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Ratings obsession?

Why are so many people on here obsessed with ratings. Nobody but the WWE, Share Holders, TV Companies and Wrestlers should care. It doesn't matter to us as fans, and whats worse is that way too many people band around the ratings of individual wrestlers, but yet don't understand the context of ratings and what they mean in to the wider field of wrestler and TV culture.

Its laughable to see people desperately clasp at straws and blame low ratings on specific wrestler (at the moment CM Punk). Not considering the poor current product and writing, constant coasting to RTWM, 3rd hour killing ratings, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, WWE not moving with the times, recession, natural disasters, watered down product, lack of top tier drawing full timers (only two to my mind), the rise of live streaming, youtube and faster internet speeds, tivo, sky +, time zones, inconsistant and dropped feuds, 5 years of pushing only one guy(Cena), transitional talent period to name but a few.

To blame someone like CM Punk for low ratings is ridiculous and taken way out of context. And if he walked away from WWE forever tomorrow, im pretty sure that WWE would lose quite a lot of viewers.

In 2012 nobody draws anymore, with the odd exception a small handful of people but only depending on who they face. The Rock been the only person who would draw no matter who he faced.

And if your still bothered I suppose in 2012 you judge who is a draw by who sells the most merch, who features on video game covers (putting your face on the front of a video game and promotional stuff in the main stream public means that WWE have decided that they think you are bigger to draw extra game buys), dvd sales, twitter/facebook/klout. All of which he scores high on.

But having said all that it shouldn't matter to use as fans and we should be more bothered about the quality of wrestling and promos. If you dont like CM Punk for them reasons then fair enough but blaming ratings on him is simply moronic.

As The Undertaker once said - Fans have forgotten they are fans.


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