Bob Backlund, receiving a decent welcome. Scott Steiner then comes out with Masters as the two get in the ring, Scott grabs a mic.

Scott Steiner:
Shut up! Big Poppa's here, the Genetic Freak! And whoever the hell is beaten in the ring or s-s-something must think this fat boy can stand to Big Poppa. I tell you what fat boy,you get a whole five minutes in this ring with the Genetic Freak, and if you survive, i kick your asssss even longer.
He receives several boos and people laughing at him.

Shut your fat girl kissing mouths up! Would you suck your mama's teat with that mouth? No! Me and the Masterpiece are the Standard in body, and in style. Ring the bell fat boy.
Colt Cabana vs Scott Steiner

Colt mocks Steiner as Backlund tries to get at Scott, Colt holds him back and tells him to rest. The two lock up and Steiner shoves him across the ring. Cabana runs for him and tries to him hit with his own Frankensteiner but gets reversed into a sit out powerbomb and the pin only goes to two. Colt rolls out and heads back in as he attacks the knees of the big man. He chops him down and locks in the Steiner Recliner, only to have Scott stand up and drop to his back, laying Colt out. the two then mat wrestle and flip in and out of holds for a couple minutes until Colt DDT's him down hard and locks in an Abdominal stretch. Scott yells in anger as Chris tries to interfere, but Backlund pulls him out.

Steiner flips out and clothesline him. Colt then elbows his gut and lands the bionic elbow to take Scott down. Backlund and Masters argue as Colt puts a sleeper hold on, only to have Scott land the belly to belly. He goes for a pin but only gets two. As Backlund is fed up, he drags Chris in the ring and physically makes the ref eject him. Scott and Colt look around as Cabana calms Bob down, Scott hits the Frankensteiner and locks in the Recliner, while laughing. Bob looks for a towel as Colt taps. Steiner walks out calling everyone fat boys.

Your winner: Scott Steiner

Commercial break, and we come back to Lex Luger in his office with the six people he chose to be there with him.

Lex Luger:
Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lex Luger and i'm the President of the National Wrestling Federation. As i sit here, with my top six wrestlers in our federation. Tonight i will build to our main event at our first PPV Punishment, we will have a series of eliminations to get to the number one contender. This week it will be Antonio Bank$ vs M-Dogg 20, next week Carlito Colon vs Elijah Burke.
Elijah Burke:
The Savior...Elijah...remember that Lex daddy.
Lex shakes his head in awkwardness as Carlito laughs a little. Burke then comes at him

Woah woah, You got something to say "unemployment list?"
Carlito quickly stops laughing as the two are about to exchange words, Luger stops them.

Lex Luger:
Gentlemen please! As I stated, next week will be Burke vs Carlito, and then Rhyno vs Jeff Jarrett. The series will be time tested. The two fastest winners will face off, the losers will have two separate matches at Punishment. The winners of those bouts will face off for a No. 1 contender's shot.
The group then walks out as Jarrett tries to talk business with Luger. Burke and Carlito then exchange in a shoving contest in the hall, until a few of the wrestlers back them off. The rules officially show up on the screen.

"The Time Test Challenge'
Three time tested matches over three weeks.
The two fastest winners get the title match at Punishment.
The remaining four losers will face one other loser.
This will be split into two matches, the winners of those get a number one contender's match against each other.

We then cut to M-Dogg 20 walking up the steps and out the back to the ramp as he's introduced. He hops in the ring and Antonio Bank$ comes out in full jewelry, claiming he's back on top of the world, and soon the world title. As he talks to the camera of course.

The two get in the ring and Antonio removes his neck towel, rings, and chains. Elijah Burke then stands on the stage and watches. The two go back and forth for about thirty seconds with nothing but reversals, until Antonio hits a stalling suplex and M-Dogg is weakened. He kicks out at two and Antonio begins to throw rough punches to take him down. Burke seems to nod at his aggressiveness. Antonio then knee's his gut and hits a drive by kick.

As this happens a man in a white mask with a white jacket that says "Mr. Wrestling III takes a seat by the announce table and watches. Elijah turns at him and the announcers are unaware of who he is, and simply note him as a new contender.

M-Dogg just barely kicks out of two and Antonio clotheslines him to the mat. He locks in an arm bar and 20 reverses it and spin kicks him in the jaw. He aligns him in the middle of the ring and runs for the turn buckle. He points to the crowd and hits a Senton. Antonio only somehow kicks out at 2, M-Dogg then hits the ropes. He runs for him but Bank$ flapjacks him and he grabs his chest. Bank$ pulls him up and hits an extremely rough shot, almost knocking his throat. M-Dogg runs short of breath and Antonio hits the "Take it to the bank" and M-Dogg tapes in the crossface from lack of breath.

Your Winner: Antonio Bank$ at 5:25 minutes.

Elijah claps and Jeff Jarrett walks out to see, along with Rhyno and Carlito all watching. Mr. Wrestling III then slips in the ring and hits a spinning heel kick, and then three powerbombs on the mat, as Burke runs to the ring, Carlito forearms him down and begins to assault him. Jarrett pulls Elijah out of it and Colon sees Mr. Wrestling III stare him down as the show ends.

Matt Cross Wanted Dead Not Alive.
National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Can NBC's new stake in wrestling survive?

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