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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Best In The North Pole View Post
I'd argue that Punk's hottest streak of his career was hotter than just about 99.9 percent of every WWE superstars streak in history, in terms of match quality + promo quality + hype + overall interest from the fans , Punk's hottest streak > Cena/HHH/HBK/Orton (well, no contest there ) , etc.
I was just browsing back there to find the clip of H/Flair 06 for my series, just that and the 07 match left to watch, and came across this little nugget? Really? HHH in 00, Cena in 05, Orton in 09 are all more than debatable when it comes to Punk 11 which only really lasted for 3 weeks lol. If that's what you're saying, 1 promo and 1 match then fair enough but the night he returned and we got the duelling entrance themes, well, it marked the beginning of the end as far as a 'hot streak' goes. I'll give you Shawn though, he never really had a hot streak per se. HHH in 00 speaks for itself in terms of match quality, promos, hype and fan interest. Cena in 05 ticks everything bar match quality which he quickly made up for in the years to follow. Orton in 09 ticks 2 or 3 of the boxes depending on how you look at it. From Jan to around the Summer he was the hottest thing going by quite a distance, Jan to April/March at the least.

Just saying lol. Besides, you put forward the argument and here's your counter. Outside of MITB and I'd even stretch to Summerslam 11, Punk's hot streak quickly fizzled out and he took a backseat to all the bigger names.

Just finished H/Flair LMS, Survivor Series. DAT SCREWDRIVER.
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