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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ehh, I just have zero interest in drawing and people (not you two, most of the retards in the GOAT thread) who obsess over it. To me, I don't care about drawing and selling arenas. Sure I'd hope the company I support does well business wise to continue operating, but I don't really care if a string of excellent PPVS draw less than 100,000 or a string of great RAWs don't pop more than a 2.5 rating. Its all about what's presented to me on screen and the peformance of the wrestlers that excites me. Anything else, such as crowd attendance, ratings and buyrates are just things that can make for nice reading to know a well built feud got over and was a success. To me, my stance is if I get a great feud I couldn't care less how it goes over on a mainstream level. Its probably a selfish attitude admittedly, but I'm watching wrestling as an individual hoping to get angles/matches that appeal to my tastes alone. Punk/Bryan had a horrendous build going into Over The Limit, but all I cared about was seeing how they wrestled and the match they put on. I'd sooner get more matches like that in the main event than the sort of feud which might get over more with casuals, but which ultimately will struggle to entertain me personally segment/match wise.

I just find that objectively, it should be a wrestlers' performance that earns them credit in terms of an all time great. Unless you have stock in WWE I personally don't see why ratings and buyrates matter in the grand scheme of things. I admit that I hope my favourites do well when pushed because obviously if ratings plummet they'll likely struggle to keep getting pushed, but so long as they're put in a position where they get to wrestle regularly I'll remain content about their position. Someone like Mcintyre is a great example. I'd love to see him wrestle higher up the card and be given more time/freedom to wrestle, but if they gave him a midcard title and let him be a midcard workhorse I'd still be happy he was being given attention and presented in such a way.

I should probably stop soon because honestly I don't want to get dragged into a debate about drawing. I appreciate why it matters to some, but for me its irrelevant in any argument about who is a better natural talent. It has its merit in ranking wrestlers all time by success and impact, but when you're actually concentrating on the wrestling and performance aspect, its irrelevant.
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